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Look Of Love

'Lil post Valentine's Day love coming your way from CS HQ :).  You get that 'look' from a loved one on the day of hearts & chocolate (more on those two shortly..)?  And: do you get that look from the person charged with assisting you in the ball & stick endeavor?  I wonder...

You know, a look of sincerity.  Of authenticness.  Of true care.  Or, do you nary get a look in the eye (beware of this slight - on the lesson tee & daily sidewalks)?  You merit a look of genuine concern - an open-minded, wholehearted listen - for what's troubling you in your game (as opposed to a look geared towards impressing the SM cameras with cool looks, and fancy talk..).  The look of a competent & selfless guide (that's the role of a golf instructor) - as opposed to posing like a hero for the vulnerable masses (YOU are the hero in this golf story & relationship, people). 

Is that really asking too much?  I don't think so.  Hence, beginning March 1, 2020, I will be taking on (out of the love for the game, and a legit desire & willingness to help) a handful of 'virtual' students.  Digital coaching: regular swing video and stat review + $-love savings for in-person sessions, for a monthly fee.  Stay tuned to this channel for details...

In the interim, click above (don't miss this vid) for a lovely blast from our '80's boys of ABC - then saunter on back this way for some ideas & insight (chocolate recommendations, yes) via this tune's lyrics, geared towards improving your endeavors on the links.

"When your world is full of strange arrangements
And gravity won't pull you through"

Amen.  Thanks to the New Yorker and its artists for today's shared covers.  Apparently, some things never change - like indoor practice.  Alas, the bull's eye on the tarp has been replaced by fancy shmancy simulators and often an overrated (AND grossly overpriced) Doppler radar units 'predicting' the flight of the ball based on a few feet of air time - then projecting club data.  And instructors and their pupils taking those #'s as lore; talk about a strange arrangement...

Think you are 'building skills' hitting a ball (or a few hundred) with the same club, off a perfect lie, with no consequence.  Good news - you are!  You are building the skill of hitting a ball with the same club, off a perfect lie, with no consequence.  One minor issue with this sort of training: tell me, please, someone - anyone - when does this happen in an actual meaningful round of golf? Uh... never?  Be careful and beware of excessive rote/block/bulk training (unless it's a brand new skill).  You may very well see little to no transfer onto the course; but my bad: perhaps you have time to waste.

Oh, and that gravity thing?  Do you really believe that in just 'dropping' your arms and pivoting your body (especially the pelvis/hips) that the stick in your hand is going to gather speed, and line up?  Physics 101, boys & girls: the golf club is traveling at high speeds largely away from the mass that is swinging it (you, and your body).  You best pull in the proper directions (reason #4,690 you need proper info & guidance) to optimize its behavior, and that of your golf ball...

"If you judge a book by the cover
Then you judge the look by the lover
I hope you'll soon recover
Me, I go from one extreme to another"

Ah... books, and their covers.  Humans, and their masks, costumes, and disguises.  But - what's underneath?  Money-making marketing machines and ego-stroking campaigns? I understand; however, it may very well not be addressing your needs.  Bottom line: is it helping?  If so, keep it up - ride that proverbial pony as long as you can.  If not, I hope you too will soon recover..

What can often address your golf swing needs are extremes & exaggerations.  Overdone sensations & feels.  Overcooked opposite positions and directions.  Yet those are uncomfortable, foreign, and 'out of control.'  Great!  How to truly know what's happening in the motion? Two syllables: feed-back.  From the flight of the ball.  From a competent eye.  From the camera dwelling within your dumb phone. 

On the topic of perfect illusions (what you think, feel and believe you are doing in your golf swing) and feeding, I shall only share that the chocolate created by Lille Belle Farms, just south of my hood, is simply the best in the world... There may be some of equal scrumptiousness - yet none better.  Soothe your soul, or that of a loved one - 'tis never too late to show your look of love.


Virtual coaching available March 1 for a select few.  Golf swing video and stat review.  Development of an ideal practice regime for you.  Guidance and referral in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  A consistent, competent and on-going feedback loop. 

How's that for some love for your golf game post St. V's Day?

“I have decided to stick to love...Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

-- Martin Luther King, Jr.



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