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#80: Perfect Imperfections

Tough to put into words what happened this past weekend, huh?  Even me and my mighty keyboard won't attempt - just a few takeaways (lessons in golf, and life) for us all to ponder as Autumn 2018, and Tiger Woods in the PGA Tour's winner's circle, are quite suddenly, upon us...

Dislike.  Disdain.  Disgust.

Sentiments many have about Eldrick Woods, regardless of anything.  I understand - do you?  Do you understand what it's like to hit rock bottom in your life, in every conceivable aspect?  Have you experienced this?  Tasted it?  Lived it?  And you think making a double-bogey, missing a shorty, or losing some match is deflating? 

Do you understand that a round of golf, and a round of living, are both full of peaks and valleys?  Pits and pinnacles.  Highs and lows.  Major championships and major embarrassments.  Did you think that all your hard work will guarantee success, happiness, and the like?  Think again, boys & girls: the cosmos are throwing nasty curve-ball after nasty curve-ball our way, each and every moment.  And for those of you raising boys and girls - make sure they understand those concepts and realities.  It'll make their surreal walks through the delirious crowds on the planet much more tolerable, acceptable, perhaps even more delightful. 

A short and 'Legendary' splash of delight for your ears, heart and soul, should you choose to click above on the mob scene that was the 18th hole at East Lake in Atlanta last Sunday afternoon.  You'll hear more about perfect imperfections.  Curves and edges.  Putting your cards on the table.  Care for Mr. Woods or not, I do believe he's given it his all; have you? Are you? Will you? 


Yep, much of TW's emotional, physical and spiritual 'pain' has been self-inflicted.  But you are immune to such things, right Mr., Mrs. & Ms. Perfect?  You've never made a bad life, or golf decision, huh? Uh...

Remember trying to hit that one in a 1000 shot that lead to a big # on the scorecard? Horrifically under-clubbing, over-estimating and/or missing it in a place of no recovery (Woods was brilliant in his strategy and miss-hits this past week, BTW)?   And you've never leveraged or used anyone for your own personal, greedy and selfish benefit, have you now?  For that job you really wanted.  For some free golf.  For some love, attention or affection.  Not once, eh?  What about wasting your precious life and golf energy on things out of your control? Oh noooooooooooooo.  Not you...

Let us not be remiss of the fact - sorry, no FAKE NEWS here - that Tiger's upbringing was, how shall I put it - rather unique.  Click above to educate your own less-than-perfect self, then go ahead and put your Supreme Court Judge hat back on.

Calamities & Ironies

That black and white scene up top is none other than East Lake legend Bobby Jones being hoisted by yet another crowd - the spectators at St. Andrews in 1930 - after he completed the Grand Slam.  And look what's in his hand: why his trusty Calamity Jane putter, of course, a modern-day replica of which Mr. Woods was gifted after his victory on Sunday. 

Some things - quite thankfully - never change, do they now?  Like the sheer physics of why a golf ball flies the way it does.  All of our (supposedly) fancy measuring devices spitting out their data, #'s, graphs, forces, pressures, vectors, sequences and so much more - yet the resulting (ball flight) collision between clubhead/face and ball is still dictated by the laws of physics.  The two artists above know that...

Ahh.... but look on the links does change, doesn't it now, fashionistas?  Click on our smiling 2018 Tour Championship victor just north of this text for some offerings from my peeps at Nike Golf.

You?  Trying to create some 'better' physics between your sticks and your nugget?  In a fashion that best serves & fits you?  I can help.

  At Eugene Country Club - or a golf park near you.

"Imperfection clings to a person, and if they wait till they are brushed off entirely, they would spin for ever on their axis, advancing nowhere"

-- Thomas Carlyle


          ~ CS ~
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