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What's your name?  Who's your daddy? 

Is he rich like me?

Relevant questions in today's title, taken from the lyrics of one of The Zombies finest: "Time of the Season."  Oh-so relevant in the wake of the college admissions bribery scandal, and in your golf game, boys & girls. 

'Tis the season right now to click above on that psychedelic album cover, watch, listen, and ponder. Yet beware!  Some of what you view in this classic mid '60's music vid you may find offensive, improper, inappropriate - inadmissible, dare I say.  But is it any worse than a wealthy parent buying off a person of influence to get their kid into a good school?  Doubtful...

Then, c'mon back my way for some ideas on how its offerings can help you in your plights on the links, and daily sidewalks.  Or: go ahead and be a zombie.  Sitting and staring into your blue-lit screens, ignoring injustice while taking no action when in fact, there is sentiment within you...

Wow.  Striking resemblance between the two women, n'est-ce pas? Did my warning scare you away from clicking on the colorful cover up top?  If so (or should you like another blast), click on the profile of our auburn hair-colored maiden.

"What's your name?
Who's your daddy?
(He rich) Is he rich like me?
Has he taken, any time (any time)
(To show) to show you what you need to live"

Amen to that last question above. Imagine taking the time to show your children - mine are the peeps that show up in my classroom for golf guidance - what they need to live, and better play the game of golf.  As opposed to throwing wads of greenbacks in their direction - or in your case - some self-anointed smarty pants tossing out the latest and greatest (and oft-unsubstantiated) swing theories, chock 'o block full of verbiage you can't comprehend (with or without a college education), and trying to get you to fit into some average, some model.  Oops..

Time?  Lemme guess: you're busy, and don't have time, so like with parents using their fat wallets and social status to help get their offspring into a hoity toity school - you want immediate change and instant gratification.  I understand; but the golf ball doesn't. 

- It don't care what your name is, or who your daddy (or mommy) might be.  Or even how much knowledge, information or data you might have about golf swing, or playing the game.  It (I play the one above, click to procure) only responds to the physics of impact.  And you, the artist, are responsible for finding the feels (and those feels belong to YOU, an no one other) that produce the elements, so your golf ball has the potential to behave as you've instructed it to.  A wise golf guide can help you discover those feels, then nurture you to help them become second nature.  With time, of course.

- Whaaaa?  You don't tell the ball where and how you want it to travel, plus its final destination, prior to swinging?  What sort of wacky and wild psychedelic state are you living in? Are you just waiting (hoping & praying) to see where it goes?  No, no, no children - old & young alike - you are in charge and you must have intention in all you do.  Golf ball flight, and life meaning, alike.

- Round object with dimples don't care how much $$$ you got, either.  Sure, you (unlike many others) might have the ways & means to spend a fortune on golf instruction, but there's a few things money cannot (never has been) able to buy:

- Class.  No, I'm not talking about social class here, people, I'm talking about integrity, sincerity, and forthrightness.  And more.  

- Those greed-spawned fat bank accounts don't seem very useful in creating grit, resilience and work ethic.  Nor heart.  Quite the opposite...

- Passion.  An innate factor, immune to the influence of affluence.  Think about the passionate artist below (so poor he could barely afford footwear; if you are able and interested, click on VVG and grab a pair from my brethren at Nike Golf): couldn't get gig painting a fence, now his works sell for bazillions. 

"Tell it to me slowly (tell me what)
I really want to know
It's the time of the season for loving"

Slowly?  I know, you wanna go fast, huh? And you 'want it' now!  A blessing and a curse... a blessing in that you will work your proverbial tail off (unlike most of our silver-spoon fed kids who finagled their way into colleges) to improve.  A curse in that learning takes time. 

In fact, if you really want to know what it is that makes you happy, what you truly love in the world, and how to improve at the fickle game we call "golf"  - it make take a few seasons.  Or more.  Marion Milner took a personal journey of seven years to discover what it was that made her happy.  Talk about courageous.  She analyzed moments of everyday life and discovered ways of being, of looking, of moving, that brought surprising joy – ways which can be embraced by anyone.

In need of some powerful Spring-time reading?  'Tis the season after all for beginning of things, when the energy (qi) should be kept open and fluid.  Open to new ways of hitting a golf ball, playing the game, and what your walks in the golf park really have to offer. 

Not sure if Ms. Milner's book (first published in 1934 under the pseudonym Joanna Field) is on any of our tarnished universities' reading lists - but I suggest it be on yours.  Click below to find.

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You gonna go through your 2019 golf season in a zombie state - or snap out of it and create some new swing and thought patterns that are more functional and efficient?  Your choice, and I'm here to assist.

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