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The Unibomber had a point

Today's title grab your attention?  Like the claims of "20 extra yards off the tee,"  "the end of stubbed chips and pitches forever," and "more consistency," that bombard you endlessly in the golf spectrum?

Borrowed words, actually, from Chicago Tribune journalist Steve Chapman.  Read his short piece + a :50 clip of Ted Kaczynski's tale by clicking on the sketch above.  Then, swing back this way to understand how what was outlined in Kaczynski's manifesto may not only disrupting your journey of progress on the links, but in that game of life, as well...

Servants or Masters?

First off, let me echo Mr. Chapman's sentiments re the Unibomber's message: 

"It's not about blowing people up in an effort to advance his social goals. Ted Kaczynski’s campaign to kill and maim chosen victims with explosives was horrific in the extreme and beyond forgiveness. But his 35,000-word manifesto, published in 1995, provided a glimpse of the future we inhabit, and his foresight is a bit unsettling."

But it is about a potential disaster - on the golf course and in the process (yes, it is a process, friends) of learning this fantabulous game, as well as in your daily walk of life - that technology pledges: the promise to improve our lives, yet in the end, imposing burdens we would not have chosen. 

Like the 'need'
for a machine that is better suited to project weather patterns than the flight of a golf ball - just like the 'need' for a smartphone.  You don't think the five senses that we know of (oh, there are others, boys and girls) and the approximately 11,000,000 bits of information that those five senses are bringing in every second, can inform you if your ball started too far left or right, spun too much or too little, or went too short, or too far? 

I don't think they can either.  I know they can.  Time to start paying attention.

Before addressing the smartphone phenomenon (or is it a catastrophe?) further, do yourself and your loved ones a favor: click above on the powerful & compelling black-and-white video by Steve Cutts.  You shant regret. 

Per Mr. Chapman:

"Smartphones have followed the same pattern. When cellphones first appeared, they gave people one more means of communication, which they could accept or reject. But before long, most of us began to feel naked and panicky anytime we left home without one.

To do without a cellphone — and soon, if not already, a smartphone — means estranging oneself from normal society. We went from 'you can have a portable communication device' to 'you must have a portable communication device' practically overnight.

Not that long ago, you could escape the phone by leaving the house. Today most people are expected to be instantly reachable at all times. These devices have gone from servants to masters."

Then, like the 'need' for an automobile (driving is no longer optional for most - it's a must), apparently your dazzling mind/body/spirit system needs some sort of modified place-mat underfoot to measure (but how accurately?)  where your pressure, force and center of mass is at all times.  And this is primarily done on a flat, stable surface, even though golf is played on uneven, unstable and random ground - aka - Mother Earth. 

Like the young helmeted lad above (he understood the dangers of the automobile), you too have millions of exteroceptors in your feet (100,000 - 200,000 in the sole of each dog), nerve endings that are constantly communicating via an Autobahn-like routing to the thing that's running the show - your brain, a built in GPS embedded in that supercomputer inside your skull, and lenses (your eyes) that allowed the original 'propel-something-towards-a-target' sportsmen (cavemen) to aim/align, hunt, and survive.

Yet you've chosen - yes, it's a choice - to turn them off; pity you can't do the same with that dumphone...

Speaking of your hooves and their nerve endings, they'd certainly enjoy the experience within the Nike Golf Roshe G's, above.  Click away to find your size, and colorway.

Outsourcing your Inner Genius

You may not decide to read all 35k words of Mr. Kaczynski's manifesto - but I'd suggest you peruse the offering above for some ideas in evolving to become a better human golfer, and human being.  The threesome of writers are rock-stars in their respective realms.

CS Golf Experience

In search of some guidance on how to uncover, rediscover and ignite your innate skills, talents and gifts?  I can help...

In the mean time, here's a hint on how to get started, the next time you place the ball on the peg:

- Remove all electronic and measuring devices from self and golf bag (a dumpster might be advisable...:))

- Plan & program each and every shot by picturing/seeing/visualizing what you want your ball to do; the universe is asking for this, and you are in charge.  Otherwise, it's like getting in your automobile (the burden) and just driving, with no destination, no routing - no clue.

- Ballpark all yardages; you think this is 'sloppy?'  Think again: the human mind/body system is a master measurer.  Otherwise, how in the world did you manage your morning of cleaning, dressing and getting out the front door, without bumping into walls, banging your big toe against furniture, or brushing your teeth instead of your nostrils? Plus, trying to be 'perfect' will not help to lower your scores (you are beautifully flawed human - not a machine - remember?). 

- Read the greens by what you perceive (eyes, feet, gut) in the first 5 seconds.  Over-reading more often than not creates doubt.  Doubt is more destructive than all of Ted Kaczynski's acts of violence.  Combined. 

- Relish in the freedom of your ridiculous competency in the ball & stick game we play whilst taking a stroll (your body likes the motion) in a big park.  Liberating, isn't it?

“Your instincts are smarter than your smart watch.”




          ~ CS ~
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