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"Rainy Days and Mondays"

You survive this Monday?  Trust you did - with flying colors!  Why wouldn't you?

Tiger's astonishing victory at Augusta still in your head (it is in mine...) this fine Monday post-Easter?  Many lessons & takeaways, as in the lyrics from the 1971 classic from The Carpenters. 

Take a listen by clicking above, then c'mon back my way for some tidbits on how the great Karen Carpenter's words, and TW's press conference offerings, can guide you to better performance, on and off the links...

"Talkin' to myself and feelin' old
Sometimes I'd like to quit

You?  Talking to yourself on the golf course?  In kind, compassionate and encouraging ways I sincerely hope? No?  Condescending, critical and even cruel at times, you confess? 

And, ever feel like quitting, throwing in the towel - 'cause the golf gods aren't in your corner?  Woe is you...

I understand - yet you have choices - and are not too old to change those voices, habits and patterns.  Or to keep fighting.  Take it from an old &  balding Eldrick "Tiger" Woods:


Q. I wanted to know, sort of a follow‑up to Ann's question. People have struggles in their lives, personal struggles, physical struggles, and you've overcome these things. What message might you say to people who are struggling? What encouragement would you give them to not give up and to say that you can possibly overcome these issues?

TIGER WOODS: Well, you never give up. That's a given. You always fight. Just giving up's never in the equation.

Granted, pushing and being competitive has got me into this position, but it's also what got me out of it. And so I've always had a pretty good work ethic throughout my career and throughout my life, and I just had to change the work ethic a bit and work on some different things. Focused on that and just keep fighting. That's just part of the deal. We wake up every morning, and there's always challenges in front of us, and keep fighting and keep getting through.

"What I feel has come and gone before
No need to talk it out (talk it out)
We know what it's all about
Hangin' around (hangin' around)"

Feel.  Smarts. Patience.  How much time you spending on those vital pieces to play better golf?  Regardless of technique, you better find some touch in those mitts of yours with the flatstick.  Simply spending a few more quality minutes on and around the putting green can help mightily.  Pay attention.  Be present.  Use your eyes & feet - and trust your gut and intuition. 

You blast away, hope then pray, in a round of golf (and on life's daily sidewalks)?  Could you not pause, take in the situation, then make decisions conducive to avoiding disasters? I give you permission. 

Hangin' around - aka patience.  Woods admittedly (and so cleverly) 'plodded' his way around Augusta National for four days.  Ceding when necessary, seizing opportunities when available.  Take a page out of that book next time you lose patience, claim victim status, or tell yourself the story that it's 'just not your day.'

Q. Looking at some of the shots you played today, like the putt from the back of 9 or the smart shot to hit it well left of the pin at 12; do you feel your biggest asset on the grounds here is experience, or if not, what is?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I think that if ‑‑ and it helps being around here and playing this golf course so many different times. Unfortunately I've hit the ball in some weird spots, like 9 being one of them; I've been up there before.

You know, I had not been that centered to that flag, center of the green. I've been more on the right side of the green, so I had a little better angle. But I've had a very similar putt to that speed‑wise, so made sure that if I make a mistake on that putt, make the mistake of leaving it short up on that middle ridge. Don't make the mistake of hitting it too hard and having it go off the front of the green.

I can walk away with a three‑putt and still be in the tournament. Who knows, I can make one down from the middle shelf, who knows, but just don't make the mistake long and make 6. I know I have a putt and I'm putting for birdie, but just don't make 6 here. I think it's just the little things of discipline like that is what it takes to win on this golf course.

"Funny, but it seems I always wind up here with you
Nice to know somebody loves me
Funny, but it seems that it's the only thing to do
Run and find the one who loves me (the one who loves me)"

Amen.  Trophies, titles and jackets are all fine and dandy - yet pale in comparison to family, friends and companionship.  Those are the peeps that love you, win or lose.  Keep that front & center in mind, next time you think what you shoot dictates what sort of person you are, and whether folks wish to keep your company. 

Q. To be able to do this in front of your kids, and a lot of people didn't think that you would obviously be here in this spot here on Sunday afternoon, but now to be able to give your children this memory, what does that mean to you?

TIGER WOODS: It means the world to me. Their love and their support, I just can't say enough how much that meant to me throughout my struggles when I really just had a hard time moving around. Just their infectiousness of happiness; you know, I was going through a tough time physically. There was a lot of times when I really couldn't move, and so that in itself is difficult.

Q. I'm curious, what did Sam and Charlie say to you after it was over, and what have they maybe said to you over the past couple years that perhaps motivates you?

TIGER WOODS:  I think that ‑‑ I think ‑‑ well, I hope, I hope they are proud of me. I hope they are proud of their dad. So I've been very blessed to have two great kids, and just to have them here to see this and witness this, you know, I've tried to describe ‑‑ they have never been to Augusta National, so try and describe the slopes and everything. I said, this is a pretty unique event. This is very special. Really hope you guys are able to come.

So it all worked out and here they are.

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But where are you, with your golf?  Is it all working out? If not, what are you waiting for - that next rainy day?

I'm here and available for individual and small group guidance at Eugene Country Club, or a golf park near you.

”The person who dances with you in the rain will most likely walk with you in the storms”



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