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"Oh My" & "Whoa, Nelly"

The trademark expressions of emotion - that powerful instinctive (is your golf game 'instinctive,' or have you shut down and/or deleted that as well?) state of mind deriving from circumstances, mood & relationships with others - from from two of sport's great storytellers who recently passed on to the fields of the next realm.


You too are a magnificent, non-stop spinner of tales, on and off the golf course.  And chock-a-block full of mighty emotions that can act as double-edge swords.  Click above on each splendid raconteur of athletic competition for a taste and reminder of their brilliance, then meander on back my way for some ideas on how to twist your stories, and target your emotions, for better performance on the links - and in that other pastime, known as "life..."

The Ego and its Stories

Take it from author and psychotherapist Dr. Mark Epstein:

"The problem with the ego, is that it wants so badly to know. The ego comes into being when we’re two or three or four years old, just feeling our own separateness and how difficult it is to navigate the external pressures from parents and teachers, and the internal pressures of one’s biology, one’s drives and so on. The ego wants security and stability and coherence. It’s rooted in the intellect, so it tells stories. It fastens on to the first stories that start to make sense, both positive and negative.”

Same thing you're doing right this very moment with your golf game - and your life.  Internal pressures ("I should be swinging like this, making that much $, hanging with those peeps."  STOP. SHOULDING. ON. YOURSELF.  ALREADY.).  Seeking safety, security and stability ("this swing or address change doesn't feel good" - sound familiar, boys and girls?).  Rooted in intellect (ask your swing coach/teacher/instructor if he or she is trying to collect the dots - and toys - or connect the dots). 

"We then incessantly repeat these stories to ourselves 'under our breath,' Mr. Epstein writes in his new book, Advice Not Given.

Amen, Dr. Epstein.  What are you incessantly whispering to yourself under your breath?  Did you know that you can create new, more functional whispers, voices, patterns - stories?  About what you truly want.  Yes, you can - no BS.  Unlike the promises of 20 extra yards in 20 hours, lower scores in the time it took Desmond Howard to run that punt back above, and how making swing after monotonous and consequence-less swing off a a piece of phony turf will help you  when the heat is really on - like when you're playing Pinehurst #2 for our National Championship (they won't, sorry...), you have the power to rewrite your stories. 

  But how, pray tell? 

Click on the image of the inimitable Payne Stewart just above (another classic Enberg call) - wonder if he cared what others thought of his beyond en vogue outfits, and showing some vulnerable & heartfelt emotion on that memorable Father's Day - then come back this-a-way and I'll give you a hint...

  And damn - how come no one swings like that anymore?  Everybody too busy with positions, ground force vectors and kinematic sequences?  Or which shyster is posting the most student swing video clips per day?  Ah, the race to the bottom continues in 2018.  Put Payne's golf swing in your proverbial pipes, all my swing instructor brethren - an authentic model of efficiency - and smoke it from the days of Old Tom Morris to eternity...

Confident and Humble

Well - that's a start, brothers and sisters: could you wake up in your comfy bed (your fellow human beings living around Lake Chad currently are not waking up in such cushy circumstances) each and every morning for the next say, 21 days, and commit to going thru your day confident, yet humble?  A sensitive and caring man or woman?  And, on a piece of paper, with that lilliputian pencil from your fav golf course, write down - ain't it cool to be literate? - a few simple things that you want to feel (yep, that emotion thing again) in your life. 

Too simple?  I disagree; like with golf swing, it doesn't have to be rocket-science sounding to be effective.  Don't have time?  Double disagree; you have time to brush your teeth and check (and pander?) your UN-Social Media daily - don't you have time to build a happier 'you?'  Click just below for some more ideas and guidance.

Another vintage Enberg piece above in the eyes of the "Humble Hero," the late great Tony Gwynn.   Do yourself a favor on this 26th day of January and click away.  Might want to grab a few tissues, 'cause this 1:19 offering may well activate your tear ducts - emotion, yes! - and put a spin on your life, your outlook, your intention.  Oh My...

Your Got Game?

Good for YOU - but who else?  So did Tony Gwynn on the baseball field (8-time NL Batting Champ, thank you), but as Mr. Enberg so eloquently shared:

"Yes, the man could really, really play this game of baseball - but what we'll miss most is that infectious giggle, the genuine handshake, and the fact that his love never waned for all that is San Diego."

BRUTALLY tough question of the day (the best kind, for they make you take a pause out of your oh-so busy life, and ponder if - like "Mr. Padre" - you could shed some light on your neighbors and on the planet) - and one that could put me out of biz, definitively:

* In improving your golf, who does it benefit, besides YOU?

I'll welcome your answers, my friends.


It's what too many teachers of the game have become... Intruders on you, and your game.  Trying to impress, trying to be noticed, trying to make some cash.  I understand. 

They just seem to have forgotten one, minute yet monumental detail (Harvey, above, didn't):

You are the hero, not them.  That light needs to shine on you, not them.

Keith Jackson got it - and so did you when you listened to him.  Said longtime broadcast partner Bob Griese:

"That big smiling face, and just the thrill and the love he had for doing college football.
  He did it for a long, long time... He never intruded on the game. It was always about the kids on the field. Never, never shining the light on himself. And that was one of the things that I most admired about him."

CS Escape in So Cal

They'll be plenty of sunlight shining at Pauma Valley Country Club, February 22-25, 2018.  Some golf, some guidance, some pre and post round yoga gatherings (with teacher Ali Matt, below).  Oh, and some well-deserved chill time amongst all. 

A couple spots still open - and we've added some options for those of you who may not be able to come for the entire stay.  1 day, 2 days, yoga only... click just above, or contact me, for specifics.

And, I'm still at Pumpkin Ridge for another month or so, before I make my transition to Eugene Country Club.  Need a look?  Can do - and we'll keep the spotlight on you.

"Great artists make the roads; good teachers and good companions can point them out.  But there ain't no free rides, baby."


Ursula Le Guin

          ~ CS ~
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