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Run With Me

So many in fact were 'with me' during my jaunt around Broadmoor Golf Course on Friday, October 16, to support Oregon fire relief (details on just where the contributions went, coming soon to a CS missive near you..).

Those in dire need after losing so much. 

Those of you who contributed so generously to the effort - and predicted my final total with a chance to take home a Nike Golf polo of your choice (keep reading). 

Those of you who have supported me over the years in my coaching, faster golf, and life. 

Thank you. 

Now run with this: click on the image of me hustling-to-the-next-shot for a short & strange (like your drives, perhaps?) pre-Halloween blast from The Doors, then swing back this way for some concrete ideas on how to break on through to the other side of improved golf, via smarter practice, specifically. 

"Nothing left to do, but
Run, run, run"

I understand - and can help.  Stop running to SM or the Intrawebs for answers from individuals who have never seen you play the game, swing a club, nor physically assessed you.

Click just below for my remote and in-person coaching options. 


You Practice Too Much

Whaaa...???  Exactly.  You thought more was better, right?  Think again.  You thought practice made perfect?  Keep thinking.  You thought 'grooving' a swing or club on the range was going to transfer to the golf course?  Time you re-thought that fairy tale as well.

Click on the perfect pyramid above to read my entire piece from SportsEd TV.  You shall learn some tricks for your precious practice minutes that can turn into treats on the golf course.  

77 in 68.5 Minutes

A Speedgolf score of 145.5 was my total at Broadmoor - and what a tasty finish it was holing out with a bellied 53* wedge from just off the green for for birdie on 18 (above).  

A higher score and slower time than many predicted (predictions and projections are so fickle - like this game we play and love).

Some expected a lower total, I realize.  Expectations for your golf (and life) can be real downers, creating disappointment, frustration and dismay.  Best to replace with goals, beliefs and intentions.  

Alas, although I'm no longer at the height of my Speedgolf powers (but I am motivated to get better, not to worry), I'm moving upwards in the realm of human being, I believe.  

"The mansion is warm, at the top of the hill
Rich are the rooms and the comforts there"

And like with those showing kindness, generosity and empathy, some qualities are far more valuable than others at the end of the day...

Looking for some guidance towards better golf?  I'm here to help.

Remote and in-person coaching options at Eugene Country Club and Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club (periodically, in season).  The development of an optimal practice program for you, your needs, and your schedule.  Ideas and referrals in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  Science and evidenced-based help in achieving higher mental acuity on the course.  A competent, comprehensive and on-going loop for learning, regardless of where you are on the planet.

Contact me for a consultation; click on my logo below for further specifics.



"If someone says, 'Hey, I ran 100 miles this week. How far did you run?' ignore him! What the hell difference does it make?.... The magic is in the man, not the 100 miles."

      -- Bill Bowerman


          ~ CS ~
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