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Do you remember the 5th of November?

Yeah, you know, last Friday. 

Guy Fawkes Day. Bonfire Night. The Gunpowder Plot of 1605.  

Click on any of those 11/5 references above for a history refresher.

Not an aficionado of history, pray tell?  I see - then why do you continue to repeat it with your golf?  Disturbing stat trends.  Crippling tendencies.  Favorite mistakes. 

Hoping they'll just magically disappear in a puff of gunpowder smoke?  Scouring the Intrawebs for badass, cure-all pixie dust? Avoiding to improve? Did you not get the memo (tossed into a bonfire somewhere?) about history repeating itself, unless & until lessons are learned?

Additionally: do you tend to remember only the bad shots, the missed opportunities and the "what ifs" when you play?  I understand.

What about all the positives?  Near perfect execution.  Fantabulous miss-hits.  The lucky/good bounces of the little white ball out there in the golf park.  Brushed aside, emotionless responses (intricately entwined with your memory, fellow golfers..), and placed into the "that's what supposed to happen" basket? 

Alas, a real pity - time you blew up that dysfunctional paradigm - along with all that you may be ingesting from the 'kings, queens & rulers' ('cause they post the most) of Social... 

Apologies, I cannot assist in this case - but there is very soon to be a masked crusader coming to your confusion-riddled golf rescue, via Instasmack: The Golfer's Whisteblower. 

A kindred spirit, you might say.  Details, but of course, to follow...

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Do you recognize our rose-in-hand bloke up top, or just below?  Why it's V from "V for Vendetta," the 2005 flick set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain (one that looks, tastes and smells awfully familiar...)

Do a clicky-click (we are so highly skilled with our wondrous hands & fingers for this task - why not so in swinging a golf club; it is, after all, attached to these miraculous body parts last I checked and where pressure is being applied throughout the motion.  Why so terribly focused on rotation of shoulders & hips, and the like?) for a less than 20-second reminder of V's mission statement if you will.

Then, swing back thissa way to learn how the Golfer's Whistleblower - we shall christen he and she (so as not to piss off anyone off in this day & age, right?) "W" - can help you navigate the plots of those selling the "vegetarian lion diet" for golfers, and help you actually improve your performance on the links...

Inspirational Minds

W has many; 'spirit guides' we might call them.  Individuals - dead or alive, it don't matter, 'cause some things never die - whose messages, actions and sheer lifeforce energizes he/she to bring you the truth.  Because the truth boys & girls, in the golf park and upon life's daily sidewalks, still matters. 

How's you Latin (more damn history from CS? Yes!), BTW?  It'll be better momentarily:

Veritus Lux Mea

W's credo.

"Faith" is the word half-hidden by V's glove in the pic above.  Faith in what and in whom I ask you in regards to legitimate guidance for your golf game? 

Faith in anyone posting anything at anytime with no street cred, no science and/or evidence-based findings, and no experience? But where are the gatekeepers? 

Faith in individuals whose goal, first and foremost, is geared for the growth of their own pocketbook, not - I'm so sorry to inform you, for the betterment your golf game? 

Faith in narcissistic humans who've become so incredibly enamored with, and addicted to (and you thought swing patterns were difficult to modify!?), seeing & hearing themselves, there is no point of return. They've found the edge and successfully gone over. 

Indeed... have you lost faith in the golf 'system' that's seemingly designed to assist you?  Me, you and The Golfer's Whistleblower too.

Click above on the open-armed (how all golf guides must in fact be - and open-minded, I might add) V for the gist of his story; CS additions and insight below (and where you might find W, in the moons soon to rise). 

Good Evening London (and all the Etherworld)

- "There are of course those who don't want us to speak"

CS: Sure, let's just shut up, accept the norm (even if it's not working for you), and stop questioning what's being flung perpetually your way. 

- "The truth is there is something terribly wrong with this country isn't there?"

CS: And the truth is there is something terribly wrong with SM and its effects, isn't there? We know of the addictions, the depression & anxiety, and of the suicidal moods it births - yet we continue to accept, embrace and utilize it; something wrong there, fellow humanoids? 

"Your silent, obedient consent" V adds; how's that working for your golf, your mind, and your soul?

- "If you're looking for the guilty you need only to look into a mirror"

: Amen, V.  Same with your golf game, fellow wanderers of the golf park.  Looking for someone, or something else to blame?  Keep searching.  And what of your claim for desired improvement? Flimsy and full of excuses? Look into your eyes in that mirror please, and acknowledge that anything worthwhile - including advancement in this ball & stick endeavor - takes a long time. Commitment.  Energy (directed wisely). Focus. 

- "Fear got the best of you"

CS: I understand, believe me.  The ruination of more swings and shots than any faulty technique, fo shu. And when did we all become such brilliant fortune-tellers?  You know - so incredibly worried, anxious and fearful about what might happen?  What about the here, and now? 

And BTW: you'd be far less fearful if you sucked less ;). Higher skill levels = lower fear levels.  Period. 

- "If you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me"

CS: Or perhaps, beside W...

"Buy the ticket, take the ride..."

The words of the irrepressible Hunter S. Thompson pictured above prepping for a round of golf (or other..).  That phrase certainly hits the nail on the proverbial head for W re all those who dare present their follies for such an abundance of impressionable eyes and ears to hear and see.

Translation?  If one chooses to post something, let them take responsibility (what a concept in 2021, eh - and what you must do for each and every outcome on the links) for the post. Back it up with evidence.  Back it up with data, stats and experience.  Or (finally), be queried endlessly - much like what is done in all of science - until the veracity (or as near as we can present-day comprehend) shows its head. 


W will quite simply address any offerings that may be 'bending' the truth of reality of physics & actuality on our round planet, while bringing to the awareness of all, truths (sorry, no agendas, no preferences, no biases) - followed by a more functional path to progress. 

Hiding in the shadows until next November 5..?? Not at all, dear friends - just check thegolferswhistleblower's Insta handle at your convenience. 

- Round-the-clock, ever-so-aggravating posts?  What a bore... how about speaking only when something merits attention?  You know: talk less, say more. 

- A gajillion followers?  Not here; W's marrow is quality, not quantity (much like in your practice, I sincerely hope..).

- Clicks & eyeballs with the goal of growing his/her brand & biz?  Incorrect yet again.  More of a moral & ethical duty in the eyes of W. #dotherightthing.

And the right thing for your game? I can help...

At Eugene Country Club, & Puerto Los Cabos, plus remote coaching plans wherever you may be.  Click below on either spectacular venue for specifics. 



 "Always go too far, because that's where you find the truth"

     -- Albert Camus

          ~ CS ~
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