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"Down Goes...!!!"

Alas, there's only one human and instance where those particular words may be uttered with any true resonance, meaning and/or significance - for the betterment of your golf game and strolls upon life's daily sidewalks - but of course.  More on that further south on your screen.

In the meantime, last week...

"Down Goes TheFacebook!"

The question necessarily then begs: what in the whole wide world did you do with those precious life moments normally dedicated (are you that dedicated to improving your golf?) to FB?  So many wondrous options, and so very little time upon the planet..

What do you do - how do you respond might I ask - when the tides shift in a round of golf? You know: An errant shot.  A bad bounce.  An unexpected change of plans, direction or decision during the chaotic adventure known as a round of golf. 

Read on amigos for some insight into the not so thumbs up truths of SM (and golf/golf swing), how you can learn to better acknowledge, accept and adjust to vthe vicious on-course curveballs, and the only true narrator of "Down Goes..."

Just as my man Carl Spackler created the harmless squirrel and the friendly rabbit to "do his dirty work for him," in Caddyshack, I've taken the liberty here to pass the plastic explosive baton to a few others to expose the filth of this, and other, SM platforms.


The Great Novel of the Internet Was Published in 1925

"Almost 100 years ago, Mrs. Dalloway anticipated the anxiety of seeing—and being seen"

The paragraph to follow is taken from a recent article in The Atlantic; click on the book image above to peruse the entirety of the piece.

"In September, The Wall Street Journal published a report, based on leaked documents, describing Facebook’s awareness of the harmful effects one of its platforms was having on young people. “Thirty-two percent of teen girls said that when they felt bad about their bodies, Instagram made them feel worse,” the company’s internal research revealed. “Comparisons on Instagram can change how young women view and describe themselves.” Here, though, is another finding: Many of the same young people who spoke of Instagram’s degradations kept returning to the service anyway. It’s where their friends are. It’s where they’re expected to be seen. Instagram, in that way, is both a choice and not a choice at all—a trap saturated in the language of easy freedoms: Postcommentlike."

Harmful effects? Expectations?  Traps?  Sounds like what many of us experience with golf instruction. 

Gratuitous, one-size fits all models. Comparisons to freak-show Tour players, and those who play the game for a living. (Dark) Rabbit holes of bad information, echoing random, void-of-street-cred 'guru's' preferences, biases and opinions.

Would you not prefer a plan for you, and your specific needs?  You are, after all, a case study of one..

I'm here for you (click below for some CS guidance options).

"Down Goes Instagram!"

How did you manage? More 'free time' on your hands.  Unable to troll - did you consider a stroll? An out-of-doors walkabout to appreciate the fresh air and fall colors (much of what we receive in a golf park)?  Unable to post - might've you simply sat quietly, void of electronic distraction, and rested body, mind & soul for nary a few short minutes?   

Or perhaps you were stuck on how you're supposed to become superfamous when you're audience is no more?  You see, on the Intrawebs - we are all famous - aren't we now? But what happens when the experience of celebrity becomes universal?  

I'd prefer the rolling of your rock like Inbee Park, became more universal..

How so?  Some rad 'trade secret' or the like?  Uh... hardly.

Some head and stroke game takeaways from Park: 

“I feel a lot more relaxed doing 10- to 15-footers where I don’t have to make the putt, right? It’s usually less than half of the percentage that I’m going to miss.  So but like three to five, seven feet, you know, I think I’m putting too much pressure on myself, so maybe that’s why the percentages are lower."

"Letting go of the expectation of a positive result and focusing on the process is also helpful."

“On the greens there are so many variables that you have to take into account. It’s just hard to think about everything,"

“There are so many things happening on the way to the hole. I’m just trying to put the right speed, the right line, and that’s pretty much all I can do. Sometimes you hit a bump. Sometimes your speed is little off. Sometimes your line is little off. But I seem to care less a little bit about it and just see what happens.”

InstaSmack and the "Superfamous"

Some fab fodder from Seth Godin:

"Among painters, poets, writers, actors, bloggers, directors, influencers, capitalists, fundraisers, politicians and singers, you’ll find a few who want to go all the way to superfamous.

