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Being There

You remember the 1979 flick starring the incomparable Peter Sellers as Chaunce, the gardener (aka "Chauncey Gardner"), a middle-aged, simple-minded chap who lives in the townhouse of a wealthy old man in Washington D.C., right?

He has spent his whole life tending the garden and has never left the property. Other than gardening, his knowledge is derived entirely from what he sees on television (YIKES - does that ring a bell with anyone in this day and age, re golf, and/or other - and just what is factual vs. counter-factual?). When his benefactor dies, Chance naively tells the lawyers that he has no claim against the estate and is ordered to move out.

Click above for a short reminder of Chaunce's elementary genius, in the company of a couple of Washington decision-making 'bigwigs...'

Now then: are you trying to decipher and cull through the flood of information coming your way on how to swing a club, and play the game of golf?  Which talking head or self-anointed expert to believe? #considerthesource.

I understand your dilemma, confusion and quandary, and am here to help.  Click below for my in-person & remote coaching options - designed to simplify (Chance would) & elucidate any potential brain fog. 

Simple Dustin

A kindred spirit in many ways to our beloved gardener, 2020 Masters Champ Dustin Johnson, appears to be. And the envy of the golf world in many corners (even where the eggheads hang out), for his sheer excellence in the golf park at putting the ball in the hole as soon as possible.   

Uh... that is what the game is all about at the end of the day, is it not?  Not sure? Ask the fellow sporting the green jacket and holding the trophy.

In the mean time - time for you, to be here - for a moment, peeps, and consider:

   All the knowledge in the world ain't gonna help you play better golf if it cannot be assimilated into pieces you can understand, feel and act upon.  That's your golf guide's task; how's he or she doing?  Spending more time furiously posting on "The Gram" and the like, trying to impress with fancy terms and talk?  DJ unimpressed..

  A long hitter, DJ - fo shu.  Athletic?  Yep - and he's worked his ass off to keep the engine in shape and cranking.  Once again, no magic pixie dust here, fellow roamers of the links - and winter (for us Northerners) - is a fantatabulous time to get your physical body tuned up. 

But just where to start..?? How about at the
Titleist Performance Institute, founded by my pals Dave Phillips and Greg Rose.  Click away for a better behaving golf body.

  Some would say our man Chaunce's demeanor and intellect are like having a beautiful house with nobody home.  Perhaps - lest we forget that what's crucial before action (think golf swing) is not so much what (most of us far too cluttered in this aspect) you are thinking, but how you are thinking.  It is, after all, and inside job.  

What are you doing specifically to put yourself into an optimal state of mind and being to perform your best?  Nothing better than the Opti System to help you in this realm. More pseudoscience, greed-based agendas, and marketing horse-feathers?  Hardly, more like 30 years of research conducted from performance backwards.


On the fairways and greens - or on water.  You choose.  Click on the redeemer above for some Fall ideas courtesy of my brethren at Nike Golf. 


Nearly every week since late 2014, I’ve poured a tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources into the “CS Newsletter” offerings, which remain free.  While many in my vocation have chosen other mediums to communicate (and hopefully help golfers, and humans, alike), I continue to opt for the written word, blending pieces of music, pertinent videos and articles.  The intention: to authentically guide you - my fellow wanderers of the links and life’s daily sidewalks - on more fruitful paths.

If you find any solace or motivation from my ongoing labor or love, or if on occasion a message has managed to put a smile on your face, a tear in your eye, inspirited you take a step back and reconsider all for a moment - or even peeved you into positive action - please do consider supporting it with a donation.  Should you already donate, I THANK YOU.

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Remote and in-person coaching options at Eugene Country Club and Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club (periodically, in season).  The development of an optimal practice program for you, your needs, and your schedule.  Ideas and referrals in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body.  Science and evidenced-based help in achieving higher mental acuity on the course.  A competent, comprehensive and on-going loop for learning, regardless of where you are on the planet.

Contact me for a consultation; click on my logo just above for further specifics.



"The truths - those surprising, amazing, unforeseen truths - which our descendants will discover, are even now all around us, staring us in the eyes, and yet we do not see them."

     - - The Autobiography of a Yogi


          ~ CS ~
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