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Copper Caper

The Copper Clapper Caper, of course.  Some things never get old, eh - like getting the facts straight (think golf swing re what creates speed, initial direction of your golf ball, how to shoot lower scores, and so much more..), along with humor (one VERY powerful vaccine, my friends) - especially in difficult times and situations.

Some say copper helps ward off viruses: beyond my pay grade, apologies; at least I don't pose as an expert as so many do - preying on vulnerable golfers, and human beings looking for real answers... Hard to know just what to believe in this day and age of über information overload.  On the tele.  On the Interwebs.  On SM.  On Podcasts. 

Capers.  Hoaxes.  Disinformation en masse.  'Cause there are few to no gatekeepers - only the greedy, selfish and ego-driven specialists, looking to spin their web around you - on and off the links.

Alas, there is hope.  Right this moment in the form of two legends, Johnny Carson, and Jack Webb.  You know the routine - you're probably an expert clicker by now (but can you chip and putt?) - so do the deed just above to put a smile on your face this post St. Patrick's Day, then swing back CS' way for some insight on moving forward with dignity, perspective and wit in these challenging times...

"We call them clappers in the business"

My 'business' it to help humans with their golf, and in so doing, perhaps help them as humans... I'm doing so now more and more from afar (details below), and crystal clear and concise communication - YOUR language/way of seeing, feeling and interpreting things/dream world - is capital (how 'bout them "c's?";)).

A big part of playing better golf is feeling better physically, emotionally and spiritually.  A bit more than 'keep your head down and lead arm straight,' folks - or more virulent yet - using indecipherable terms to sound smart, confuse you, and get more hits & likes on a blue-lit screen account.

So... voilà:

Lighten It Up

Your demeanor when you're out chasing the little white ball (you're one of the lucky ones, remember?), and for the sake of your wellness. Click above for the straight talk on a fantastically new (yet very, very old..) drug: light, and its therapeutic offerings.


From my man Dr. Phil Maffetone, aka "Maff."  Docs are a dime a dozen - kinda like 'tips' on the driving range from one of your pals - but Maff has a bit more street cred (Sergeant Friday would approve..) than most.  Click just above for a sixsome of approaches to protect yourself from infection.

"We think of ourselves as special. But viruses are infecting us with the same purpose they infect a bat"

Those words not from our Copper Clapper Caper comrades - but of Dennis Carroll - a man who actually saw the COVID-19 pandemic coming.  Considered a visionary in this domain by many.

Click above to educate yourself (what a powerful concept that is!) on our present, and future-such, potential conditions. 

Oh... you need some enticing?  A little nudge?  Like the promise of 20 extra yards in the blink of an eye? More made putts faster than you can say "Copper Clapper Caper" three times fast in a row?  Elimination of chunks, skulls, blades and stubs with the purchase of a new toy/club (never mind you won't hit it in the air...)? 


"There are things about this outbreak that are not being talked about. Those are the things that worry me the most"

-- Dennis Carroll

I'd like to talk and communicate with you about helping with your golf from a distance.  Here are the facts about my virtual coaching program: Video and stat review via CoachNow and Anova.Golf.  The development of an optimal practice regime for you, your needs, and your schedule.  Ideas and referrals in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  A competent, comprehensive and on-going loop for learning.

Interested?  No capers here, just consistent & care-based guidance for your golf's well-being.

"Never use a big word when a little filthy one will do"

-- Johnny Carson



          ~ CS ~
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