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"A simple blemish on the furniture..."

All depends on your viewpoint of things - does it not - on the links, and in today's ever-so challenging times... 

Bad swings.  Bad breaks.  Bad luck.  But is it so 'bad,' or open to interpretation? 

BREAKING NEWS from CS Central HQ: All you ever need to know about improving your golf (and yourself as a fellow resident of Planet Earth) and negotiate the daunting days ahead, is to watch this never-gets-old clip from the incomparable Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau.

Its takeaways, and our main themes today, fellow bumblers, oft-pretending to know what we are doing, friends:

A. Acknowledge

B. Adapt

C.  Adjust

Click up top, then c'mon back.

"Yes, it's all coming back now"

A. Clouseau has swung into at-home fitness - have you? Or are you lamenting not being able to go to the gym, some class, or whatever group gathering you've done in the past?  Well - it ain't the past boys & girls - so get creative (COVID-19 has not affected your imagination, has it?), and moving.  Virtual guidance.  Using your own body weight + the floors and walls of your safe home (check out this offering from my man Dave Philips at TPI).   A stroll in nature, the ultimate healer (it's part of what golf parks offer - will you please acknowledge at your next opportunity..).

B.  Clouseau recovers quickly from his tumble; do you after a bad swing, hole, or stretch?  Or do you carry the 'badness' with you, like a nasty virus?  Failure, setback and 'falling' happen to you all the time, on the links, and everywhere else.  How do you respond?  Alas, what current times are requiring from the humans are patience, discipline and grit. - the same pieces necessary to thrive as a golfer.

C.  "It's all coming back."  Amen, Inspector.  You?  Fond-ish memories of days gone by?  I understand.  And when you make a golf swing, whatever you have learned/done the most, will come back.  The motor program you have created will 'fire,' or be activated.  Not necessarily what you want to do, what you are trying to do, or plan to do.  Rather, what you have learned through repetition - good, bad or ugly.

Shout out to friend, mentor, occasional golf partner - you oughta see Robert on any Hole #17 - and distinguished authority on the psychology of golf learning and performance (and so much more..), Dr. Bob Christina, for this ever-so important factual tidbit:

"Learning is indifferent to correctness"

Capice golfing brethren? Translation: you will learn whatever you practice the most - so be careful, cognizant and conscientious - about all of your practice.  

"Why didn't you say that to me in the first place?"

A.  The lost of art of listening - to your students, fellow golf guides reading this - as opposed to being incessantly distracted by data flashing across a blue-lit screen, and trying so desperately to sound smart, and put on a good costume. 

Listen to what they are saying.  Listen to what they tell you they are feeling.  Listen to what they so yearn to share.  Clouseau undoubtedly distraught by the heavy metal object, shaft and ball presently stuck on his hand; what are you distracted by before playing a shot, or when attempting to complete meaningful tasks?  Perhaps you too need a good rap in the noggin' with a heavy article.

Factoid: us humans, we have a large prefrontal cortex (unlike our close relatives, the chimps and bonobos) that allows us to choose - ain't choice cool? - what we want to pay attention to.  Use it!

B. "Now we are getting somewhere."  Are you, with your overall golf game, and swing?  If not, why not?  Fraudulent instruction?  Non-compliancy, poor work ethic, and preposterous expectations on your part?  Lack of a truly vital ingredient - feedback?

'Tis why I've created my Remote Coaching Programs... Click on a fly-distracted Inspector above for details, space is limited. 

C.  "Everyone one in this rrrrroooooooooooommmm is under the suspicions."  Undecipherable verbiage (for most).  Far too much of that in the golf instruction world... Pseudo and 'bro' science, physics and geometry.  Professor Fassbender. Mr. Stutterstutt.  Mr. Stutterstaff.  Mr. Stuffsucker.  Mr. Stiffsticker.  Mrs. Leverlilly.  Mrs. Lovelever

Wouldn't you rather have language that you can relate to, and comprehend?  Simple, straightforward and transparent communication geared towards your learning preferences; it's not that hard, folks -  it is not some murder mystery...

"You ruined that piano"

A. Mrs. L:"But that's a priceless Steinway!" Inspector C. "Not anymore."  Indeed.  And your golf game circa early April 2020 is no longer residing in Previousland.  You 'used to' hit your 7-iron 'X' far?  Not anymore.  You 'used to' be able to hit this shot or another?  Not anymore?  For much of the world, you 'used to' be able to just play golf.  Not anymore. 

You wanna whimper, whine and wail?  Go ahead, but you have neighbors currently in dire need - life or death situations - and they are not interested in your golfy dilemmas.  I trust your level of gratitude, thankfulness and sheer appreciation shall accompany any future golf outings.

Stop the self-ruination and rumination about past accomplishments or actions.  Acknowledge where you are at here and now.  Adapt to the present conditions.  Adjust your mindset to one of growth, acceptance and opportunity. 

B.  "What is the price of..."  I'll let you finish this sentence considering the darkish clouds looming over us all right now.  The price of human life over the global economy.  Deep s**t there, eh?  And the aftermath of all...

In a round of golf, you must always seriously consider the 'price' of the choices & decisions you make prior to swinging the stick in hand.  Which club, and why?  Hint: pull the one your gut urges you towards, and favor the middle of fairways and greens.  Even the best in the world are playing with "grandpa's shotgun" in hand - not a sniper rifle...Where does that leave you? And what price might you pay for an overambitious selection? Certain bogey, or worse, in exchange for a rare gained stroke (akin to Clouseau actually striking that fly with the knight's mace).

C.   "What do we know?"  Another brilliant question by our fav Inspector... In golf, we know that the flight of the golf ball is dictated 100% by the collision known as impact.  Simple physics; always has been, always will be.  Not some 'loudest voice on the Interwebs' opinion, nor preference.

We know that there are inputs causing the movements of the body & club, which are not always apparent in 2D video, nor on much of our plug-and-play tech (best seek out an expert in the field, like longtime pal and colleague, Jon Tattersall).  Don't you want to know what's actually causing those motions?

We know that different people participate in the game called golf for different reasons.  Not all wish to improve at all cost, hit it further (although admittedly, most do here..), or even shoot lower scores.  There exist social, therapeutic and exercise reasons.  The point - so you don't get shot in the ass in your endeavors in linksland: know why you play, what brings you joy, motivation and/or pleasure, and make sure there are no blemishes on those intentions.

My remote coaching programs are now available:

  Swing technique video review via CoachNow,  + stat monitoring with Anova.Golf.  Either or...
Regular connection, feedback, and live conversation. 

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The development of an optimal practice regime for you, your needs, and your schedule.  Ideas and referrals in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  Science and experienced-based help and direction in achieving higher mental acuity on the course.  A competent, comprehensive and on-going loop for learning, regardless of where you are on the planet.

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"Never give a sword to a man that can't dance"

-- Confucius


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