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Tales of Mystery and Imagination

All Hallows' Eve upon us, trick and treaters of the links.  Today's title taken from an Edgar Allen Poe offering.  Stories depicting the strange, the suspenseful, even the sinistrous; sound like what happens to you when that stroll in the golf park turns nightmarish?  I understand.

Read on while devouring the illustrations within of Irish stained-glass and book artist Harry Clarke.  What follows may just lead you out of those dark hollows on the course, and life's daily cracked sidewalks...

"The boat appeared to be hanging, as if by magic,... upon the interior surface of a funnel"

What about you when things 'funnel' South in a round?  Let your boat and all its belongings slip away, resigning to the fact that it's just "one of those days?"  Or do you hang on (you too have magic inside in the forms of determination, grit and will - so put that Superhero costume on when necessary...), understanding that rough spells shall pass, and the past does not determine the future. 

"But there was no voice throughout the vast, illimitable desert"

Alas, often there are too many voices in that illimitable desert of your mind, huh?  Voices of others, telling you how you 'should' do things.  Voices from the supposed SM experts (#considerthesource) barking in your oh-so impressionable ear.  Your own dastardly, dooming and deterring voices full of "don'ts, cant's and what if's..." 

And what if you looked at the possibilities - what you want your golf ball to do and where you want it to come to rest (no, not in the 'graveyards' of the golf course, but the fairways & greens)? Those voices are in there as well:

- The Encourager

- The Badass Survivor who gets s**t done

- The Calm, Cool & Collected part of you

"There flashed upward a glow and a glare"

You know, that little spark - a glow and a glare - feel or notion that clicks and keeps you going, makes your golf ball behave more as you've envisioned (you do have a plan for the ball, each and every shot, right?).  Sometimes discovered in warm-up, other times an in-game adjustment.

Oh, you thought it was about being more consistency?  Talk about (tall) tales of mystery and imagination... Consistency is but a myth, boys & girls; what you must consistently do during the golf adventure that is to acknowledge, accept, and adjust.   


Your swing and game a mystery unto itself?  Stuck in #'s, data and metrics, and in need of some creativity, imagination, and a fresh costume of sorts for your spirit?

 I'm here to help.  At Eugene Country Club, or a golf park near you.

"Villainy wears many masks, none so dangerous as the mask of virtue"

-- Ichabod Crane


          ~ CS ~
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