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Burl Ives joins CS in your Holiday Hood

'Tis indeed the season, boys and girls.  Of giving, gratefulness - and music - of course.  Who better than Burl Ives to share some Holiday tunes, and CS with a smattering of gift ideas for your loved ones?

Training/teaching aids, you may ask?  Hmm... a good elf's veritable quandary, as most of these 'devices' are geared towards fattening someone's wallet - not helping in your learning process.  Some yuletide words of wisdom in that regard:
  Take caution with items that promise the longstanding notion (like flying reindeer..) of "muscle memory."  Your muscles don't have memory - your brain and central nervous system do.  So what? So, make sure you are cognitively engaged (thank you, as always, Dr. R. Christina) when practicing anything, at any time, anywhere.  Otherwise, children, you are wasting your precious energy...

  'Guidance' per se... Yes, what you are in search of from a golf coach & teacher is just that - but what you must avoid at all cost (only tiny tidbits allowed) are items that guide/steer you into making the desired motion.  There are many, in fact... You know, the ones you could use whilst in a half-coma/asleep state, unfocused & distracted - that kinda do the movement for you.  You go right ahead and make 1,000 or more a day, but you shan't learn anything; and at the end of the day - is learning not the purpose of your practice?

  Gooses, and ganders... how do you know a specific training/teaching aid will help you?  Just because some freak-show Tour player, or SM presence who's into self-licking ice cream cones is pitching it as the end all, doesn't mean it won't leave you out in the cold at the North Pole.  How to know..?? That's where a competent & caring golf guide comes in, someone who has your best interest, not their own.

Click on the titles below for your listening pleasure, and below again for other pleasures...


A Holly Jolly Christmas

The scent of holly - and so much more - from these purveyors of fineness in my hometown.  Surely something of interest for a loved golfer, or, perhaps, nothing at all...

"Say WHAA Santa CS?"  That's right, consider Mountain Rose Herbs' remarkable offering/suggestion from Thanksgiving-time, and that ever-blackened day after:

"In the spirit of living mindfully and avoiding over-consumption, we're inviting you to celebrate 'Buy Nothing Day' with us. Here's how you can join in:

- Don't buy anything. Plain and simple.

-Collect warm clothing, food, and toiletries that can be donated to your local shelter.

- Spend the day creating homemade gifts for the people you love. 

- Host a clothing swap with friends to refresh your wardrobe without spending a dime.

Whatever you decide to do this Friday, we hope you are in the company of the people and plants you most cherish."

Herbally yours, 
~Mountain Rose Herbs

Wow - isn't that a breath of fresh air (part of why you play golf, remember?).  Santa definitively approves. 

The Little Drummer Boy

This drummer boy's sounds comes out of his shop Ft. Worth, Texas.  He goes by the name of Mike Taylor and he builds, quite simply, the finest wedges on the planet.  Tiger Woods, and others who are amongst the best in the world, will tell you the same.

A model he crafted not long ago for me - specifically for the links (Bandon Dunes pictured in the backdrop) turf conditions - above.  Someone on your list who appreciates true craftsmanship?  This is your ticket..

More on "MT," his artistry, and his offerings, below.

White Christmas

I prefer the Chrome Soft white nuggets, but my friends at Callaway have other flavors for you, or a loved golfer in need (constantly losing ammo?), to consider.  Click above to procure these shiny stocking stuffers - or better yet - come for a visit and fetch at Eugene Country Club.

Winter Wonderland

Your winter wonderlands may vary, but this collaboration will keep your 'dogs' happy wherever... My man Akbar from Seamus Golf + longtime brethren at Nike Golf = stylish, wondrous winter wandering out in the golf park. 

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Ah... but whose town?  My 'town' and home base is of course the glorious grounds at Eugene Country Club. Some holiday lesson specials available thru the end of the year (3 and 5 hour packages for members and non-members alike) - pitch me a note over that bunker for specifics.

Interested in golf and guidance in a warmer clime this winter?  Can do as well (Punta Mita outside of Puerto Vallarta, below).

Questions or queries about other golfy items on someone's list?  Happy to advise.

"What I don't like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day"

-- Phyllis Diller

          ~ CS ~
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