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Winding Roads

On the links.  In your life.  All identical to the labyrinth pictured above on the grounds of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. 

Most go to the Southern Oregon coast destination to chase the nugget through the sandy mounds, forests and fescue.  For the camaraderie, the fresh Pac Ocean air, and to be engulfed in the enchanting energy that permeates this special property.

Some simply can't wait to post their mugs, swings and scores on (oh-so) Unsocial Media - but for what purpose?  Oh yeah, your fan club is just chomping at the bit to know of your each and every move, huh?  "Look at ME, everyone!" 

I understand.  Yet so many miss the meaning - and don't take the time (like in your daily path) - to slow down, reflect, and ponder the important points:

- A round of golf, like your current round of life, is full of twists and turns.  Non-linear.  At times, smooth and straight sailing - at others - time for a complete about face.  You ready? Or stuck in some idiot's method, in your own mind, or with the way is was yesterday, or you want it to be tomorrow?

- No short cuts.   Remember (thank you, yet again, Maria Popova): "Expect anything worthwhile to take a long time.  The myth of the the overnight success is just that - a myth - as well as a reminder that our present definition of success needs serious retuning.  The flower doesn't go from bud to blossom in one spritely burst and yet, as a culture, we're disinterested in the tedium of the blossoming.  But that's where the real magic unfolds in the making of one's character and destiny."

- Purpose.  There's that word again... It's why we walk the labyrinths of the planet.  The one I snapped above earlier this week at Bandon Dunes is intended as a walking meditation (is that not what a meander around the golf park is to so many, whether they realize it, or not?), and is a replica of a maze on the floor of the Chartres Cathedral in France.   A labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. It represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world.

Oh look - it's ME!  Back in the  day... Funny - and perhaps this is my own journey - but I used to go to Bandon to run around the course in as little time as possible (click above, still fantastically rare footage of an 18-hole round of Speedgolf), taking as few a strokes as possible.  Now, I'm more drawn to the more time required for meandering, at a snail's pace, that maze in the forest. 

You?  Where you at, presently?  With your golf?  Off-season approaching in the northern hemisphere, time to reflect on how to improve for 2019.  Less time on the actual links = more time working on mind, body (don't forget the spirit, please) & technique. 

I've got some ideas for you, fellow golfers.

And of course songwriters John Lennon and Paul McCartney had some ideas for you with The Long And Winding Road, did they not?  Click on the labyrinth up top for a poignant, one minute (yes, you have time..) piece from our forever youthful foursome.


"Veritas lux mea"

(Truth is my light)

-- Latin proverb


          ~ CS ~
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