They understand that their work won’t reach every single human, it can’t. They’re okay with that. But they’d like to reach just a few more people than anyone else.

Back when the New York Times bestseller list mattered, they worked to be on it. Not just on it, but on top of it.

Back when 100,000 followers were seen as a lot on Twitter, they hustled to be in the top spot. And when it got to a million, then that was the new goal.

Pop albums used to sell millions of copies. Now they sell in the tens of thousands. But one more than just about anyone else is enough (for now).

The desire to be superfamous might come from a good place. The work is important, it deserves to be seen by more people. The work is arduous, and reaching more people with it feels appropriate. The work is measurable, and measuring better is a symptom of good work.

Or the desire might come from the same drive that pushes people to do the work in the first place. Bigger is better, after all.

The problems with superfamous are varied and persistent.

First, it corrupts the work. By ignoring the smallest viable audience and focusing on mass, the creator gives up the focus that can create important work.

Second, the infinity of more can become a gaping hole. Instead of finding solace and a foundation for better work, the bottomless pit of just a little more quickly ceases to be fuel and becomes a burden instead.

Trust is worth more than attention, and the purpose of the work is to create meaningful change, not to be on a list."

"Down Goes WhatsApp!"

Oh no!  Or, OH YES!  Perhaps you used the outage to get other things done - much like using a flopped shot as a learning opportunity (never waste a failure, friends).

Voici a foursome of options from the funny peeps at the New Yorker, followed by a CS tidbit..

NYer: "Did seven hundred push-ups like it was no big deal"

CS: Amen - more strength and mobility will make everything better in your golf game; find a competent movement specialist and get going/moving!

NYer: "Read a few paragraphs of a book before getting bored"

CS: Do you feel blessed to be literate?  How about bored with your practice?  Perhaps you need a blast of structure & guidance in that realm.  I can help - so can by Train2Trust program.

NYer: "Pitched my James Bond script, 'A Little Bit of Time to Die if You Would Just be Vigilant About Organizing Your Calendar'"

CS: How's your pitching, BTW?  And putting & other 'shorts shots?' No need for 700 push-ups to improve in this area, but rather proper the ability to 'read the lie/green,' proper technique + relevant reps. And putting it on your practice calendar along with full-swing ball whacking. Otherwise, these shots will indeed be the death or your score..

NYer: "Spent all day checking over and over again whether Instagram had come back online"

CS: You? Addicted to this wondrous game - love it!  Making the same swings over and over again waiting for a different result? Insanity!  There exist science and experienced based ways to modify you golf motions (hitting golf balls at full speed is not one of them, sorry..); I'd be more than happy to introduce them to you.


"Down Goes Frazier!!!"

But of course - the call from the unmistakable roaring mouth of Howard Cosell.

Click on the coolio watercolor above for a refresher, please.

Then put your Joe Frazier face, hat and boots on next time this game knocks you down (and it will):

- Stand up, shake it off

- Learn from what just put you on your ass

- So what, now what? Persevere (with a plan) and move onwards

Looking for some guidance? I'm available at Eugene Country Club, Puerto Los Cabos + remote coaching wherever you dwell & swing.  Click below for specifics. 

"What kind of feeling comes upon you when you're in touch with nature, or when you're absorbed in work that you love? Or when you're really conversing with someone whose company you enjoy in openness and intimacy without clinging? 

Compare those feelings with the feelings you have when you win an argument, or when you win a race, or when you become popular, or when everyone's applauding you. 

The latter feelings I call worldly feelings; the former feelings I call soul feelings. Lots of people gain the world and lose their soul. Lots of people live empty, soulless lives because they're feeding themselves on popularity, appreciation, and praise, on 'I'm O.K., you're O.K.' look at me, attend to me, support me, value me, on being the boss, on having power, on winning the race. 

Do you feed yourself on that? If you do, you're dead. You've lost your soul. Feed yourself on other, more nourishing material."

     -- Anthony de Mello

          ~ CS ~
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