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This is NOT Jeopardy...

The games of golf, and golf instruction - golf guidance (in CS terminology), that is.  So many of our supposedly smarty-pants teachers are as smug and full of information, data and answers as the celebrated TV show's host, one Alex Trebek. 

Yet the playing and teaching of this game is so much more about creating environments, experiences and situations that simulate what will transpire (chaos, randomness and inevitability of everything) out in the golf park.  And the acumen to help the individual humanoid (not some average or optimal) in the process of learning.  'Know' the facts about golf swing?  Bravo - but they don't give trophies out on the 18th green for golf swing IQ.

Can you (and your students) perform the actions in a way that fits you, when it counts, in a wide variety of situations?  Using a swing and player model that suits each oh-so unique (physically, emotionally, spiritually) biped - as opposed to the swing method du jour?

Seems much of my brethren has forgotten (or did they just forget to learn?) the words of a wizard - the Wizard of Westwood - one John Wooden (below):

"You have not taught until they have learned"

Alas, these modern-day 'droppers of knowledge' slinging their plethora of findings towards golfers that seek merely a simple solution to improving the behavior of their golf ball.

"You have not taught until they have learned"

Watching their chests, pocketbooks and egos swell, while their students often stand dazed and confused in a sea of #'s, graphs and force vectors.

"You have not taught until they have learned"

Plastering the wide-eyed public with SM post after SM post of successful, long-hitting and low-scoring students.  How come we never see the posts about when they struggle, fail, or shoot a million?

"You have not taught until they have learned"

Lemme guess: you're far too busy pandering something, leveraging someone, selfishly scheming somewhere, to take a shade over a quarter of an hour out of your existence to heed the words of a wizard, aren't you?  I understand.  Really.  And, I realize that the sheer number of people who know the price of everything, and the value of nothing (shout out, O.W.), is indeed ever-growing...

If not, click on the face of the farm boy from Southern Indiana who became arguably the greatest coach, learning facilitator and guide in the history of sport - and soak in some of what is so desperately needed on the lesson tee (among others), circa 2018: wisdom, wit and humility.

"Where have all the cowboys gone?"

Good question, and the title of Paula Cole's classic tune from 1997.  The song traces the stages of a tragic romance (you and your instructor, and/or a round of golf?): the first two verses explore the infatuation and discovery; a bridge expresses disillusionment, and a final verse changes to despair.

Click on Ms. Cole for a listen, then saunter back this way for some perspective.

"Oh you get me ready in your 56 Chevy
Why don't we go sit down in the shade

Take shelter on my front porch
The dandy lion sun scorching
Like a glass of cold lemonade

High hopes standing on that first tee, huh?  Yup, me too.  And we all need to realize there will be ups and downs, peaks and valleys, brilliant shots blended in with pitiful ones.  You in?  You think they'll be some shelter and cool bevvies when things go bad?  Think again.  True grit will be needed, boys & girls, otherwise best to stay out of the 'scorching sun' better known as competitive golf.

"Where is my John Wayne
Where is my prairie song
Where is my happy ending
Where have all the cowboys gone"

Your John Wayne, your prairie song and your happy ending, are all inside you - didn't you listen to what Coach Wooden had to say?  And those cowboys are everywhere, you just need to know where to look...


And that's precisely what the VIMA Rev stroboscopic glasses help you do.  'See' better, aka awaken the genius and guru in you that's been on a laziness hiatus.  "What's the poop, CS," you may ask?  Voilà:

- Improve your focus.
- Upgrade your feel.
- Learn while having fun.

Click above for the details - contact me for a pair at a preferred price.

Late Spring and Summer CS offerings in creation, details soon.  My signature Train2Trust sessions (see below!), "Taste the Tech" experiences, 1/2 day and full day golf gatherings, in addition to private sessions, catered to your needs.  I'm available at Eugene Country Club (non-member students always welcome), or a golf park near you.


Back, just in time...

Train2Trust programs break all the rules when it comes to how to practice effectively. Based in two decades of research and findings gleaned from top neuroscientists, human performance specialists and motor learning experts - and my own trial and error as the Guinness World Record Holder in Speedgolf - these sessions are designed specifically to help you perform under pressure, and are geared towards learning that lasts and then transfers to the golf course. 

Train2Trust sessions are fun, yet fruitful.  A dash of 'suffering' for your ego plus some laughter for your soul, these gatherings will put a smile on your face - and ice in your veins.  No physical exertion involved, but your imagination, grit and resilience will be tested, just like in a round of golf.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

2:30 - 4:00

Eugene Country Club Teaching Center (non members welcome)

Cost: $40 for ECC Members, $50 for public

R.S.V.P. required as space is limited

"Getting the answer right in not the key to learning.  Learning HOW TO solve the problem is the key to learning."

-- Dr. Mark Guadagnoli



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