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Whipped Cream & Other Delights

That's what we've come to - n'est-ce pas mes amis? - in golf instruction (see: cheap and/or gratis on-the-Intrawebs and oh-so Unsocial Media, specifically).  LOOK pretty, preppy or borderline preposterous.  SOUND smooth, smart and sassy + brownie points for foreign accent.  FEEL like chiffon and shaving cream.  The SCENT of a fresh pink rose.  

And why not when your output is based in ego & greed, with vulnerable golfers (and humans) hyper-connected in every corner of the planet?  

Never mind the science-based facts.  Never mind the usefulness of the information ('tips') being offered.  Never mind the big picture of improving at the game of golf while enjoying the overall experience.

Allow me to paraphrase 16-year-old (obviously less impressionable than most..) Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg from her speech to world leaders at the United Nations in NYC a few moons back - before prompting you to click on the covered-in-whipped-cream (?) hottie up top (don't you just love the juxtaposition here, much like how to 'correctly' swing a golf club?):

"How Dare You?"

How dare my teacher kin ("I shouldn't be up here" having to whistle-blow on their avaricious asses, either..) pitch & post their incessant shticks, only to befuddle the golfing masses.  How dare those whose task is to guide golfers to better performances and experiences spew "empty words" meant to impress, rather than assist.  How dare my brethren of supposed instructors and coaches spin "fairy tales of eternal" distance gains, more made putts, and lower scores. 

Talk about "mass extinction" due to clutter, confusion & craving ($$$).   

You too in search of alternative, a dash of clarity, and a legit road map to more satisfying strolls in the golf parks of this wondrous planet?  I understand. Let us get started, please:

 Click above on Ms. Thunberg.  Oh, you've got time, people.  Less than four minutes - the time it takes you to walk between shots.  You will hear and see a young woman who possesses qualities vital to you evolving as a swinger (yeah, we'll get to naked-she, clad in white thick and fluffiness, not to worry...) of the golf club, and denizen of Earth:

- Passion.  You?  Talk about taking the steps to improve, yet constantly stuck in place, chock-a-block full of excuses? Looking for that 'quick fix' (click on another link, swipe on the next video...) - like getting the answer right on a quiz, but failing to learn the material.  Pity.  Learning takes time, and once you've 'got it,' you can use it forever.  It's what high performers in all realms embrace. 

- Determination (visible & audible within our teenager, no?).  You?  Did you somehow believe that this game about getting the ball in the hole sooner was going to be EASY?  Someone trying to get into your pockets spin that yarn your way?  Oops... Rather, it's about having a game plan adjusted to you, then spending your precious practice minutes wisely (it's why I created the Train2Trust programs). 

Earnestness.  You?  With your commitment to make changes (and often step back, before stepping forward)?  Or you still living in the land of golf Make-Believe, where 'Amazon Prime RIGHT NOW' reigns?  If so, you'll need to find another planet to reside upon.

A Taste of Honey

Now, my friends, it's time to listen.  Listen to something sans words, lyrics or someone else's interpretation/version.  Listen to a piece that may arouse memories, ideas, or rhythms that belong to you - and only you (like when you discover a 'feel' in your golf swing that clicks for you - not necessarily your teacher).  Listen to a tune that might stir up the superpower known as emotions (think those are influential when you're playing the games of golf, and life?).

Click up top on the album cover, considered a classic pop culture icon, or the men behind the music, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, just above.  Turn the volume up, sit back, close your peepers, and enjoy.  Then, c'mon back my way for some final insight; the background (shall we say the truth) about the model on the album cover, and the golf info you are digesting, is not quite as black and white as it appears...

Did you know?

- That chiffon and shaving cream covered Dolores Erickson was three months pregnant when that pic was taken?

- That coating yourself with too much - or bad information - re golf or golf swing (or how to live, for that matter) will not help you improve, grow or evolve?  Rather, it shall confound, constipate, and dumbify you. 

How then to proceed down a prosperous path?  Find a golf guide who simplifies & clarifies your learning experience. 

 I'm here to help; if I am unable, happy to open my plump Rolodex and refer you to someone who can.

"Cast your bread upon the water"



          ~ CS ~
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