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Liar Liar Pants On Fire!!!

Or is he?  Who really knows anymore, who's lying, and who's telling the truth... a mass and mess of confusion, isn't it?  Not dissimilar from all the trendy hypotheses, concepts and methods being flung around in the 'courtrooms' (literally everywhere on the Interwebs, and void of legitimate gatekeepers) of golf swing instruction.  Who and what to believe, at the end of the day.  And, per Hannah Arendt, below - its meaning, relevance & usefulness.

"The need of reason is not inspired by the quest for the truth but by the quest for meaning.  And truth and meaning are not the same."

Perhaps it's time for a Genesis in this domain.  Shared information based in science and research.  Helpful information that can be easily digested & integrated.  Pertinent information that leads to knowledge, and that knowledge leading to wisdom (thank you, T. S. Eliot).  Otherwise, boys & girls, we are all going to be walking in a veritable Land of Confusion... Click on M. Cohen's mug above for a watch and listen...

Ball Don't Lie

Alas, thank goodness for balls (basket, golf, and other), and the one and only Rasheed Wallace.  You remember 'Sheed,' right?  Back in the news this past week after being named the new head coach at Charles E. Jordan High School in Durham, NC.

But more importantly in the context of you improving yourself as a golfer and human being, as the poet of the phrase "ball don't lie" after a missed technical foul (Sheed was assessed 317 "T's" in his career, and still holds the single season record of 41...) shot by an opponent.  It implied that the ball had its own moral compass of sorts (ever wonder that about your golf ball?), and tipped the scales of on-court justice - as opposed to the referees, or other players. 

Click on Mr. Wallace above, pleading his case with an official as a member of the Pistons, for a reminder of his poetry.

Bastions of Honesty, Fairness & Etiquette

Is that not just one of the many things we so relish about the game we all play? "Ball Don't Lie," in the golf park (my home court of Eugene Country Club, pictured above - time for a Spring forward-time visit, isn't it?) or on the hardwoods, is a street-righteous version of "Cheaters never prosper."  Amen.

Your claims about how far you hit the golf ball, with each and every club?  Really?  You talking about your best ever, in 80* calm conditions, on an airport runway - or what's slapping you in the face (wind, rain, cool temps, etc.) right now?   What about your score, handicap or index?  What you shoot when you're playing with your pals with no consequence and a few gimmes thrown in?  Or when it's the 'real deal' (the Congress of Golf?)?  You know, when it matters, when you're anxious, when you care. 

'Cause ball don't lie, and you're always under oath when it's at your feet, staring at you.

All the hard (smart, I hope - see Train2Trust) work you've done with your body, your swing, your mind. Really? Things you've been thinking about doing, or actually doing?  Look at yourself in the mirror - no, not at those wrinkles, hair-line or yellowing teeth - but at yourself, as if you were testifying to yourself.  'Cause ball don't lie.

What about that other rather important game: life.  Leveraging, nickle & diming, flat out using people for your own personal benefit?  I get it, seems to be as trendy in 2019 as "rotate your pelvis and flatten the club in transition" in golf swing realm.  Pity, 'cause the ball of life don't lie either, brothers and sisters, and the untraceable & unpredictable ripening of karma is omnipresent. 

So, how to proceed, on the links, and daily sidewalks - and keep those pants from catching on fire? Consider:

- Try on a pair of trousers comprised of kindness, compassion and gratitude.  Do some long-overdo Spring cleaning and ditch those soiled with greed, narcissism & lack of accountability.

- Upgrade your overall golf wardrobe & equipment - or a loved ones (what a concept: generosity) with some help from my peeps at Callaway Golf, and Nike Golf (click on the coolio three-stripe offerings above at left, and on the 17th green at ECC a bit farther north on your screen). 

- Come for a visit soon for some guidance and direction for body & mind, to help avoid the federal golf prisons looming everywhere, full of questionable information and confusion.  See below for details...

Coaching & Guidance


One-day golf schools, Train2Trust practice gatherings (schedules coming soon...), and individual lessons; I'm here to help. 

At Eugene Country Club, or a golf park near you.


"Be as foolish and as silly and whatever as you want, but you tell the truth in some way… Kids know instantly when you’re not, and how awful to not tell the truth — what’s the point, really?”

- - Maurice Sendak

          ~ CS ~
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