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"Restful," in the Spanish language.  CS missive today coming to you directo from this hammock in Central America, hence appropriate to address this 'diamante in the rough' component to heightened performance - and what legit science (not just what pops up oh-so randomly on the world wide web, spittled out by yet another supposed expert) has revealed to us.  Much like trending swing methods that are red hot today, and gone manana, read on for some insight on how chillin' can help your mind, body and spirit - on and off the links... 

No Gain, No Pain?  No Clue.

You've always thought that's the way to improve (whatever), move up that corp ladder, shoot lower scores or fatten that wallet, right?  Push through.  Step on (and over) anyone in your path.  Work hard - 100% every day - and sleep when you're dead.  And (is there worse?) - put on that faux charm & leverage people for everything they've got - then move on to the next sucker (it's how kind, generous and well-meaning souls turn sour, eventually). 

But alas, queridos amigos, your physical body (and spirit too) will only wear you down.  Like a road.  Even though you did everything you were told (yep, by the wanna-be smarty pantses who in fact, know next to nada...). 

So, time for a read, then a listen - you game?

- Click on the straining athlete just above to educate yourself (the REAL game we are all playing, hermanos y hermanas, is the life-long game called learning, BTW) courtesy of the incomparable Joel Jamison.   

- Then, click on the Costa Rican sunrise (think adding energy to your system, instead of chronically depleting it...) just below, for a blast from Rachael Yamagada.

 Cristobal Takeaways

That's Cristobal - like Columbus - not "crystal ball," compadres (what I go by in these parts - there is a world outside of the good 'ole US of A - did you not get the memo?).  The crystal ball would be what many of our clever marketers of those "10 extra yards," "best way to swing for EACH & EVERY humanoid," and "never stub a chip again" are gazing into.  Coolio - their reality; yours too? 

How 'bout:

JJ: "It’s the process of recovery and rebuilding that actually leads to improved fitness so when this doesn’t happen, the results just aren’t there, no matter how much effort may be."

CS: That same process (oh mierda - there's that word, again) is critical for improved performance in golf, particularly in regards to your practice regime.  Effort?  Bravo.  Savvy, specific and efficient effort?  Even a BIGGER bravo!

RY: "Worn me down to my knees
I did anything to please"

CS: Whose worn you down? To your knees, and  beyond - like rock bottom? Some self-anointed/appointed 'coach?' Seems like all you have to do in 2018 to put that 'coach' name-tag on is to have either played the game at a certain level, own some weather-forecasting radar, or stumble onto someone who's  already got a ton of game.  Pitiful.  Where are John Wooden, Vince Lombardi and Jackie Burke, Jr. when we really need them? 
Or, maybe your wore yourself down, via the 'supposed to' daily grind, trying to please mommy & daddy, somebody else, or even that insecure (we all have one) part of your self, and/or ego?

It's time to learn to rest, recover and rejuvinate - so when it is time to come out and play - you can kick some definitive arse in the games of golf, and life.  

CS Escape in So Cal

Here's a beginning to the aforementioned process of rest and recovery + meaningful time on the golf course and practice grounds:  A getaway to Pauma Valley Country Club, February 22-25, 2018.  Yoga teacher Ali Matt (more on Ali - click on her pic below) who will be joining us this year; wanna shot (no tequila here) of insight?  Yoga may very well be the single best 'activity' for your golf swing, and game, ever.  So incredibly complete and relevant.  Click above on the Pauma pic above for details on this escape.  Only a couple spots remain.

Also, if you have a partner or spouse that is interested in joining - yet not into the golf piece, Ali & I have a plan... Shoot me a note for details.

"You have not taught until they have learned,"

 -- John Wooden

          ~ CS ~
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