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"Just What I Needed"

The Cars debut single from the 1978 album.  Remember it?  Or were you just a twinkle in mom and dad's peepers at that point in time? Regardless - click above, turn volume to 'high,' and take a listen.  Then head back my way for some insight on how this tune and its offerings can help you 'steer' your way thru the traffic & confusion of the game of golf...
"I don't mind you comin' here
And wastin' all my time"
'Cause you've got time to waste, don't you?  On trendy swing concepts that don't fit you, your body, or your style.  On training aids that guide (oops, not ideal for learning...) you on some supposed street to success, while promising the building of 'muscle memory' (DOUBLE oops - your muscles don't have memory - your brain and central nervous system do).  On archaic practice methods that were developed...uhh... before the automobile. 
Well, CS does mind, which is why I created my signature Train2Trust programs.  Time spent effectively and efficiently.  Practice geared towards learning that lasts beyond your precious minutes on the driving range (why try and learn to play a game in the first place, away from the playing field?), and transfers to the golf park? Fun (play is serious learning, boys and girls) and fruitful. 
Damn - what a concept, eh?  I think Henry Ford would be proud.  Click on the logo above for specifics, and upcoming sessions.
"You always knew to wear it well and
You look so fancy I can tell"

Shout out to Ian Poulter for the badass Union Jack print on those trousers - but haven't we all had enough already of the sweet-taking (why use simple terms when you can use seemingly sophisticated ones?), fancily-clad 'teachers,' who wear it and spew it, oh-so well?  Convincing, they can be - yet we must always consider the source: The background.  The pedigree.  The evidence-based (legit) science.  The wisdom based in experience. 

Like the fellow below... Go ahead, people - do your homework on Claude Harmon, Sr. (or you can click on the SI cover for convenience): No BS when it came to teaching, and playing, the game.  Amen.



And no 'purported' R & D when it comes to the training and learning tool above - the VIMA Revs.  Decades of data and successful case studies - ask the fellow who made 9 three-pointers last night to break an NBA Finals record - about them...
You may not need to enhance your reflexes or heighten your anticipation of things in the golf park like Steph does on the hard-court, but you do need to sharpen your focus, enhance your feel and awaken the inner genius within you. 
Enter: Stroboscopic (visual occlusion) training for better performance. 
Click above for the details; contact me for a pair at a preferred price.

Here to help.  Might be just what you neededAt my home base of Eugene Country Club, or nearer you, if you prefer.

"Be uncool.  
What's cool is the choice of the present.
What's classic is the choice for the ages."




          ~ CS ~
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