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Knockin' On That Door...

You?  On that door of improving, on the links and in your life?  Anyone or anything answering?  If not - why not?  Maybe it's not the right door.  Perhaps your 'knocking' technique is a little off.  Or, you're knocking for the wrong reasons.   Misguided intentions?

What's behind all the doors in this missive?  Well, click and listen :)

A hint: some ideas & guidance on how to further enjoy your walk in the golf park  (is it always about shooting lower scores?), and your wanderings on this wondrous planet.

"Knockin' On Heaven's Door"

Bob Dylan style.  Described by Dylan biographer Clinton Heylin as "an exercise in splendid simplicity."  Amen.  It's what a great teacher does in guiding you through those doors in your life, and golf swing.  Said teachers weed through all the data, #'s and graphs, all the force vectors, trace patterns & kinematics - you know, all that fancy verbiage designed to impress you - and offer something so splendidly simply you can actually relate to it.  Oh, and it's not the same for everyone, all you peeps hiding behind that en vogue 'rotate & flatten' door...

"Mama, take this badge off of me
I can't use it anymore"

That badge of honor you thought you were gonna get for working more hours (try working smarter,  instead of always more - it's what you'll learn in a Train2Trust session)?  Or that badge on your puffed up chest from the abundance (never mistake activity for achievement) of SM likes you've been oh-so busy pandering?  All rooted in wanting to impress mommy & daddy, at the end of the day (ego-stroking 101).  

Indeed.  Time to take the badge off, people - and go help your fellow men and women.   That badge (your title, your accolades, your reputation) has lost it's use, its clout, its power.  Go lend a hand, a heart and an ear to those who are simply seeking to manage, navigate, and enjoy the experience a bit more, on and off the links.

Knockin' On The Winner's Door

Le Petit Prince.  He knew it all along, didn't he now?  That Eldrick Woods wasn't quite done (and of course, just how to dress for interplanetary travel, and golf).  NEWS FLASH, Summer of 2018: Tiger is once again knockin' on the PGA Tour's winner's door...

“All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.”

And only a few of you remember how dominant Tiger was in his heyday.  Galaxies beyond all his adversaries.  Sure, it's another time and place, but let's not forget where he came from.

You?  Stuck on some asteroid of how you used to play golf?  How far you used to hit it?  How you used to putt & chip?  I understand.  Like the technology that you are addicted to, maybe you need an update.  A dose of today's reality.  How about:

- Accepting who, and where, you are at right now.

- Embracing change and impermanence - and the wild ride that's around the next corner.

- Discovering newness, in the nowness.

“What makes the desert beautiful, is that somewhere it hides a well...”

As it does in you, fellow linksters and desert (let's take care of Mother Earth, or that'll be all that's left soon) explorers.  You think the well is in some newfangled device, some plug & play technology?  Keep searching.  In a trendy method that's become some teacher's wallet-fattener?  Nope, it's not there either.  In pounding ball after ball til your hands bleed (quality, context specificity and rest are far more important)?  Oops, wrong way again.

You see: the guru is in you.  Your brilliant mind/body/spirit system.  You instinct, gut and intuition.  In choosing (you too have many "Little Princes" and "Princesses" dwelling within you, at all times) who performs best on the golf course, and on the sidewalks of daily life.  The Adventurer.  The Perfectionist.  The Athlete.  The Scaredy-Cat.  The Complainer.  The Problem-Solver.  The Artist.  The Victim.  The list goes on infinitely; haven't you noticed?  Find those parts of you - your sub-personalities - that best serve you depending on the situation, then choose to 'be' that person.

Knockin' on which door?

Now THAT is a door (just above)!  It's the same door you must break on through to the other side for improvement.  For growth.  For evolving.  You know what's gonna play when you click above now, don't you?  And you thought JM was six feet under in a cemetery in Paris...

Taking one step back, before going forward.  Giving up looking good on the practice grounds now, in order to perform better on the golf course later.   Committing to daily practice of a new pattern: mindset, swing or routine. 

Conversely, you can choose to chill.  Stagnate.  Fester.  Buy into some quick-fix recipe.  A dose of "insta 20 extra yards" off the tee.  A dash of "never stub a chip again."  A pinch of "eliminating three-putts." If that's the case, go right ahead and knock on our mermaid's door below: it'll undoubtedly lead you onto some fantasy island of betterment, that bypasses the necessary process...

In search of some legit direction?  Some doors to consider that'll lead you to where you want to go?  A path to progress? I'm here for youAt Eugene Country Club - or a golf park near you.

"Every wall is a door."

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson


          ~ CS ~
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