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Treasure Hunts on The Links


It happens each and every time you put the ball on that peg on the 1st tee - but are you ready, willing and able?  Or, are you like so many, especially in the ever-so-challenging times of current day Spaceship Earth, who long for the 'normal,' the known, the orderly?

I understand your dilemma; it's why I offer remote and in-person coaching for players of all levels, regardless of your location on the planet, and other irrelevant factors in the eyes of the golf ball you chase.  Click just below for details.

You believe shooting lower scores and enjoying the walk in the golf park is all about making better swings?  I respectfully disagree.  Yes, striking the ball is important, but only a small piece of the 'better golf' puzzle.

Embracing the adventure that is a round of golf is every bit as important.  And that comes back to your outlook, your intentions, your mindset.

The Thrill of the Chase

It's what Forrest Fenn, an artifacts dealer and author, proposed a decade ago when he left clues for a treasure chest filled with $1 million worth of gold and jewels that he'd hid somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

Well, guess what?  Someone finally (must have taken patience & perseverance - like what you need to successfully navigate your ship in a round of golf) found it.  BIN-GO.  Click on the map and chest up top to read the story, and on Feen himself and the haul for the read.

He left the clues in the following poem.  I've got plenty of clues for you on how to improve your golf.  Onward...


"As I have gone alone in there

And with my treasures bold,

I can keep my secret where,

And hint of riches new and old."

CS: You? Going at it alone, or with some on-line, quick fix freebies?  I understand.  How's that working?  Has your virtual treasure hunter every seen you actually play a round of golf?  Has he or she ever done a competent physical screen on your golf body to discover how best for you to move and swing?  Has your guide provided specific instructions (just like Mr. Fenn did..) on what, and how, to practice?  Ain't no secret in my world, the process of betterment in the ball & stick game.


"Begin it where warm waters halt

And take it in the canyon down,

Not far, but too far to walk.

Put in below the home of Brown.


From there it’s no place for the meek,

The end is ever drawing nigh;

There’ll be no paddle up your creek,

Just heavy loads and water high."

CS: Amen.  Are you ready to begin the journey and process?  It shall take time my friends, and is indeed often no place for the meek.  You see, there shall be setbacks, high waters and heavy loads of initial discomfort and golf balls flying everywhere.  You must choose between staying stuck in your current level (mediocrity?), or paddling up the golf creek towards the treasure of a ball less-dispersed, improved quality of miss-hits, and smaller numbers on the scorecard.

"If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,

Look quickly down, your quest to cease,

But tarry scant with marvel gaze,

Just take the chest and go in peace."

CS: You gazing into irrelevant, insignificant and inexplicable blue-lit tech screens utilized in ways meant to impress, instead of help, you?  Best find a wise golf guide, one that listens, cares and recognizes that you are the hero in this golf-oriented treasure hunt story.


"So why is it that I must go

And leave my trove for all to seek?

The answers I already know,

I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.


So hear me all and listen good,

Your effort will be worth the cold.

If you are brave and in the wood

I give you title to the gold."

CS: Many wanderers of the links are in fact tired (and weak in both pocket book and spirit) of making the effort yet not seeing progress.  Left out in the cold, without the gold.  I'm sorry - yet there is hope!

Allow me to guide you towards better golf.  Yes, it shall take some 'bravery in the woods,' patience and smart work.  You game?

And, if you're game for a coolio piece of Nike Golf head-wear (click below for some offerings), answer me the question to follow; the first 3 correct responses shall claim the treasure:

In the picture of me in the natural bunker farther north on this screen, where am I - I'll be generous (what a concept..) with the geography - and what club is in my hands?



Nearly every week since late 2014, I’ve poured a tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources into the “CS Newsletter” offerings, which remain free.  While many in my vocation have chosen other mediums to communicate (and hopefully help golfers, and humans, alike), I continue to opt for the written word, blending pieces of music, pertinent videos and articles.  The intention: to authentically guide you - my fellow wanderers of the links and life’s daily sidewalks - on more fruitful paths.

If you find any solace or motivation from my ongoing labor or love, or if on occasion a message has managed to put a smile on your face, a tear in your eye, inspirited you take a step back and reconsider all for a moment - or even peeved you into positive action - please do consider supporting it with a donation.  Should you already donate, I THANK YOU.

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Contact me for a consultation; click on my logo just above for further specifics.

"Only those who find life, find treasures"

   -- Paulo Coelho

          ~ CS ~
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