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Kung Flu HIM

Interesting term, today's title.  Dare (I dare) I say it's offensive, slandersome, downright disrespectful.  Used by some with exceedingly loud voices for the nasty little bug and its origins that continues to ravage, disrupt and change our lives.

Cute?  Cheeky?  Funny?  Haha - yet no one's really laughing in current COVID times, huh? Ah... but would the term be used by our wanna-be comedians in a face-to-face conversation - you know, much like the one you have each and every shot with your golf ball - with said stereotyped individuals?  I wonder..

Is something ravaging your golf game or swing right this moment?  Disrupting progress? Perhaps it's been festering, brewing within, and has hit a tipping point? Maybe you are fearful of change?  You know, the notion of getting a little worse ('failing' - our sage above has some insight for you - read on..) before moving forward. And, do you know its origins (causes and inputs, people!) or are you just putting band-aids and the like on your golfy ouchies, offered up from your well-meaning but clueless playing partners, or the self-anointed experts in the media?

I understand - it's why I offer in-person (and I am fully respectful of my students needs and desires for safety) and remote coaching services.  Click below - CS swipe from the 9th tee on opening day of the fantabulous Sheep Ranch at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort - for details, on my offerings. 

Whatcha waiting for, anyway?

"We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one"


Never mind the verbal 'slight,' right?  I mind (it's why I'm writing this). You may mind (or feel free to immediately delete this missive from your screen).  Many others mind (see below).

Never mind that hate crimes against Asian-Americans have been in the rise, meanwhile, amid the 'Rona outbreak.

OK, let us all agree that the virus originated in China.  So what, now what?  Much like after a bad swing, a bad hole, or a bad break on the golf course?  Whatcha gonna do now?  How are you going to respond?  Bemoan, belittle, and call yourself bad names 'cause things didn't turn out as you wanted?  Shame on you!

What else originated in China, my dear friends of the links?  Why Confucianism, but of course. Confucius, our wiseman pictured up top, was a Chinese philosopher and politician (can you believe it!?) whose 'way' emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice, kindness, and sincerity (I just found my write-in candidate for the election in a few months..)

Furthermore, should you choose to lament the current situation, consider the following: what if your immune system was more robust (like what you are in search of re a more efficient & functional golf motion) due to a healthier lifestyle, so this pesky bug was nary a worry? 

Enlighten yourself on all by moving south on this screen.  Some powerful images and words for you to consider on your walks in the golf park, and upon life's daily sidewalks...

Kung Flu him

Colin Morikawa, of course.  What a sheer pleasure to watch him swing a golf club, and comport himself as he does. A veritable lesson for us all.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated"

    -- Confucius

A golf swing is relatively simple as well - yet so many insist on making it complicated.  Fancy and smooth-talk geared to impress students, rather than assist.  Remember, unlike most 'ball sports,' the golf ball is not moving.  You want simple and functional?  I can help.

Kung Flu him

You know those eyes, the look, and the face - and the background of his parents. This man has stared down countless competitors on the links over the years, and shown no mercy in competition.  A huge piece of his success - as is what he's put on his back and feet over the years.  Click on TW for some up-to-date looks from my cronies at Nike Golf.

You?  Do you possess the grit, the fight, and the resilience necessary to succeed on the golf course?  Attitude & mindset - and the energy that accompanies those traits - is far more important than your actual golf swing.  Thought, after all, precedes action.  Confucius knew that in 500 BC; it's 2020 folks, you in the know, or stuck in some stereotyped paradigm? 

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall"

     -- Confucius

Kung Flu him

You know, Lee Jun-fan, pictured above.  Born in San Francisco, California, United States of America, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy.  Look around you when you next step out your front door.  You'll notice all of  the bi-peds wandering around hail from the same solar system.  Alas, the shells protecting their hearts and souls do indeed differ; but then again, so do the physical golf swings of the best players in the world...

Bruce Lee.  Kung Fu master, martial artist extraordinaire, philosopher - and so much more.  Bridger of gaps between East and West.  A man with a plan, whose days were cut short, alas, at the ripe young age of 32.  Question: do you have a plan (part of your golf guide's responsibility) for the process that is improving your golf swing, and game? I sincerely hope so. 

Although many historians consider Bodhidharma, the first patriarch of Chinese Buddhism, as the founder of Shaolin kung fu, Lee trained in the art of Wing Chun and later combined his other influences from various sources into the spirit of his personal martial arts philosophy, which he dubbed Jeet Kune Do (The Way of the Intercepting Fist).

One can only wonder how he might react to the slur-ish theme of this missive, and to name-calling in general.  With one of his signature punches (click on a smiling Lee above to view), or perhaps we empathy, understanding, compassion, and that wry smile?

You, during a walk in the golf park, and with others (masked, or not) upon your sidewalks?  Do you show empathy for yourself on-course when things don't turn out quite right?  Ever ponder the untold stories of those in your hood?  Might not be what you think... And what stories are you telling yourself on the links?  Tall tales full of fear, 'what ifs' and mind projections?  Or, fact and present-moment based realities?  You choose on all.

Oh, and those punches?  Where does the force come from, anyway?  Imagine being able to transfer that into your clubhead at the time of impact. Much rotation of shoulders and hips?  Nope.  You need more pop & speed when club collides with nugget?  I can help...

"If your plan is for 1 year, plant rice.
If your plan is for 10 years, plant trees.
If your plan is for 100 years, educate children."

-- Confucius

China Girl

A blast from my man David Bowie, you are undoubtedly assuming?  ASSume again... CS is as full of as much unpredictability as any round of golf.  But do you embrace the adventures, differences and randomness in the golf park (and all around you..) - or grumble 'cause you want sameness, consistency and normalcy? 

Click on the CD-shaped image above for a power-packed piece, originally appearing on NYLON.  Might open your eyes for the better, regardless of their shape, size, or skin pigment surrounding them.

HEY - I may be capricious - but I'm not cruel... :).  Click above for some pleasure from Master Bowie. 


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"All racists are physiognomists, linking the pigment of skin, the slant of an eye, to a facility with numbers and calculations, a penchant for criminality. Yet as those so scripted well know: between, beneath, above, and within the caricatures, exist other lives, quite undetected, like an octopus shape-shifting into rock when a shadow passes overhead. It’s where love exists, and beauty; and everything in between."

     -- Becky McFalls-Schwartz


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