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Angel of the Morning

And afternoon.  And evening.  And all through the night.

The young boy depicted above in underground street artist Banksy's Game Changer painting, has opted to play with a nurse superhero toy, as Batman and Spiderman figures lie in a wastepaper basket next to him.  Wow.  Yet another Covid silver lining, people: bringing recognition, thanks and superhero status to healthcare workers during this pandemic, worldwide 

Did you know that 'underground' rock star golf caregivers are out there too, ready to help change and improve your game? Selfless and passionate individuals - teachers and coaches - who are more interested in honestly guiding their heroes (the students, regardless of ability) than polluting SM and the Interwebs for the sake of ego, and greed.  

Guardians of growing awareness of what's actually happening in a golf swing (causes and inputs, for example), as opposed to growing one's pocketbook or 'brand' with endless marketing, personal pseudo-science biases, and posts ad nauseam (yes, please do call me a nurse - I often feel ill digesting just a few tidbits of the slew of content). 

Golfy cherubs more concerned with making a difference (usually those with the softest, wisest and most helpful voices in the room) - instead of obsessed with making a living (and boasting the L O U D E S T voices in said room). 

I'm not sure where I fit in - I'm still mesmerized by the attention to detail (great players recognize any, and all, conditions on the golf course, FYI - do you?) in the drawing...

I can however, help with your game, in many aspects.  And in those areas where I'm unable, I'm always happy to share my Rolodex of golf superheroes in a plethora of domains.  Ping me for a chat or referral. 

I'm available at Eugene Country Club, and in Puerto Los Cabos, Baja Sur, Mexico, in season. Click below for details. 

The Lady of the Lamp

Florence Nightingale, but of course... An icon of Victorian culture, she garnered that nickname/persona while making rounds of wounded soldiers at night during the Crimean War, where she came to prominence while serving as a manager and trainer of nurses. 

Superheroine, circa the mid 1800's.  Take a brief moment as you read this and ask yourself this early April day 2021, just to whom you are lending a hand.... you know, a soul who may be in dire need? Are you changing someone's life game - or just concerned about you, you and more you?

With that, in the name of  "head down, left arm straight and lower scores," what does any of this have to do with the betterment of your golf game (it is why you're here - n'est-ce pas?)?  

I was hoping you might ask - at least in your underground head - and 'catch it' via the title of today's missive...

You know the routine: turn volume UP on your device.  Click on either black and white image north of here, close your weary eyes for a few short momentitos, and relish the vocals and lyrics of singer, songwriter and musician Juice Newton

Then swing back this way, for some insight on how you can become a caregiver/game changer extraordinaire of your own golf game AND make a difference for some boys & girls who are unable to tee it up at all...

"There'll be no strings to bind your hands
Not if my love can't bind your heart
There's no need to take a stand
For it was I who chose to start"

Someone binding your golf hands with a method, model or preference?  Or maybe there's a 'secret' that you have to sign up, and pay for?  I understand - and I'm sorry.

It's Masters week, fellow patrons, and guess what each and every one of the participants and past winners will tell you?  That there ain't no secret - the secret is in discovering the way for you best to play the game, in finding a competent and caring coach to nourish you along the journey (and provide accurate, ongoing feedback), and in committing to the process (quick fixes can be slung into the wastepaper basket, along with Batman and Spiderman, in Banksy's sketch). 

'Taking a stand and making choices?'  None more qualified to speak to Ms. Newton's lyrics than two-time Masters Champion Ben Hogan. Oh, and ask him about shortcuts, while you're at it. 

Many a golfer has been (negatively?) influenced by his swing, attempting to copy what he did (Hogan was left-handed, hyper-mobile, and went broke twice trying to play golf professionally because he hooked it so bad, BTW.  The message: be careful who you try and imitate/emulate, and why..); perhaps it's time you found out how you hit it best?

Looking to take a stand this spring with your golf wardrobe? Click on the icon above for some looks from my brethren at Nike Golf. 

"Maybe the sun's light will be dim
And it won't matter anyhow"

1956 Masters Champion Jackie Burke, Jr., above. 289 strokes he took that year, tied (there are a few instances) for the highest total ever - but it didn't matter in any of these cases 'cause low score wins, folks.  Conditions were brutal on Sunday when Mr. Burke donned the green jacket, just as they can be for you at any time, any place. 

The sun might be dim, or bright, steamy, and beating down on you.  Chilly, windy, wet - whatever - the question always begs: are you ready?  Have you prepared for the elements?  Is your precious energy directed towards what you want and can influence (our Florence Nightingales of the planet), or caught up in maybes, fears and elements well beyond your reach?  You choose - that decision will undoubtedly be a game changer..


Joy for seriously ill children shouldn’t be an exception; it should be part of their regular care. It's why I’m taking part in a Golf for Joy Challenge to raise $ for the Children’s Cancer Association.

I'm planning a fantastic (and LONG) day this April 19, 2021, upon my old stomping grounds at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club, in the form of walking and playing 100 holes to benefit CCA.  The kids deserve it!

Please join me in making a contribution to my Golf for Joy Challenge fundraiser, by clicking above. Your generosity will help deliver music medicine, mentorship, and meaningful experiences in nature (think about what a golf park does for your well-being?) to young patients facing serious illness.



Remote and in-person coaching options at Eugene Country Club, & Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico.  The development of an optimal practice program for you, your needs, and your schedule.  Ideas and referrals in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  Science and evidenced-based help in achieving higher mental acuity on the course.  A competent, comprehensive and on-going loop for learning, regardless of where you are on the planet.

Contact me for a consultation; click on my logo just above for further specifics.


“Joy is not in things; it is in us”

      - - Richard Wagner

          ~ CS ~
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