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Equi Knocks

This year's Vernal Equinox fell on March 20 - a mere blip in the time radar of Starship Earth's lengthy journey.  Conventional wisdom suggests that on the equinox everybody on planet experiences a day and night of equal lengths - 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night time.

Well now, isn't that a nice concept?  Fairness, justness & equality.  What you are expecting whilst chasing your ball around the golf park?  Expect other... Better yet: cease expecting and start acknowledging and accepting, you'll enjoy the adventure more. 

The posterized statement up to is a proclamation by the pigs who control the government from George Orwell's classic novel Animal Farm, remember? 

The sentence (do you remember how to compose a proper sentence - or are you too stuck in a supposedly coolio indecipherable form of communication, full of acronyms, pitiful punctuation + inaudible articulations?  You know - shortcuts - like the Ether shysters are endlessly selling you for your golf game...) a comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens but give power and privileges to a small elite.

Click on the image above for a classic blast of humor featuring a famous swine you'll surely comprehend (quite unlike most of our SM smarty pants working so hard to impress you with their smooth talk, pretty faces and incredible offers) and an ever-so-respectful Foster Brooks. 

Then, swing back thissa way, ye who yearn for parity on the links (oh, it's there amigos - you're just often in a pig-headed state of being, seeing only the 'bad, unfortunate and/or unlucky..), for your dose of post equinox CS reality.  If you're game...

And if you're game to improve your game, I can help.  In all aspects (performance on the links goes far beyond just better golf ball behavior - starting with your intention, mindset and attitude), via clear and comprehensible communication geared for you.    

I'm available at Eugene Country Club, and in Puerto Los Cabos, Baja Sur, Mexico, in season. Click below for details. 

Equi Whacks

"Marvelous" Marvin Hagler passed on to the big ring in the next dimension on March 13 (R.I.P.), but his legacy - and the epochal round 1 of his 1985 bout with Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns - lives on forever.

More memory jogging required? Gotcha. Click above for a refresher of what a fight (put your gloves on boys & girls, next time you step on the first tee for a competitive round of golf, 'cause it will be a battle - largely with yourself, and the ever-evolving conditions of the course..) really is. 

What in the name of fairways and greens does our little piggy and these two pugilists have to do with how you perform on the links? Everything, actually.

  - You only recall the crummy breaks slung your way in a round, huh? OINK OINK!!! Never mind the putt you misread & miss-stroked that went in... Or the wayward drive on its way to taking out someone's front window that clipped a tree branch and bounced into the fairway... Or the total and complete miss-hit that turned out quite rosy...  Lady luck is the queen of equality (and chaos), and she's at your side on every dogleg (and life sidewalk) - if you only took notice. Wake up!

 - You thought playing good golf was gonna be a smooth stroll on the grass - then you got punched in the mouth - hit with a real haymaker (in your control, or not?).  Bad weather & course conditions (Out of your control; you prepared?  And it's only cold, rainy and blowing on you, right - not the rest of the field..??).  Bad playing partners (Out of your control - yet how you respond to them is all about you...).  Bad swings (Your responsibility - yet remember: their sharp jabs to your midsection are part of every golfer's 18-hole bout; are you accepting, and do you have a feel/cue vaccine or remedy to manage the damage?).

Hagler had blood all over his face after just a few moments of round 1, yet persevered, and turned the proverbial tide. What happens when you get 'knocked down' on the links?  Do you roll around and whine (like a swine)? Or stand up, brush off, and move onward? 

 - Your nicknames.  Oh... you've got 'em, I know.  The brutal self talk when you murmur to yourself "dumbass, you stupid SOB, loser," or the like, after a less-than-perfect shot. You may think "Marvelous" and "The Hitman" are silly; I respectfully disagree.

They are in fact empowering, inspiring and fearless, describing the sort of energy we all need when undertaking the on-course battle royal that is competitive golf.

Instead, our poor, downtrodden golfers who never get a break (they tend to forget the big break already gifted to them - the opportunity to just play the game, that so many never received...) trend towards the following nicknames (these names have been changed - gender equality throughout - and borrowed from, Mr. Orwell's brilliant offering, to protect the 'innocent,' but of course): 

"Naysayer Napoleon:" Always squealing about where he doesn't want the ball to go or end up, what she doesn't want to do in her swing, and 'shoulding' on himself endlessly.  Pays next to no attention to intention, gratitude or compassion (especially for herself), during a round of golf, and constantly finds something to grumble about. 

"Bad Break Boxer:"  Quick to point out each and every time the random travels of the golf ball aren't not exactly as he desired.  Ignores all the good, positive parts & results... Lives in a world of perfection, occupied only by Gods and Goddesses (not two or four-legged beasts).  Destined for discouragement, frustration and mental exhaustion in the golf park.  Best for playing partners to put in ear plugs on the 1st tee. 

"Clairvoyant Clover:" A true visionary and soothsayer, focusing solely on past & future outcomes - quite unfortunately.  Living in the mind (wallowing in the past, frolicking in the future, while neglecting the present), this player carries a miniature crystal ball in his pocket alongside her tees and ball-markers. Always anxious about what might happen, ever-oblivious to what is happening.  She bemoans past shots, projects final scores, all while sabotaging the only moment he has - the now



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“A flower falls even though we love it; a weed grows even though we do not love it”

     - - Dogen

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