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Wild Wild West

You remember the classic late 1960's TV series, right? 

Set during the administration of Ulysses S. Grant, the part-Western, part-espionage, part-Sci-Fi series followed the heroic exploits of Secret Service Agents James T. West & Artemus Gordon. 

Those two might fit in nicely with the wild wild west crowd of golf instructors and coaches in 2021, coming to you from every blue-lit screen, playing partner and talking head conceivable.  The "looking pretty and sounding smart" crowd is taking over - never mind real golf world experience, pedigree and fact/science/evidence-based offerings, right?

The question, however, begs: is it helping?  If so, by all means - proceed good men, women and children!!  If not, I offer the latter from the preceding paragraph, and am accepting a small handful of dedicated, willing & able heroes in my remote coaching program, and upon my lesson tees.

Clickety-click below for details.

In search of the insta-fix?  Even the wildest of times in the wild wild west didn't produce such horse feathers...

Not to fear, gunslingers and hackers alike, CS here for you on the firstest day of September.  Follow these clues: click on the multi-dimensional image up top.  Turn the volume on your device to a level you prefer, and enjoy an orchestral tune completely void of some self-appointed guru's inane bias, agenda or opinion - on anything.  Swing back this way for some insight on how your game and swing can actually improve as autumn 2021 rapidly approaches...

The Gunfight at Caves Valley Corral

You catch it, last Sun PM?  Epic, needless to say.  Bryson, the badass bruiser bomber vs. "Patty Ice," the slow-playin' stoic putting machine. Fantabulous theater; mucho takeaways:

Pretty Boy Tough Guy

James T. West certainly was in the TV series, just as Bryson portends to be in the golf park (perhaps it's the ingredients in those milk shakes...). Is there authenticity behind the brawn - or yet another facade (YIKES - another 'mask' of illusion!) of false bravado? 

What's behind the coolio WWW painting, just to the north?  Click upon & your eyeballs may view a few offerings from Nike Golf.  

And your golf guides?  Fancy verbiage & slick attires designed to impress you? I see - but what is their background in actual motor learning (think golf swing, peeps), neuroscience, and human performance?  Also, do these rough & tumble men & women actually still compete, grind, and play the game of golf for keeps?  Or are they too susceptible to a mere cry of "Brooksy" to bring them back to earth..?? 

Have you considered taking a step back from the purveyors of dismisinfoganda, before getting smacked with a left cross that sets you back, and into a dark rabbit hole of no escape? 

Toughness, resilience and perseverance on the wildness of the links, and in your quest for betterment?  Yes please. 

And (statistical factoid): hitting it farther, as basher Bryson has shown us - especially off the tee - will lead to lower scores.  Period.  However: gripping the club 'lightly' and swinging that 1 lb. stick in your hands back slowly will not lead you to greater speeds...

So, keep in mind that much is far beyond your 'control' per se, bad shots have been part of the golf picture since the times of President Grant (and before), and those guys playing on your TV screen on Sunday afternoons are the best in the world, who happen to be playing at their best that week. #realitycheck. 

Master of Disguise and Emotions

Ah, my man Artemus Gordon - and Patrick "Patty Ice" Cantlay, of course. 

What about you on-course, and upon life's daily sidewalks?  Pretending to be someone, or something, you are not?  'Selling' that shtick to others for self profit (#growyourbiz/#growyourbrand) - or taking real, meaningful action to help those less fortunate? 

Who are you fooling, anyway? 

Role-playing can be a powerful tool in your effort to shoot lower scores, fo shu (Señor Gordon above). Have you taken the time to identify the different parts of self dwelling within you?  Sub-personalities or 'mini me's if you will - they exist to serve you at different points in time in a round of golf (and that game called "life"). 

Identify those parts.  Welcome them all - the good, the bad, and the apparent ugly ('ugly' is useful, otherwise he/she would not be part of the team ;)).  Ask them to come play when need be - and go sit in the corner when not helpful. 

Billy The Kid woulda been proud...

"Patty Ice" slinging in putt after putt to take down Goliath, tongue out, even keeled, downright cold-blooded with that flatstick. 

You a drama king or queen on the green?  Distorted by oft-ridiculous expectations? Think the way Cantlay rolled his rock Sunday PM was his (and the) norm? Think again... 

Check out the make average percentage on the PGA Tour for putts from 9 feet; feel better now? 

All those 'musts' when it comes to putting (OOPS - who's the expert now?), here's what Cantlay did (and please, see a competent putting coach to learn what is best for you..):

Green reading.  Yep, it's OK to use your eyes - feet and finger-raising can help - but not the end all (what is?).  Click on PC above for a short piece on his strategies - then scroll to the bottom to listen to a few comments from top putting coach Phil Kenyon.  

Start line: Line/logo on the ball for initial direction?  Uh... maybe.  And maybe it depends on the individual, the human being, the case-study-of-one performing the skill - and even the time, putt, and circumstances.   Is someone trying to fit you into their preferential mode or method?  Be careful...

Click above for a video of "Patty Ice" draining a short one, halfway down the page.  Some fodder on putter fitting, and stroke dynamics further down on the page; useful for you?  There's yet another 'maybe..' 

Looking to rid yourself of doubts about the best way for you to swing a golf club, and play the game?  I can help...

Remote and in-person coaching options at Eugene Country Club, & Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico.  The development of an optimal practice program for
you, your needs, and your schedule.  Ideas and referrals in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  Science and evidenced-based help in achieving higher mental acuity on the course.  A competent, comprehensive and on-going loop for learning, regardless of where you are on the planet.

Contact me for a consultation; click on my logo just above for further specifics.


"It's like the wild west, the internet.  There are no rules"

     - - Steven Wright


          ~ CS ~
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