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Tuesday Afternoon

'Tis for many of you reading this, and a bit earlier or later for others.  The question then begets:

What are you doing specifically with this ever-so-precious moment in time?  For your golf game (of course) - and more importantly - for improving your self, and the lives and existence of other beings & entities?

Too deep for you? I understand.  At the very least, click above on today's offering from The Moody Blues.  At most, swing on back this way for some thoughts on how its lyrics can guide you to betterment, on and off the links...

Days of Future Passed

"Tuesday Afternoon" was released originally in 1967 on The Moody Blues album above.  The song is sometimes referred to as "Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)," or simply "Forever Afternoon."

So...??? Confused (good - that's the first step in understanding, learning and evolving)?? Take a good gander at the image just north of these letters: how's that for your brain, your perception of reality, your imagination? 

Did you think getting better at golf was as clear and simple as viewing some free or almost free videos on-line or SM?  Or that you had 'forever' to improve (you do - but it's time to take action NOW).

Questions first - then some answers:

What is the perceived (and actual, more importantly) value of free?

What are the first steps in your 'forever improving' plan?

Your Time

It is in fact the 'coin of life' - how are you spending it?  Oh, you're busy, I'm certain of that. 

Allow me to throw in a dash of Thoreau with our Wonderland time-tracking wabbit above (you'll want to click on that, believe me, all you minions who believe more is better...)

"It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?"

Busy working on your game?  How so?  Bashing ball after ball developing 'muscle memory?'  My muscles cringe when I hear that term (your muscles don't have memory, your brain and central nervous system do - so if you are not cognitively engaged whilst practicing - you are in fact wasting time...).  Mistaking # of golf balls hit on the range with amount of learning? 

Just like so many mistake # of hours worked for amount of productivity.  Hmm... Click below (or pocket watch cottontail above) for the facts from the four-day work week Microsoft Japan experiment that led to happier employees and a 40% increase in productivity.  How 'bout those for metrics?

Alas, you are not alone when it comes to the confusion around time, practice and productivity (or lack thereof).   It's why I created my Train2Trust programs.. to help you train smarter and more effectively so that what it is you're working on (diligently, not sloppily, I trust) lasts, and transfers to the golf course.  The concepts are being successfully integrated into golfer's practice regimes at all levels - as well as with athletes in other sports; what are you waiting for?

"Tuesday afternoon
I'm just beginning to see
Now I'm on my way
It doesn't matter to me
Chasing the clouds away"
You?  Beginning to see the reality (sorry, no wonderland here, peeps) of the time, energy and commitment it takes to get better at this game? Or, are you buying into the 'quick fix' scenarios polluting the Interwebs in every corner of the planet? 

Your way starts with a game plan, a roadmap to better performance - and it must start with getting to the causes of your potential woes.  You want band-aids from the peeps on-line who have never actually seen you swing, play the game, nor accurately assessed your physical well-being?  You go then boys & girls... go ahead and seemingly save your precious $ and time - but when those band-aids wear off and you're out their 'chasing the clouds' and those ever-present golf demons away - you'll soon find yourself back at square one.

"I'm looking at myself, reflections of my mind
It's just the kind of day to leave myself behind"

Reflection - such a vital part of proper practice.  The greatest performers on the planet take 5 minute breaks - pauses - in whatever they may be doing to process, digest and assimilate whatever it is they've been working on.  Do you?  Or is it and endless road of abundance, thinking that more produces better?

And many of those super-performance on the links know what to put on their feet, and bodies.  Click above for some of the latest and greatest from my brethren at Nike Golf.

Maybe it's indeed time to leave that part of self behind... Just like it's time to leave the victim, the complainer, and the "I can'ter" behind in your golf game.  Those selves are not serving you, so why not ditch them, and summon those parts of self that serve you? 

It's Tuesday afternoon after all - watcha waiting for fellow wanderers of the golf parks?

In need of some direction in these days of future passed?
I'm here to help.  At Eugene Country Club, or a golf venue near you.

"The high value put upon every minute of time, the idea of hurry-hurry as the most important objective of living, is unquestionably the most dangerous enemy of joy.”

-- Hermann Hesse

          ~ CS ~
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