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"Your candle burned out long before
Your legend ever did"

Will yours?  Oh, it will burn out, trust CS on that one.  Sooner, or later - just like 2018 preps itself to be blown out, and away. 

Candles in the wind, we all are.  Particularly vulnerable (especially when it comes to supposedly fantasmical swing techniques being plastered left, right, above and below, by the panderers of the Interweb...), weak and fragile.  Precarious and likely to fail, perish, or be eliminated at any moment.

Welcome to the human being club, amigos.  It's only a matter of time, is it not?  Hence, the question begets as 2019 knocks at your door:

What 'legend' of sorts will you leave behind?  Legacy.  Gift.  As a bi-ped who was always present - or one who was always seeking praise?  Remembered for your acts of meaning, utility & significance, in essence - or a fat bank account, cute costumes, and things that look good on a resume? 

Golf-wise: super low index - or super difference maker for someone, or something?  A list of all the great tracks you've played - or a list of how you've used your privilege as a golfer to help your fellow flickering candles?  Allowed the game we play on the links to help you better understand and navigate the game on the daily sidewalks - or cursed the endeavor 'cause it's too hard, not fair, and you're a victim?

Your candle is burning fast people, time to take a good look at how you're living this life, and why.   And, time of course, to click on Norma Jean above (who do you pretend to be - call yourself - when you're in the public eye, anyway?) for a blast from Sir Elton (oh, and take clue from him as well for your New Year's eve attire...)  Then swing back thissa way for some insight on how those lyrics can help you in the golfpark, and beyond.


"Here lies," in French.  Often inscribed on a chunk 'o rock just above the given and family names.  Catchy, eh? So... what's yours (tombstone, eulogy, or the like) gonna say once the candle has burned out?

"Candle in the Wind," BTW, is a threnody with music and lyrics by Elton John and Bernie Taupin.  Originally written in 1973 in honor of Marilyn Monroe, who had died 11 years earlier. 

What's a 'threnody,' you might ask (I did; answer further south on your screen)?  And that curiosity, boys & girls, is a big part of you growing and evolving as a golfer, and human being - did you not get the memo? Seeking knowledge and information - not to show off, sound smart or educated (when if fact you are not) or to win arguments and 'be right' - but rather to guide you on the path to wisdom and know-how.  Unfortunately in many aspects, this boat has been missed in golf, and life, guidance. 

So, here ya go - sweet, and simple:

Think: learning a new shot, a new habit, or coming to a new understanding of someone, something, or some way.  Cool, huh?  Complicated?  I think not.  And neither did Nobel winning physicist Richard Feynman.  He actually created a formula for learning. Real learning & knowledge - as opposed to 'knowing the name of something' knowledge. 

Click on the image above to learn more about learning.  Better yet: have you 8-year-old self click on it...

"And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never knowing who to cling to
When the rain set in"

You?  When the 'rains' of a poor swing or outcome, set in?  Do you cling to the words, concepts and far-flung theories of some smarty-pants instructor (who can barely play the game?) full of fancy (oft-incomprehensible) phrases?  Or have you been self-empowered to deal with, and embrace, the riddles and adventure that await you on the links?

"You had the grace to hold yourself
While those around you crawled"

You know - like when the wheels fall of on the course, as they do in life - whatcha got?  Crawling amongst tantrums, excuses and tears?  Or holding yourself with dignity, grace and acceptance?  Who shows up (remember, there are many of you dwelling within your skin, flesh and bones)?  Cool, calm and resilient?  Or pouty, whiny and complainy? 

Your Threnody

threnody (noun): "a wailing ode, song, hymn or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person"

You're running out of time, people, the candle is burning.  Just like Norma Jean's. 

It's time.  Time to come out & play (you miss my header up top?).  Play golf with passion, instinct and intention - instead of fear, drudgery and 'supposed to's.'  Play the life game with kindness, altruism, and a passion for learning - as opposed to an incessant hunger for approval.

Your choice.  Your candle.  Your legend.

Coaching & Guidance


Maybe it's time you choose to commit - no flickering flamed, wanna-be, where's the 'quick fix?'  scenario - but to legitimately improving your action on the links. 

Regular, ongoing guidance with useful/meaningful feedback, to help discover the golf path best for you.  It's what the best players in the world choose to do - why not you?  Before your wick gets any lower...


5 hours: $650

10 hours: $1,250

20 hours: $2,300

Offers available to you until the clock strikes January 16, 2019.  Sound like a big investment?  I understand.  Consider:

- You are worth it
- If your golf learning was facilitated & expedited - you'd have more time to spend tending to the truly important pieces of your life ;)
- You know what's really expensive?  Bad golf.

On my home turf at Eugene Country Club, or in a golf park near you.



“How far that little candle throws its beams!  So shines a good deed in a naughty world”


-- William Shakespeare


          ~ CS ~
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