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Post-Open Championship Week

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Whaaaaaattt?  You thought this missive was going to speak to some of what transpired on that legendary Sunday last, at the Open?  It shall...

But first, click on the couple above for a blast from 1978.  Then c'mon back my way for some ideas on how the title of the song was so relevant at Carnoustie - and in your golf and life games.

Too Much

Exquisite ball-striking from eventual Champion Golfer of the Year, Francesco ("Kiko" as he's known to his pals) Molinari.  Certainly got Tiger Woods' attention throughout the round.  'Stripe show' in the winds and over the hard-pan fairways (he didn't see a lot of the nasty rough that was part of his playing partner's demise that day...) of "The Nasty." 

Hoganesque it was - circa 1953 - when the 'Wee Ice Mon,' as the Scots coined him, conquered the same unforgiving links in capturing the Claret Jug in his one and only try. 

Hardy conditions will always separate the "men from the boys," even at the highest level.  Rant & rave, diagnose and analyze the golf swing all you want (too much attention paid to this in the grand scheme of playing better), but without planning & preparation (much of it in your head) well before the swing ever gets going, the little white ball is not going to behave as you like. 

You'll learn this and more - plus some specifics on what might work best for you - during Dr. Debbie Crew's upcoming seminar at Eugene Country Club (specifics below).

Taking a break, pondering and reflecting (whilst inputting a dose of nicotine) on what shot is required, was one of Hogan's strong suits.  Are you doing this in your practice?  Taking 5 minute pauses to allow the 'thing' that's doing all the learning - your brain & central nervous system - to process, digest and assimilate the information, motion and feeling?  Or rapid-firing balls falsely believing that more is better? Too much often does not lead to better performance.  Intermittent rests are a vital part of my Train2Trust sessions (and all effective learning); details and upcoming sessions farther south in this missive.

And speaking of strong suits, gotta love "The Hawk's" look above, no?  Bad.  Ass.  Classy.  Scottishy.  Looking for something that'll fit your 2018 style?  Click on Mr. Hogan above, and peruse the offerings from the lads & lassies at Nike Golf, including what "Kiko" sported last week...

Too Little

The ever-so ba**sy flop shot Woods attempted on #11, leading to a double-bogey 6.  Another millimeter or so, and it ranks as one of his finest ever, huh (click on the images above for some reminders - undoubtedly what TW was envisioning)?

Ah, yes: so many of our armchair quarterback 'playing the game of golf' experts crucified him for the attempt.  Well, I've got a trio of questions for our beloved (perhaps you are amongst?) crackerjacks:

1. How many major championships combined have our smarty-pants won?  Too little credibility.  TW's got 14 in his back pocket, BTW.

2.  When are 'know-it-alls' play the game, they are more often than not trying to just 'look good,' compete, maybe even finish in the Top 10.  Fine, no prob.  Too little ambition.  But Eldrick ain't into that - he's trying to win.  He's thinking about making 4 (who knows, with his mindset, moxie and talent - maybe even 3...) on the hole - nothing other.

3.  How many of you all can say you play the game - in whatever situation or environment - without fear? Too little confidence and courage.  Woods does.  Always has, always will.  Imagine going through an entire round (and what about in that other game - LIFE) not being afraid, not fearing failure, not avoiding the obstacles?  Will you always succeed?  Of course not, but isn't that part of the fun, the game, and the challenge? 

Here's a fourth (question) to add to our threesome above:

4.  What's life without a little risk?

Too Late

"Guess it's over, the chips are down
Nearly all our bridges tumbled down"

For Tiger to win another major?  Another tournament?  Certainly didn't look like it last week, did it now?  Walked across the bridge on 18 right in the very thick of things.  His chips were beyond rock bottom down in all aspects slightly over a year ago - remember?  What say you now all the dissers and dislikers of Woods?

Did you miss the comeback story from our tune up top?  Johnny Mathis: the piece was his first chart-topping hit in the U.S. since 1957's "Chances Are."  10 + years since Tiger's last major.  30+ years since Mathis' last bonanza. Who's counting when you still believe?

Dr. Debbie Crews at Eugene Country Club

What about you?  Are you lacking belief in your skills, abilities and possibilities on the golf course?  I understand.  And so does Dr. Crews.

"Guess, it's over, the kicks are gone
What's the use of tryin' to hang on?"

Trying to hang on to attitudes, styles and routines that simply don't work?
  How about something new & different that will help performance?  Come see Dr. Crews in person in a few weeks at Eugene Country Club.  More on her just below, and her products and company by clicking on her image above.

Dr. Debbie Crews: 

Dr. Crews is an Adjunct Faculty in the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering, and sport psychology consultant at Arizona State University where she has worked with the Men’s and Women’s golf teams since 1979.  She has conducted over 35 years of research on attention in sport, primarily golf (in addition to working with dozens of LPGA/PGA and Champions Tour players), and is the Chair of the World Scientific Congress of Golf. 

Dr. Crews was the founding Editor of the International Journal of Golf Science.  Her research has been published in scientific journals as well as being featured on Scientific America Frontier and NBC Dateline. She is a Master LPGA instructor, an Ellen Griffith Teaching Award Winner, and serves on the LPGA Education and Research Advisory Board.  Dr. Crews was ranked in the Golf Digest Top 50 Women Golf Instructors, and the recipient of the Golf Digest Best Science in Golf Award in 2001. Currently, she is the CEO and Founder of Opti International, a feedback company for performance optimization.



Thursday, August 16, 9 AM - 12 noon. 

"Mental Training & Toughness + Yips Management" Seminar

Eugene Country Club Clubhouse

Cost: $75 members; $85 non-members; $50 juniors


Thursday, August 16, 2 PM - 6 PM

Friday, August 17, 9 AM - 2 PM

Individual one-hour sessions with Dr. Crews

Eugene Country Club Teaching Center

Cost: $125 for members; $140 for non-members; $100 for juniors


RSVP required, space is extremely limited.

Summer sessions on the docket!  Non ECC members welcome.  RSVP requested, as space is limited.
What's it all about?  It's about my two decades of insight gleaned from top neuroscientists, motor learning experts and human performance specialists (as well as my own trial-and-errors!) on what, and how, to practice smarter, more efficiently, and more effectively.  Additional info by clicking on logo just above. Open to players of all levels.
- Sunday, July 29.  Train2Trust Supervised Practice
Time: 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM. Place: ECC Teaching Center. Cost: $40 for members/$50 non.
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- Saturday, August 11.  Train2Trust Supervised Practice
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM.  Place: ECC Teaching Center. Cost: $40 for members/$50 non.


" There is an immeasurable difference between late and too late. "

-- Og Mandino



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