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Fool if...


"You think it's over"

The learning, that is. In the games of golf, and life. 
Think you've seen it all?  Think again.  Think you've heard it all?  Think again, again.  Think you know it all?  Foolish.  The same goes for whomever may be guiding you with your golf.

Post March Madness, no time like the present for a gentle reminder from a wizard - the Wizard of Westwood, of course:

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."

And post April Fool's Day 2018, it's time to take a listen to Chris Rea's 1978 hit tune (click on album cover up top) - then come back my way for some less-than-foolish ideas & insight on how to keep moving forward as a golfer, and fellow denizen of the planet Earth... 

Fool if...

You think that a walk in the golf park isn't nourishing your body, mind and soul.  Or if the only reason you play is to feed you're starving and insecure ego with the goal of shooting lower scores, or winning tournaments. 

Tree-hugging mumbo jumbo from CS?  Over your head?  Over the top?  'Over' perusing these missives? 

"Fool if you think it's over
I'll tell you why..

Click above on the ethereal drawing just above for the science/evidence-based offerings and explorations (a big part of learning, did you know?) of Clemens Arvay in his new book, The Biophilia Effect.  A few tidbits in the meantime:

 - You think 'ground reaction force' is cool (and trendy, heaven forbid)?  "Terpenes" are WAY cooler - and more beneficial to you.  Really.  Terpenes are the organic compounds produced, then released by, trees (they are the primary components of essential oils of medicinal plants, BTW).

So what?  So: some of these terpenes interact with our immune system in a highly health-promoting way (there are in fact anti-cancer terpenes in the forest air).  That forest air is, in fact, like a healing elixir we inhale.  Keep that in mind next time you're concerned with narrow, tree-lined fairways.

And you wonder why you feel so much better walking in the woods and nature (playing the ball and stick game, or not) than you do in your cement surroundings...

- Impressed by the latest and greatest swing method, elaborate & seemingly sophisticated lingo (with a foreign accent, preferably), and complex wording describing simple concepts?  I understand - but not really.  How 'bout eco-psychosomatics?  Yikes!

Calm down (the effect nature - even just viewing it - has on us all). 

"New born eyes always cry with pain
At the first look at the mornin' sun
Fool if you think it's over

It's just begun"


- Trees and plants are constantly 'communicating' (a language different than the human's) with one another, and us.  On a biochemical level.  You believe communication is all verbal?  Foolish...

- Contact with friendly animals has been scientifically proven to strengthen our immune system and promote recovery.  Some think critters are stupid because they can't talk; those fools have yet to learn how to listen, obviously. 

- "Forest Bathing" (just walking/'being' amongst the trees) and its replenishing attributes has been around for millennia.  It has now been shown that the forest atmosphere activates the vagus, the nerve of calm and regeneration. 

You get stressed when you fire a loose one into the woods?  Go give one of the trees a hug whilst searching for your nugget, and see what happens to your sympathetic nervous system.

Fool if...

You thought the oak tree at Augusta National isn't magical - in so many ways...

And if you play golf to benefit only yourself.  Longtime friend, original Speedgolf partner-in-crime (we always knew there was something special about exercising in nature - now the science is there to prove it), and cancer survivor extraordinaire, Tim Scott, is staging an event to find successful alternatives to chemo and their devastating side effects on the immune system and body.

"My goal this year is to play six rounds and average 135 per round. In 2015, I played 144 holes and in 2016 I played four holes…pretty much collapsing at the end both times. 2016 was ten days after finishing six rounds of chemo giving you an idea just how devastating the effects are. I literally could barely manage to walk four holes and was ripping my six iron about 100 yards full throttle!"
All proceeds from the event go to Dr. Joe Tuscano (Tim's oncologist) at UC Davis and his research team in the pursuit of non-toxic alternatives in the treatment of lymphoma. They have made some great strides in the past few years with different natural products, including wheat germ, in treating lymphoma.
"Look, save your tears
Got years and years"
Here is the link to donate to the fundraiser


Need some guidance in further enjoying the experience that is golf?  I'm here for you, amongst the mammoth healing, protecting and invigorating trees of Eugene Country Club.  Come for a visit anytime...

"We have roots and they definitely didn't grow in cement"

--  Andreas Danzer



          ~ CS ~
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