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6 Footers

A testy little distance of putt - n'est-ce pas - and the recommended distance for social interaction in the new age of bug-combatancy.  Regardless of distance, you do need the proper footwear, right?  Click above on T-Dub (he's made a few rather important 6-footers in his time) above for some coolio offerings from my brethren at Nike Golf.

The question then begs fellow earthlings: how are you dealing with those six-foot challenges, on and off the links?

Read on for some CS ideas, insight and guidance on both fronts...


Far more deadly than any virus known (and still unknown) to man, those expectations.  Riddled with numbers yet again in this newborn Springtime of 2020 - and of course, which to believe (more on that shortly..); chew on these:

PGA Tour players, who are amongst the best putters in the world, rolling their rocks on undoubtedly some of the finest surfaces on the globe, make a mere 65% of six-footers in competition.  50% from eight-feet.  You are probably not as deft with the flatstick as the fellows playing for living, and educated guessing the greens you're putting on are slightly less pristine than what we see on the tele. 

So, where does that leave you? It leaves you with a handful of reality and performance-based alternatives to the dreaded phrase "I should make this putt."

- "Should" is always someone else talking, not you.  Yep, detrimental inner voices in your head, boys & girls. STOP, immediately shoulding on yourself.  Find a neutral state of mind, one that is based in facts and what has happened - as opposed to someone's fictitious story, and what might happen.

- Believe you can make that six-footer (and so many others) and put your powerful intention there.  What you want.  In your pre-putt routine, are you seeing, hearing and experiencing the ball going in the hole - or are you fathoming where and how you're going to miss the putt (and what might occur- there you are off in future again..)?

You want time travel?  Fine - do this then: imagine (your imagination is immune to bugs, did you not get the memo..?) how you will feel after the putt goes in.  Your mindset, energy and aura just shifted. 

- OK, you do miss your share of these six-footers (I, and so many other infected as well - welcome to that club, amigos), but why specifically?  Only three things you must do to make more of these...

1. Correctly read the green

2.  Hit the putt at the proper/desired/envisioned speed

3.  Start the ball on the chosen line

Yes, it's that simple - and complex.  Ask yourself (and chart it/make note of it - these facts would help me, help you) in which of the areas above you are deficient.  Like with this bug on everyone's mind, we can then address & attack your weakness, and find a remedy.

My remote coaching programs are now available to a select few - indeed, no time like the present.  Swing technique video review via CoachNow,  + stat monitoring (like with afore-described putting scenario) with Anova.Golf.  Either or... The development of an optimal practice regime for you, your needs, and your schedule.  Ideas and referrals in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  A competent, comprehensive and on-going loop for learning, regardless of where you are on the planet.

Interested?  Shoot me a note pronto!



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