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 Empty Noise - or Shapes, Pictures and Feel?

You choose, actually.  As you do with so many things in your life, and on the links:

- Who (The Victim, The Superstar, The Compassionate, to name but a few) gets to come out and play each and every shot on the golf course, and on the sidewalks of your daily doings.

- Where to aim and what club to hit (and why), from tee to green.  Think you've got it all figured out?  Think again... then check out DECADE GOLF, Scott Fawcett's course management system based in statistical findings, not his (or someone else's) opinion.

- What to pay attention to - blue-lit screens designed for trolling, marketing, and clicking - or Mother Nature's offerings that are whacking you on the upside of the head when you're out strolling in the golf park. 

On the heels of my previous post, and with #postwithapurpose - ordon'tpostatall going viral (aren't viruses cool?) on the Interwebs, I bring you some choices, boys & girls - for the state of your very own union.  And sanity.  And peace of mind.  And better performance on the golf course.

Empty Noise

You know what I mean... Posting and plastering for the sake of blatantly promoting & pandering. Never mind that you might have something important, meaningful or worthwhile to say, show or share; it's just so irresistible to think there are so many ears, eyes and short-attention-spanned brains at the touch of a thumb, is it not? 

Alas, what happens when enough is finally enough?  More becomes less?  The noise becomes deafening?

Brother Belushi knew: you cancel the noise to access a state of inner bliss... Click above for a classic scene from the Saturday Night Live crew.  You think the Loud family is obnoxious?  Quiet as mice compared to what's being flung your way from the self-anointed golf geniuses out there. 

Where to turn in the middle of the cacophony?  Why, to a guide who has deciphered all the information, data and findings - and paired the pieces down into simple ideas, feelings and cues with which you can actually swing a club, and play the game. 

No Words For

“I found that I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn’t say in any other way -  things that I had no words for,” artist Georgia O'Keeffe once stated.  That's her magnificent Lake George Reflection painting above. 

Sometimes there are no words for the feel of the motion that creates the desired ball flight.  Indescribable - except inside you.  No - there's nothing 'wrong' with you fellow golfers - you see, learning is all about creating an internal model.  Teaching, when done inappropriately or ineffectively, presents an external model.  When the external model doesn't mesh with your internal model, learning fails.  And isn't that a pity if you are spending precious time, energy and $ on trying to improve?

Colours and shapes: do you get so wrapped up with your swing thoughts, vectors and check-lists at that you forget to look up, and look around?  Creatures that keep their heads down in the wild normally get shot, or eaten... :).  So chin up, stand and walk tall - and take a look around, people. 

The golf course is a vast park.  From the 1st tee to the 18th green, you are on a journey.  Got it all planned out?  Think you know how the round is gonna go ?  Good.  Now, fasten your seat-belt and get ready for an adventure.  The unknown.  The unexpected.  The unfair, and at times the unfathomable.

The real question begs: how ya gonna deal with the unforeseen twists and turns, on the links, and on the paths of life?  Click on O'Keeffe's Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico, just above, and let some moving pictures of a young man in an orange top be an example to us all...

FEEL, amigos - things that you have no words for.  Senses, emotions, experiences.

Don't be mistaken: we are, after all, biologically speaking, feeling creatures that think - not thinking creatures that feel. And nothing has been learned until it has been experienced. 

Is your golf guide helping you 'capture' feels that help your golf ball to better behave - or auditioning for Jeopardy with knowledge-drops and fancy (yet incomprehensible - perhaps even to him or her) verbiage, and alas, more empty noise?  Nurturing you in the experiences ('failure' is an intricate part) involved in learning?  Allowing and encouraging your emotions to flourish, and lending a helping hand (as opposed to condemning, and extinguishing) at the appropriate times?  

I sincerely hope so.  Understand that staying as placid as the body of water in Madame O'Keeffe's Lake George, above, is not only unrealistic - it's far too often detrimental to scribing lower digits on your scorecard.  Sometimes you need a good, LOUD, swift kick in the arse to fire things up, to get your energy moving and flowing. 

Simply put: you need a blast of Winter!  Who other than Antonio Vivaldi to help you snap out of complacency that is not serving you, on or off the golf course.  Click below, place some headphones on or in your hearing organs, close your eyes - and relish...

Coaching & Guidance


Perhaps it's time to relish your very own ability to choose, see and feel.  Not empty noise coming from the talking head crowd seeking attention & affection, but rather learning to pay attention to the guru in you. 

I'm here to help, at Eugene Country Club, or in a golf park near you.



"We choose our sorrows and joys long before we experience them"

― Khalil Gibran




          ~ CS ~
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