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Talk Talk

So very much of it, in every waking (and dreaming?) corner of our lives, golf and other. 

Mind-boggling (and bending).  Loud (downright deafening at times). Overwhelming (yet the verbiage is so often subpar).

How about: "Talk less, say more?"

I'm there.  Click above for a blast from 1984 and our lads from "Talk Talk."  It's your life after all, hence you choose who to listen to amidst the incessant chatter.

Then swing back this way post video/audio for less talk and more action to improve your golf + a few images of the 'monster' where the best in the world will be doing battle this week.  Pictures (and feels..), not words; what a concept - have you ever ventured there for enhanced golf performance? I sincerely hope so. 

Ping me (below) for further details on a plan that fits your needs...

"Funny how I find myself in love with you
If I could buy my reasoning, I'd pay to lose"

CS: Yes you are - in love with this game, that at times you wish you could 'pay to lose,' huh? Frustrated?  Discouraged?  Disappointed?  Or loving it? 

And how do you want your love story in Linksland to continue?  End?  You choose. 

"I've asked myself, how much do you
Commit yourself?"

CS: Well - have you?  Asked yourself how much you've (sincerely) committed yourself to improving.  I'm talking time, energy and resources - not "why pay for the milk when you can get it for free," Intrawebs-based tips sprinkled with pixie dust. 

"Funny how I blind myself, I never knew
If I was sometimes played upon, afraid to lose"

CS: Blinded by the marketers & shysters playing you, for the sake of their pocketbooks?  I understand.  

And really - what are you afraid of losing?  The level your game is currently hovering around, in order to move forward?  Are you afraid of the unknown, or giving up the known? 

Should you prefer a specific game plan of action for the betterment of your golf game (not someone else's), as opposed to more "talk talk," please do let me know. 

Remote and in-person coaching options at Eugene Country Club, & Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico.  The development of an optimal practice program for you, your needs, and your schedule.  Ideas and referrals in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  Science and evidenced-based help in achieving higher mental acuity on the course.  A competent, comprehensive and on-going loop for learning, regardless of where you are on the planet.

Contact me for a consultation; click on my logo just above for further specifics.


"Know thyself, or at least keep renewing the acquaintance"

      - - Robert Breault

          ~ CS ~
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