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Christmas Crunch-time: Still haven't found what your looking for?

The perfect present for those special golfing peeps in your life? 

Santa CS to the rescue!  To follow, and in upcoming missives: some legit, tried-and-tested, vetted by the dream team members in my  own personal Rolodex - gift ideas that'll help the golfers in your life better navigate the links (and daily "city sidewalks, busy sidewalks"). 

Offerings for the mind, body & spirit - the complex and beautiful cocktail that seeks harmony for performance & bliss, on and off the links.  

With the help of Bono, and the boys, of course.  Click on the trove of Nutcrackers, above...

"I have climbed the highest mountains
I have run through the fields
Only to be with you
Only to be with you"


Only to be with your golf clubs (or the like), chasing the rock, in a golfpark, near - or far, far away.

With our Gregorian calendar winding down in 2018, some CS image blasts from the past above & below...

-  Fairway bunker shot in the Himalaya, say you?  Nope, that's just me with my trekking stick, in a random crevasse full of pumice, working on posture and side bend (daily practice to learn new behaviors, patterns or motions is so very important, boys & girls - did the golf elves not tell you?). 

Avid out-of-doors-man,  philosopher, poet and surveyor (and so much more) Henry David Thoreau shared:

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see"

Amen, Mr. Thoreau.  Never more true that what's being displayed & preached re golf swing instruction: what 'appears' to be happening in 2D video, in certain positions and with less speed - is not necessarily what's causing and creating motion.  But those pitching their methods in order to fill their pockets just want you to 'see' things their way...

That is, however, the cloud-shrouded 'beast' in the background, all 29,000 feet + plus of her.  Sagarmatha, in Nepali - Mt. Everest to most of you reading this.

You need some righteous gear walking beneath her - just as we do on the golf course.  Click on that image to find a fantabulous piece (I'm living in mine this cool and damp season) from my brethren at Nike Golf (and go up a size up for best fitting).

- Shout out to Cary K. for snapping that pic just North running up 18 at Jackson Park Golf Course in Chicago, circa October, 2005 - en route to the still-standing Guinness World Record in Speedgolf

And shout out to Tobie H. (designer of sneakers above) and Adam W. for their ongoing expertise & efforts on a soon-to-come-to-fruition Speedgolf-specific piece of footwear.  In the meantime, click on me running through the fields of Chi-Town and find my current favs...

Yep, those are 'golf shoes;' you wanted something to  run, golf, trek, and explore in? Try the badasses below...

"I have run I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls
These city walls

Only to be with you"

Maybe - just maybe - what a loved one's (and your own?) mind, body & spirit needs is some good old fashioned crawling & scaling outside of the city... Talk about 'therapy:'  full body movement, fresh air, no blue screens in sight - other than the sky! 

Wanna fly to Mars but can't swing it just now?  Consider a voyage to the other-worldly Joshua Tree National Monument (whaaaa... you forgot the name of the U2 album?).  You can stay in nearby Palm Springs and enjoy the fab golf - or at one of my fav shelters that's right next door (click above).
But yes, I'm still running"
Bleed into one
Then all the colors will bleed into one
I believe in the Kingdom come"

People hit it L O N G in Kingdom come, BTW.  Which means they have speed, got it?  Something most of us are in dire need of...

The colored (representing different weights) sticks above are part of a simple, yet highly effective, protocol to increase your clubhead speed. 

Use them on a regular basis, and those colors shall blend into one - one swing with the big dog that produces more velocity.
"I have spoke with the tongue of angels
I was cold as a stone"
It was warm in the night
I have held the hand of a devil"

My man David Orr of Flatstick Academy has spoken with, and 'held the hand of' (many Tour Players, believe it or not...), a myriad of  struggling putters.  And although he's done as much research on the putting stroke as anyone in this earthly realm, he'll be the first to tell you - and his tongue can be sharp, thankfully - that putting is an art, and each of us paints an entirely different picture when we walk onto a putting green, flatstick in hand, with the 'roll the ball into hole' puzzle facing us.

You?  Hot and cold with the putter?  Stuck in some BS belief system that there's one, or only a few ways to roll your rock effectively?  Click above (that's David pictured up top, center) and join Flatstick Academy to educate yourself on the true ins and outs (pun intended) of putting, you shant regret it...

Coaching & Guidance

"But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for
But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for"

Really?  Maybe I can help...

In search of some guidance and coaching in 2019?  I'll be offering some rockin' lesson packages before the end of the year.  Stay tuned to this channel for details...

Here's a stocking-stuffer taste:

- Proper pre-round warm-up, 9-hole playing eval/lesson at Eugene Country Club, 90 minute post-round technique-oriented instruction & game plan/road map for your golfing future. 

$575 for non ECC members
$500 for ECC members

Offer available thru end of the Gregorian calendar year.



"When we have crossed to the other shore, what need have we for a boat?"


-- Zen saying

          ~ CS ~
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