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If You're Going To San Francisco

The best players in the world were there last week - did you catch the riveting action at TPC Harding Park?  The municipal golf course opened for play in 1925, and is owned and operated by the city and county of San Francisco.  It was named after President Warren G. Harding, an avid golfer, who had died in office while visiting San Francisco two years earlier.

History.  Ownership. Facts.  I wonder: what is your golfing history (is it riddled with traumas, what ifs, and 'shoulds')?  Do you 'own' your golf swing (specifically: are you aware of your tendencies & favorite mistakes - and how best to remedy)?  And, is the assessment of your game based in stats, #'s and reality (or are you too living in a flowered la-la land of illusion)?

What's the difference, you ask?  Well, if you are genuinely interested in lowering your scores, improving your golf and enjoying the overall experience, then you are in need of fact-based info - not a bias, opinion, or an agenda-based take - as is the case in the buried-in-information golf (and many other..) worlds today.

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Now, click on the album cover up top for a blast from Scott McKenzie.  Afterwards, swing back this way for some insight on how the lyrics, and what you viewed at the PGA Championship, can lead you on a more fruitful path in the golf park...

"If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some gentle people there"

2020 PGA Champion Colin Morikawa pictured above.  Gentle, calm and composed in demeanor on the outside - but no "Mr. Nice Guy" within & when competing - make no mistake.

You, when it's time to play for keeps?  If your goal is to win, you best be ready to step on some throats.  However, once you walk off that 18th green whether in San Fran or elsewhere, please show respect, compassion and empathy for all those around you.  The golf world, in addition to our daily sidewalks, are in desperate need of such energy during these especially challenging times...

"All across the nation
Such a strange vibration
People in motion
There's a whole generation
With a new explanation
People in motion
People in motion

The lid of the Wanamaker Trophy vibrating strongly when Morikawa hoisted her after his victory.  Might have been the only thing he wasn't prepared for during the week...

I wonder: how do you prepare for a round of golf that means something to you?  With context specific activities, pauses every 15-20 minutes (to allow your brain and central nervous system - you know, the pieces that are doing the actual learning - to process, digest and assimilate all), and 'desired difficulties,'  among other?

Or are you just one of those people constantly in motion (mindlessly whacking striped balls believing "more = better"), and part of the generation following the self-anointed on-line gurus with their 'new' explanations?  I understand, we are all susceptible. Vulnerable.  Impressionable. 

However, there is a better way... Make your motions, movements and habits meaningful please, so the learnings last & transfer to the golf course

Click below for ideas and concepts based in science & experience (how's that for a successful cocktail?).

"For those who come to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

Or on your feet, or back, wherever you may be coming from.  My peeps at Nike Golf have a some flower-inspired options for you; click above or below to help your wardrobe bloom this mid-August...

Did you think things were all just 'black & white,' when it comes to improving on the links, and that color is irrelevant?  You know, all about be more consistent (BO-RING - and unrealistic),  hitting it farther (helpful, but Morikawa plays quite well with unyielding precision), and building the 'perfect' (attainable only for Gods and Goddesses, not us mortals) golf swing? I respectfully disagree...

"The power of color is inescapable. Color affects your behavior, moods, and thoughts. ... A certain color has the ability to soothe your frazzled nerves, agitate a hostile adversary, motivate and empower you to take action, and also to bring healing energy when you need it."

Think that's important during the on-course adventure we like to call a "round of golf?"  I believe so.


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“Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities in the world.”

     -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

          ~ CS ~
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