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"That's Not A Knife..."

The beginning of the classic line from my man Crocodile Dundee in the 1986 flick.  Remember?  And, on this day to remember, honor and mourn the military personnel who have died while serving the United States Armed Forces, a handful of memorable motivators to help in your quest for better performance in the golf park, and on life's daily sidewalks.

Click below for a heroic sidewalk scene - if ever there was one - then continue south on your screen.

"That's a knife!"

Bemoaning your current state of life affairs, as so many are?  Missing (ah, but did you truly appreciate what you had - or did you like so many - merely take it for granted?) the 'good 'ole times? Yearning for days of yesteryear?

I understand.  However, you may very well need a real knife flashed in your face:

- The mind (you know, that thing housed on your shoulders) much prefers the known, to the unknown.  It's why you resist change and alteration - whether it's with your golf swing, or daily rituals.  Yet what if the 'new norm' eventually (yes, this too shall take time..) made you and your golf ball happier, and you a more evolved human being? 

- Tough times for most earthlings these past few weeks - but could it get worse?  Hmm... like after a poor swing, round or stretch of golf, often you may believe it 'couldn't get any worse.'  But what if it could.  Best to address your swing issues before they reach a pandemic state - tipping points as I like to call them - via consistent feedback and coaching.  The best players in the world do so - why don't you? I offer virtual coaching plans regardless of where on the planet you reside.

- "Just kids havin' fun," explains Mick Dundee after the sidewalk encounter.  Did you forget that playing the game of golf was supposed to be fun, not some laborious chore, or the like?  On this day of remembrance, allow CS to remind you that golf is a game.  A game, lest you have forgotten, is a structured form of play, normally undertaken for entertainment or fun, and often used as an educational tool.  Games have been around since approx 2600 BC, are present in all cultures, and a universal part of human experience.  Your expectations interfering per chance with the aforementioned? I see.  Let us then take a knife to those expectations and replace them with realistic goals, intentions, and wants.

In May 1918, a little over one hundred years ago, Sergent Henry Johnson found himself in the Argonne with a wounded ally, an empty rifle, and dozens of German soldiers closing in. He didn't run. He fought.

Please click above to peruse the entirety of the piece on this remarkable 'one-man army,' and his courageous actions. Whaaaaaaa does this have to do with you better navigating in the golf park?

- How do your react or respond when the heat is on, on or off the links?  Run, hide and search for excuses - or fight with what you've got?  Confidence in self - or just a smart-talking poser (like so many on the Interwebs)?

- Johnson weighed 130 pounds and stood 5 feet, 4 inches tall.   Probably not a 'big hitter' in today's golf world full of bombers/full senders - so how did he survive - and how might you survive on the scorecard if you can't hit it a mile? Be brilliant with the partial shots.  Be smart with your strategy and game management.  Be a master of competitive response.

- "That's a knife," part II.  Sent to the front lines in March 1918, Johnson and others were armed with rifles, yet held on to the bolo knives used by the U.S. Army. The imposing 14-inch blades weighed more than a pound and had much of their weight running along the back, giving them a cleaving action similar to a machete. Johnson would soon be glad he had such a weapon on his waist.

Do you have a shot shape, club or swing feel you can rely on when the going gets dicey on the golf course - weapon of sorts on your waist?  You know, when you have to hit a fairway or green? Or when faced with a short shot from a less-than-perfect lie (have you been practicing those - you would if you followed my Train2Trust principles)? Best find a "go to" when you are being attacked by feelings of stress, anxiety and fear on the links.  Sergent Henry Johnson certainly did. 

Dame Sibyl Hathaway protected her people with the unlikeliest of weapons: Feudal etiquette, old-world manners, and a dollop of classic snobbery.

It was May 1945. Five years earlier, Germany had invaded Hathaway’s home in the British Channel Islands, a tiny isle of 400 called Sark. Despite having no modern defense network or fancy gun emplacements - it didn’t even have electricity - Sark had proven itself to be uniquely prepared for its unwelcome visitors. The island had an advantage that the rest of Europe had discarded centuries earlier: feudalism.

Click above on Dame Sibyl (and canine friend) to read this most fascinating tale of 'who was really in charge...'

And who's in charge on the links, dear friends?  You, or some other 'power?'  More remembrances:

- Put your precious life energy toward those things you are able to take charge of, and leave the other parts to the side.

- More knives: yes, yes - in order to be a successful competitor, you must have a "cut-throat" side (like Dame Sibyl..).  But that doesn't give you permission to parade around the golf park void of manners & courtesy; the game we play is much like the tiny isle of Sark: a unique entity where rules are obeyed, etiquette and others are respected, and we are all responsible for maintaining its integrity. 

- Take charge of who is coming out to play, within you.  You are a complex being, full of feelings, emotions and multiple parts of self (or personalities).  It's OK - we all are :).  Alas, the little white ball tends to turn us all into mush, victims, weaklings.  Yet you too have figurative knives to wield in its face - sidewalk and battlefield heroes within you (many of whom have undoubtedly surfaced in recent weeks in your daily doings).  The fighter.  The encourager.  The compassionate friend (to yourself, please, especially after a loose shot). 


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"Determined that this island, at least, should show a front of firmness and dignity and give the impression that we were taking everything in our stride in the firm conviction that we would make the best of a bad time which we were convinced would not endure long.”


     - - Dame Sibyl Hathaway

          ~ CS ~
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