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Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of...

Well, are you, now that we've rung in the no longer hyper-futuristic year of 2020, friends and fellow wanderers of the links and planet Earth?

Stuck in your (oft-fantasmical..) attitudes, beliefs and swing concepts?

Stuck in your level of commitment (you're not honestly buying the shticks of our on-line shysters, are you?) to modifying, improving and changing flawed, outdated & useless patterns?

Stuck in trap of a toxic personal, work or golf guide relationship that made sense yesteryear, yet is as 'passé' and harmful as SM shall soon be viewed?

I understand, and ask myself these same questions, comrades - within the golf and life zoos of our own making...

Hence, time to click on our foursome just above, take a listen and a moment or three to reflect - then unstick yourself and c'mon back my way for some ideas on how to negotiate and navigate the muddy waters of this new year, and beyond.

"I'm not afraid
Of anything in this world
There's nothing you can throw at me
That I haven't already heard"

CS: Fear.  The ultimate weapon against you, your heart, soul - and golf evolution.  That dicey, downhill three-footer.  The long-ish carry over water with a less-than-perfect lie.  The attachment to outcome, aka that # on your card at the end of the day.

The big, oh-so bad - and clever, no less - wolf.  You gonna get eaten, or become savior/lumberjack?  Guess what, amigos?  You get to choose.

What if... you faced your fear, as our foursome up top is facing you - and got to know it better.  Goes right along with "know thyself.."  Came to understand it - its origins, its causes, its true essence - then embraced it with an effective strategy and game plan.  Simply practicing smarter, understanding cause and effect, is a first step, and where my Train2Trust program has helped so many, at so many different levels.

Is context specific, gamified and consequence-infused training and practice the end all answer to better performance, you may ask?  Of course not; bulk/block/rote reps are indeed needed at times - but like so much on the links and daily sidewalks - only in moderation, please, like when you are learning a brand new, skill, shot or pattern.

"I will not forsake
The colors that you bring" 

Amen, fellow swingers of the stick.  Pictures, and the behavior of the golf ball, do indeed speak volumes, and tell the true story.  The journey of the ever-zen golf ball - how it flies, spins, rolls, and where it ends up, is the ultimate non-fake news, whistleblower, is it not?

Stuck in the method 'du jour?'  Shame on you.  Stuck in some on-line loudmouth's regime?  How dare you.  Stuck in something you've tried time and time again and is still not working?  LOOK OUTInsanity may be awaiting in 2020 ;)

"You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in a moment
And now you can't get out of it"

You buying that 'can't get out if,' part?  I am not.

What if...

- Ho-Sung Choi, he of the fantabulous and efficient "Fisherman's Swing" had gotten scared off by naysayers, wanna-be swing gurus, or the like?

- The teenagers with little to no musical proficiency (our U2 crew) while attending the Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin in the mid '70's, had gotten frightened away into a dreary pub life?

- You did get yourself (body, mind & spirit) together for a more healthy & prosperous new year both in and out of the golfpark?

Is right now not a moment for you to put on that red hood, look the sharp teeth of mediocrity, conformity and overall 'stuckness" directly in the eyes, and do something productive, meaningful and worthwhile with your golf game (and remaining minutes as an earthling)?  

Woodcutter CS here to help guide you in the process...

Some lesson offerings for 2020 and beyond:

* The Sleeve: 3 hours of private coaching/guidance.  $400

* The Fivesome: 5 hours of private coaching/guidance. $625

*  The New Decade: 10 hours of private coaching/guidance
(includes your choice of Nike Golf footwear - click above the little lady's buckled boots for some options..). $1,200

(rates for ECC Members, and Juniors, as well..)



“The best thing about time passing is the privilege of running out of it, of watching the wave of mortality break over me and everyone I know.  No more time, no more potential.  The privilege of ruling things out.  Finishing.  Knowing I'm finished.  And knowing time will go on without me.  Look at me, dancing my little dance for a few moments against the background of eternity.”

-- Sarah Manguso


          ~ CS ~
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