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A word -as there are so many in the golf (and life) realms - of multiple meanings.  And since each and every one of us is living in our own little dream world, imperative to have clarity in communication.  

Corona has sprung back into our realm recently courtesy of the the nasty virus carrying its name.  I wonder: what nastiness has crept into your golf swing, or game, in recent times?  Something brand new - or an elderly, long-ingrained pattern highly resistant to change?  Regardless, you can address, and modify, with the proper diagnosis (treat the cause please, we have enough palliative care in the golf and health worlds as is..) and an appropriate game plan to improve. 

It's why I'm now offering digital/remote coaching to a select few (details below...).  Consistent feedback with clarity; what a concept, eh?

Image above of course of our sun's corona.  It's the outermost part of the sun's atmosphere, normally  hidden (like those causes of your golfy woes) by the bright light of the sun's surface, it is best viewed during a total solar eclipse. 

Ah - the bright lights... More and more what our wanna-be on-line golf gurus are after via an onslaught of selfies + plastering of posts.  The never-ending search for approval; greed & ambition steered by fear.  Nothing hidden there.

Then there's above version of the word Corona.  Sip on a few of those on Super Bowl Sunday?  Salud!!  Some perform better on the links with a shot or two of alcohol in the system, ever noticed?  Calms the nerves... Yet why so nervous in the first place?  Inner chatter full of 'shoulds' and the like (someone else talking there, friends)?  Expectations (oft-unrealistic) instead of intention, and goals? Caveperson brain believing the outcome is a matter of life or death?  

Maybe you don't care as much after a pop or two.  Give up a little control? Bravo!!! Guess what: you are 'controlling' far less than you believe, on and off the course.  Set your intention (what you want).  Focus your attention (on the immediate task at hand - beware of the distractions all around).  Let 'er go (your control-freak part of self will rebel, trust me).  Then, allow (and enjoy) the chaos, randomness and imminent uncertainty of the result to do its thing.  The adventure known as a round of golf in full force.

Liberation and detachment from the outcome - as refreshing in whatever context as the scene pictured above..

Snap out of it peeps and find a reflective moment to yourself in the golf park, next time you are feeling nervy.  YOU are in the here and now playing a game; your mind may very well be puttering in the past, or fretting about the future.  And stop needing anything on the links (or in life, for that matter), such a condition or feeling is robbing you of your precious energy - like when you've had a few too many of the cerveza type Coronas. 

A vicious virus.  An aura of plasma surrounding the sun.  A south-of-the border cold one.  And of course, DJ CS wouldn't starve you of rhythm this early February day, would he now? 

Mid '90's blast from the Italian group Corona.  Click above for a listen - then swing back thissa way for some insight on an essential element quite possibly missing from your swinging motions..

Rhythm.  Tempo.  Resonance.  Have you discovered yours in between visits to that blue-lit screen full of #'s, graphs and somebody's average, or playing 'Technique Twister' with some position or the like?  

You know, the ideal cadence and flow of the movement of your body and golf club during a swing (any swing, big, medium, and little).  Much like when you walk, or talk.  Yours is unique (just as you are, boys & girls), and finding and using that optimal pattern for you is paramount in the quest of having your golf ball better behave. 

Suggestion: integrate tempo and rhythm training into each and every practice session, from the start of the motion, to finish (remember: the swing or stroke doesn't stop at the ball..).  A metronome or the like can be helpful in exploring your own personal harmonic oscillator


I'm now available to help you from afar... Video and stat review.  Developing an ideal practice regime for you.  Guidance and referral in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  A consistent, competent and on-going feedback loop.

Interested?  Shoot me a note.

"Energy moves in waves.
Waves move in patterns.
Patterns move in rhythms.
A human being is just that
energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
A dance."

-- Gabrielle Roth



          ~ CS ~
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