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The Kids Are Alright

Yes, they are.  Click just above for a coolio black & white blast from the past, courtesy of our boys of The Who.  Then, come back to Wednesday, October 10, 2018 for some CS insight on how those lyrics - and some other kids - might steer you down a more fruitful path in golf, and life....

And the kids below are alright as well - aren't they now?

You know the story: the group of 21 kids, Our Children's Trust, that filed a constitutional climate lawsuit against the U.S. government. 

Their complaint asserts that, through the government's affirmative actions that cause climate change, it has violated the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, as well as failed to protect essential public trust resources.  And once again, the federal government is 'running and hiding,' asking (not the first time) to suspend proceedings.  More specifics by clicking on the youngsters. 

What about your constitutional rights as a golfer to information, data and concepts based in real science and experience - as opposed to the Fantasy Island type offerings being spewed around The Internets ;)?

'Rotation' and flattening of the shaft wondrously producing better ball-hitting.   Centrifugal force magically squaring things up.  Averages wielding Houdini-esque results (wonder what the 'average' jacket size is between Mr. Roarke, and Tattoo, above?) to humans - that means YOU - who are anything but average. 

Remember how the fantasies of the the island's visitors would always take an unexpected twist and/or turn?  Much like during each and every round of golf.  However: are you practicing and preparing for an unforeseen path?  Foreseeing and embracing the 18-hole adventure, or rather whacking dozens and dozens of consequence-less striped balls off of perfect lies?  It's why I developed my Train2Trust programs. 

And like the chosen fantasies - once started (think of a less-than-optimal swing method you begin to ingrain) - tough to turn back, eh?  All fired up are so many at the latest and greatest methods (even though physics hasn't changed, last I checked), much like when our little man above spotted the incoming aircraft: "Da plane, Da plane!"  "Da answer, Da answer!"  "Da secret, Da secret!"  "Da best way, Da best way!"  Really?  Be careful what you ask for, and believe in, children.

And be careful what you're sporting on the links, as well, boys and girls.  Head-to-toe white year-round with black necktie?  Dunno... I'm partial to the threads our British lads are sporting in the vid, circa mid-60's.   No mind - my peeps at Nike Golf have gotcha covered, regardless of preference.  Click on our fanstasmical duo above for some ideas.

"Sometimes, I feel I gotta get away
Bells chime, I know I gotta get away
And I know if I don't, I'll go out of my mind
Better leave her behind with the kids, they're alright
The kids are alright, the kids are alright, the kids are alright"

Get away from what, kids?  Climate change?  The bells are chiming - but some are not listening... Claiming "hoaxes."  Increasing reliance on coal.  Ignoring the stark reality, for greed's sake. 

And your golf game (or life)?  Whatcha trying to get away from?  The bells are chiming there as well for something new or different that could be more functional, effective, or effective.  If you choose (yep, it's your choice) to stay with the known, safe and comfortable, you too may just go out of your mind. Pending insanity.

Try ignoring the Intergovernmental  Panel on Climate Change's report that came out Monday.  It's like shunning that weak link in your game, hoping and praying it'll disappear or dissipate with neglect.  Click on the melting sea ice (above) off the NW coast of Greenland, or the refugees (below) in drought-ridden Yemen, to better inform yourself. 

Question: Will our kids be alright?

The (big) kid below can certainly make your putting more 'alright,' fo sho: Garrett Chaussard.  No 'fantasies' here, friends - just what is happening in putting strokes that work; you might be surprised...

He's as good as there is when it comes to the vital cocktail of science art + individual style for better putting.  Garrett will be with me at Eugene Country Club in 10 days time.  Time is of the essence for the Mother Earth - as it is to secure your spot for this learning opportunity. 

The lowdown, below.  More on Garrett by clicking on his image.


“Putting Truths & Myths”

Seminar with guest instructor Garrett Chaussard, PGA + private instruction

Saturday, October 20

Seminar: 9 AM – 12 noon in the ECC Clubhouse

Cost: $75 per person

Individual sessions: 2 PM – 6 PM

Cost: $125 per person




To reserve a spot in either the seminar, or to schedule a one-on-one putting session with Garrett,

please contact me:




"Once upon a time, there were seven sisters, dispatched by their parents to find water. After walking all day up and down hills, they finally came upon a lake — but it lay deep below them, unreachable. Witnessing their struggle and dejection, the lake took pity on them and made them an offer — it would rise up if they would give it their most precious possession.


Willing do anything for water, the sisters agreed, and the youngest slipped a beautiful ring off her finger and threw it into the lake below. The water promptly rose up, the sisters filled their pots, and left overjoyed.

But just as they were heading home, the youngest sister began to cry, mourning her sacrificial ring. She wanted it back. Her sisters insisted that they had made a bargain with the lake and must honor their end, but there was no reasoning with her. She refused to walk. Unwilling to abandon her, the other six women reluctantly began looking for the ring. One by one, they climbed down into the water, waded into the dark, and disappeared, never to be seen again — the lake had swallowed them for having broken their promise."


"We need nature — water, sun, air — to survive, but she doesn’t really need us. She is generous to us, but she has some conditions, and we have to respect them.

The ring in the story stands for a bargain that the sisters made with the lake — a promise they then broke. When you go against a bargain and become greedy, nature punishes you, like the lake did with the sisters. Her laws are very strict.

You can’t exceed your limits, or take more than what is due to you."

-- Subhash Vyam

          ~ CS ~
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