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New term for the new year?  Nope. 

Much like all the touted 'newness' in the golf and golf swing world (remember, children, one very important element has not changed for hundreds of years in our fav game: the physics of how a golf ball flies, and why), hypersanity is not a brand-spanking nuevo, earth-shattering, 2020 word. 

However, like with clarity and truth in our golfy realm, it is perhaps needed now, more than ever.

The term came to my attention - the same way a feel or notion may come to your attention as you are swinging a golf club or playing the game (PLEASE make sure your golf guide is listening and open to these precious internal nuggets - not just spewing his or her fancy jargon, opinions, or ill-conceived theories..) from a recent article by Neel Burton in the digital mag "Aeon." 

Click on Dr. Jane Goodall, one of the beloved and cherished hypersane, to peruse, then swing on back this way for an understanding (my task) of how what is included within this piece can help you on the links, and daily sidewalks...

'Peruse' - my bad - too fancy, clever or "trying to impress" on my part?  Apologies.  How about read the words without distraction, digest, and reflect upon.  Just a few short minutes, I promise; the same amount of time you probably take hitting a handful (Dr. Goodall has her hands full of an interesting creature, so very similar to you and I, in fact..) of range balls.  Lemme guess: you prefer watching short video clips to reading these days as our brains continue to morph in that direction, for better, or worse (I'm voting for 'worse'). 

Then please do keep in that busy mind of yours: "those who do not read have no advantage over those who cannot read.."

Losing your effing mind over all the offerings put forth in every nook and cranny of our blue-lit screens, re how to swing a golf club, what to eat - how to live?  Me too.  Yet perhaps, in losing your mind, you can find your self, your sanity.  Some lucidity. Some peace.  Some quiet.  Some hypersanity of your own.

The term was mentioned in The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise (1967) by R D Laing.  In this book, the Scottish psychiatrist presented ‘madness’ as a voyage of discovery that could open out onto a free state of higher consciousness, or hypersanity.  For Laing, the descent into madness could lead to a reckoning, to an awakening, to ‘break-through’ rather than ‘breakdown.'

'Tis the same when learning a new golf skill, or making a swing alteration, people: feel like you're getting worse - failing, flailing & breaking down - initially.  Bravo!!! The first steps in learning, improving and breaking through. 

You crave immediate success & satisfaction via quick 'tips' you've been ingesting?  I see, and understand.  Allow me to bring you back to reality this star-date January 14, 2020: Learning (that lasts and transfers to the golf course) takes time.  Quality, focused, efficient time - with splashes of fun, context specificity and rest thrown in.  It's why my Train2Trust program is so very successful... but the baby chimp in Dr. Goodall's arms knows that; do you?

Click below for some tidbits, contact me directly for guidance specific to you (not the masses). 


Everywhere we look now ("Greedy Hands," just above - the culprit in so many cases..), from the burning continent of Australia, to the dangerous & deadly drone & missile toys being volleyed back and forth by the supposed 'sane,' to the folks living just outside my cozy home under tents on the sidewalk - who sadly - have no home.  Can't help but wonder how they'd respond to the SM posts of my golf brethren about the chic clothes they're sporting, the warm sunny spots where they're lounging, the fine meals and vinos they're indulging in, and so on. 

Perhaps I'll ask; in the meantime, re this 'sanity' issue, consider:

Mr. Burton: "If there is such a thing as hypersanity, the implication is that mere sanity is not all it’s cracked up to be, a state of dormancy and dullness with less vital potential even than madness. This I think is most apparent in people’s frequently suboptimal – if not frankly inappropriate – responses, both verbal and behavioural, to the world around them. As Laing puts it:
- The condition of alienation, of being asleep, of being unconscious, of being out of one’s mind, is the condition of the normal man."

CS hypersanity for your golf:  This your 'condition' on the range - banging balls mindlessly, in a semi-comatose/half asleep state?  Rapid-firing, believing quantity is more important than quality?

Yikes!  How about taking 3-5 striped spheres out per every club, with a clear intention in mind (technique, tempo or shot shape/type, for example).  If one ball is successful - immediately change the club, lie or shot.  
- "Society highly values its normal man. It educates children to lose themselves and to become absurd, and thus to be normal."

