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When Rae's Creek freezes over


That'll be the day when Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson play a jovial practice round together at The Masters - and sincerely enjoy the experience - right? I had my money on Hell getting chilly before the two icons (magicians, really - read on...) of the links got together for some laughs and swings.   

Tuesday, April 3, 2018, proved us wrong - didn't it now? And that's where the learning begins...

Time & Place

No secret that these two giants of the game were not always the best of buddies.  Funny how the ticking of the clock, the enchanted grounds of Augusta National, and a common goal (reclaiming the Ryder Cup in 2016 for the U.S.) changed the dynamic between the duo. 

It's time for YOU to look in the mirror, boys and girls, from a golfing, as well as human, standpoint:

- Someone in one of your previous lives you yearn to reconnect with?  Something that needs to be said, expressed, or simply tabled?  It's time

- Some shot, club or circumstance you've been avoiding?  Hoping you simply won't cross paths (yet you know it's lurking, don't you?) with it?  I understand.  But it's time - time to address your demons.  Get better acquainted with them - perhaps share a mint julep or pimento cheese sandwich should you be in the Augusta neighborhood - so as to find a peaceful and functional solution.

Speaking of looking in the mirror, no secret that Tiger still dresses a bit sharper than Phil. ;) Click just above for some TW options, as well as other Nike Golf footwear & apparel, that will be present everywhere this week roaming the hallowed grounds.

Presto Chango

How do they do it you (and many others) ask?  You'd like to copy, imitate or borrow some of their ways, wouldn't you now?  Phil and Tiger would love to tell you.  But it's not that simple.  You see - these two are no ordinary geniuses with the ball and stick - they are the magicians.

"In science, as well as in other fields of human endeavor, there are two kinds of geniuses: the 'ordinary' and the 'magicians.'  An ordinary genius is a fellow that you and I would be just as good as, if we were only many times better. There is no mystery as to how his mind works. Once we understand what he has done, we feel certain that we, too, could have done it.

It is different with the magicians. They are, to use mathematical jargon, in the orthogonal complement of where we are and the working of their minds is for all intents and purposes incomprehensible. Even after we understand what they have done, the process by which they have done it is completely dark. They seldom, if ever, have students because they cannot be emulated and it must be terribly frustrating for a brilliant young mind to cope with the mysterious ways in which the magician’s mind works."

-- Quoted from Enigmas of Chance: An Autobiography, by Mark Kac, renowned mathematician

Forever in an Instant: Napa Speedgolf Challenge

And how does amigo Tim Scott do it, you may ask...  Consider, in his words:

"As we all know, life can be forever altered in an instant. This happened to me on April 19th, 2012 when I was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer called ocular melanoma. After a few weeks of shock, uncertainty, and treatment (lost roughly 75% vision in right eye) life slowly crept back to normal. A new normal, but normal. On December 1st, 2015, life was again rudely jolted with a diagnosis of a rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After a month of opiate heavy pain management and four months of intensive chemotherapy life very slowly returned to normal. Again, a new normal, but normal. I am happy to say that I am nearing two years of being free and clear of any cancer and hope and intend to stay that way for a long time! "

Tim is once again staging an event to find successful alternatives to chemo and their devastating side effects on the immune system and body.

"My goal this year is to play six rounds and average 135 per round. In 2015, I played 144 holes and in 2016 I played four holes…pretty much collapsing at the end both times. 2016 was ten days after finishing six rounds of chemo giving you an idea just how devastating the effects are. I literally could barely manage to walk four holes and was ripping my six iron about 100 yards full throttle!"
All proceeds from the event go to Dr. Joe Tuscano (Tim's oncologist) at UC Davis and his research team in the pursuit of non-toxic alternatives in the treatment of lymphoma. They have made some great strides in the past few years with different natural products, including wheat germ, in treating lymphoma.

It's time, once again. Time to put a halt to spending all your precious energy and $ on no one but yourself.
Here is the link to donate to the fundraiser


Looking to heal some wounds in your golfing mind, body and spirit - and build some new, healthier and more functional behaviors and patterns?  I can help.  Come for a visit at Eugene Country Club (below), or a golf park near you, if you prefer.

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
--  Abraham Lincoln



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