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The Morning After

After an unexpected, delightfully eventful, and icy & dicey Christmas Eve in Portlandia, that is.  What about you... Santa leave you something unforeseen?  Unanticipated?  Extraordinary, perhaps?  And - isn't that what happens more often than not during a round of golf (or in that other game, called "life")? Something seemingly treacherous or unfair - like the cocktail of ice pellets, freezing rain an snow that fell in my hood - becomes the breathtaking wintry flash pictured above (image from the back deck at CS HQ). 

Click on that glistening pic just due North on your screen and give a listen to the classic 1973 offering from Maureen McGovern - then slide on back my way for some insight on how to deal with those inevitable twists and turns of your existence...

The Night Before Christmas

We had it aaallllllll planned out (just like your game plan on the 1st tee, right?): Some fine food, drink & company, accompanied by some festive dialogue, followed by a 'Tis the Season' flick, and concluding with a long winter's nap.  And then in a twinkling - BOOM - the power goes out.  Think: sniping one OB off the first tee, or laying some yuletide sod over that first delicate little pitch, or whiffing a short putt to start your round...

HUMBUG!? Or... Acknowledge.  Accept.  Adjust.  We did: with a twinkle in our eyes we packed up our Christmas dinner & bevies in bags like St. Nick's, skated & slid towards a house still lit (see, power outages, like what happens on the links aren't fair - they don't effect every place the same way...), and - what to our wandering eyes appeared - why other Christmas Evers in the same predicament (or was it a blessing?) as us! 

A potential downer turned into a convivial night before Christmas.  Those less-than-perfect shots, bad breaks and unjust bounces?  Maybe there's just testing your resilience, your creativity, and your resourcefulness?  Hard to learn those things from a plug and play machine that spits out #'s, averages & ideals, void of consequence, isn't it now?

But Reindeer Do Exist, Thankfully

For us all, so that we can appreciate the words of the unflappable Dr. Oliver Sacks, and learn how resilience, creativity, and resourcefulness are indeed very much alive and well in us all.  You just need to let them come out and play...

Story time boys & girls!  Give your spirits, souls and intellects a post-Christmas treat and click on the drawing of Dr. Sacks above to read his remarkable tale (and what a fabulous story-teller the good Dr. is at that!), presented and commented on throughout by Maria Popova, in one of her recent Brain Pickings offerings.  Scroll to just below the sketch to begin the adventure...

CS Escape in So Cal

A few more days to jump on the early birdie rate for our getaway to wondrous Pauma Valley Country Club, February 22-25, 2018.  Yoga guide Ali Matt will be joining, offering pre and post round classes.  Click above for specifics on this chance to escape, and below, for a bit more on Ali. 
Secure you spot now; space is limited.

Guidance for your Golf

In need of some direction for you, or someone close to you, on and around the links?  I'm here for you - as are these lesson specials thru the end of 2017...

1 hour: $140

3 hours: $395

6 hours + 90 minute golf-specific physical eval with Kent Morimatsu at Rokke Performance Therapy: $975

I'll be venturing to Eugene Country Club around March 1 of the new year, but will be available at Pumpkin Ridge until then, and visiting several times in the Summer of 2018.  And, existing students will always be welcome at my new home at ECC.

 -- Words by Ruth Krauss, illustration by Maurice Sendak


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