CS hypersanity for your golf: "Normal?"  You are not 'normal,' you are a unique humanoid golfer with specific traits, patterns, and needs.  That brilliant child inside you?  Still alive and well - the expert learner, BTW - you just need to awaken that adolescent version of yourself. 

Here's a clue: getting bored with whatever sort of practice you are in the midst of?  The fun absent, the challenge inappropriate, the gamification MIA?  Absurd.  That's your 'kid' part of self telling you to do something different, something other, something that will actually prepare you for the challenge of the golf course. Listen!
- "Normal men have killed perhaps 100,000,000 of their fellow normal men in the last 50 years."

CS hypersanity for your golf: There's that word 'normal' again, first off.. And: what's killing your game, and swing?  Bunk science, concepts & ideas that sound solid, but are full of black holes?  Trendy teachers that have drunk the new decade's Cool-aid?  Failure to take note of your equipment (I'm talking clubs, ball AND physical body)?

Time you found a golf guide who cares more about you improving (and enjoying the experience) than their bank account, ego, or seeing their pretty face plastered everywhere.  You need a Dr. Jane Goodall for your golf, peeps: Experienced and open-minded.  A few wrinkles on that mug.  Some grey hair.  Pedigree and wisdom.  

Hypersanity for your golf

Is that what you too are seeking - an escape from the absurdity of what's billowing out of the golf instruction world these days?  Seeking some sanity in a game (and world) full of uncertainty, marketing shticks & unfathomable claims?  Attempting to separate the heeps of BS from legitimacy? Amen, brothers and sisters...

In a picturesque tribute to the recently passed-on-to-the-next-golf-architect realm Pete Dye (R.I.P.), consider artist Bud Chapman's fantasmical offering of #8 at Mauna Pele CC:

  "435 YARDS, PAR 4. Hawaii may be paradise to many, but many's the golfer who know this hole as 'The Jaws of Hell.' Fiery destruction awaits on all sides for the errant shot. But the bold drive that is well struck directly toward the furnace can catch strong updrafts which actually can carry it to the green. Balls that are scorched and heated out-of-round may be replaced. Number 11 handicap."

Absurd?  Asinine? Insane (or, hypersane?)?


New Zealand's incomparable Cape Kidnapper's, above. 

Crazy?  Sane? Abnormal? How are we to recognize the difference in the things and people surrounding us, in the linksland, and elsewhere?

Mr. Burton: "Many ‘normal’ people suffer from not being hypersane: they have a restricted worldview, confused priorities, and are wracked by stress, anxiety and self-deception. As a result, they sometimes do dangerous things, and become fanatics or fascists or otherwise destructive (or not constructive) people. In contrast, hypersane people are calm, contained and constructive.

Are there any modern examples of hypersanity? Those who escaped from Plato’s cave of shadows were reluctant to crawl back down and involve themselves in the affairs of men, and most hypersane people, rather than courting the limelight, might prefer to hide out in their back gardens.

But a few do rise to prominence for the difference that they felt compelled to make, people such as Nelson Mandela and Temple Grandin. And the hypersane are still among us: from the Dalai Lama to Jane Goodall, there are many candidates. While they might seem to be living in a world of their own, this is only because they have delved more deeply into the way things are than those ‘sane’ people around them."

Are you prepared to look for a better way - to delve into truly improving your golf?  Here then is a hypersane approach:

- Find a golf guide who can spend quality time in your presence.  Observing you play.  Screening you for physical restrictions (perhaps a recommended movement specialist) that will dictate how best for you to swing (and giving corrective exercises).  Viewing & deciphering your stats and helping with an effective practice game plan.  A consistent, competent and on-going feedback loop.

I will be offering such coaching services - and much of this can be done remotely & digitally - to a select few in the near future of 2020.  A hypersane approach to your bettering your game in the dizzying (sane?) world of golf instruction.

Stay tuned to this channel (and others in your sphere) for details.




"No one is more dangerously insane than the one who is sane all the time: he is like a steel bridge without flexibility, and the order of his life is rigid and brittle"

-- Alan Watts



          ~ CS ~
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