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Name That Tune

Whaaaa....??? You thought this was going to be about politics, Republicans & Democrats, left vs. right, or even male/female?  Guess again, amigos and amigas, this is all about helping YOU to better perform on the links, and life's daily sidewalks.

Just gonna use our dynamic D.C. duo - and some tunes, of course - to better get the message across.  You ready? 

Before you click on our loving couple above, go ahead and jog your musical memory (and use some creativity, imagination and authenticity - elements we all so badly need more of on the golf course) to come up with a song (or three) for them.

Got it?  Clicky click on Trump/Pelosi, Door #1...

"Sometimes I feel I've got to
Run away I've got to
Get away from the pain that you drive into the heart of me
The love we share
Seems to go nowhere
And I've lost my light

For I toss and turn I can't sleep at night"

Tainted Love, Soft Cell version (originally composed by Ed Cobb and recorded by Gloria Jones in 1964 - please give credit where credit is due, in all), of course.

You feel like you've got to 'run away' from some shot, club or situation on the course?  'Get away from the pain that it's driving into your heart?'  I hear ya.   Maybe there's a skeleton in your life's closet that just keeps wanting to come out and play. 

Options: run, hide & ignore - or acknowledge, accept and address.  Get to know it (like today's celebrity couple).  Might not seem so bad, so scary, so wrong if you took the time to get acquainted with 'it,' and then how to best manage all.  But jumping to conclusions and putting a negative tag on it will not resolve the issue.

'Lost your light' for golf, to the point where you are tossing and turning at night?  I understand - been there.  Time for something new, something fresh, something different.  What brings you to the golf park, anyway?  To grind miserably for the sake of shooting lower scores (pleases the ego, but no one, or nothing else)?  Or...

- To re-engage with Mother Nature; she's all around you on the links, waiting to say "hello."
- To re-engage with other human beings (playing partners) instead of Siri, Alexa, or the demons dwelling in your blue-lit screens.
- To re-engage with your self (playing solo); a true opportunity for reflection and beneficial wandering.


One down, two to go, people.  Trump/Pelosi, Door #2 tune, above.

Whatcha think?  What does you gut, intuition, and instinct say?  Oh - have you stopped paying attention to those in life, and on the golf course?  Pity.  So very powerful and poignant - and rarely 'wrong.'

"So let's leave it alone 'cause we can't see eye to eye
There ain't no good guy, there ain't no bad guy
There's only you and me and we just disagree"

We Just Disagree
, written by Kim Krueger and performed by English (and you thought we had challenges in this country?  Can you say "Brexit?") singer-guitarist Dave Mason.  Shout out to JH for bringing this fine tune to my attention yet again :)

Amen.  No good.  No bad.  Did you know that's how the mind/body system 'sees' your golf swing?  It doesn't know good from bad, chunked from flushed, hooked from sliced.  Incredibly Zen, if you will.  Doesn't point any fingers.

You swing the way you do because that's what you've done the most, hence you've created a certain motor program.  "Muscle memory" in lay terms (just remember: your muscles don't have memory - your brain and central nervous system do).  Want your golf ball to behave differently (better), like most of us?  Fine, time to modify your existing program with conscious, focused, quality - and hopefully context-specific - repetition. 

In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, allow me to share some insight from two of my mentors:

Dr. Oliver Sacks

"Practice involves conscious application, monitoring what one is doing, bringing all one’s intelligence and sensibility and values to bear – even though what is so painfully and consciously acquired may then become automatic, coded in motor patterns at a subcortical level."

Dr. Robert Christina

"Learning is indifferent to correctness."

Chew on those next time you're out working on your swing.  Careless repetition is frankly - a wondrous waste of time.  As is, to a large extent, practice that does not simulate game/golf-like situations.

You see, where we are all trying to get with proper practice and training is to a state that was captured in the title of the album where Mr. Mason's single appeared in 1977:

"Let It Flow"

Trump/Pelosi, Door #3, just above.  Scintillating, the suspense - isn't it?  C'mon - what is at the heart of bickering, the turmoil, the matter?
"We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave those kids alone
Hey teachers, leave those kids alone"

Another Brick In The Wall, from Pink Floyd and the live-action/animated musical drama film, The Wall.  But you knew it all along, huh?  Just like when you come to a shot on the golf course and that little voice within you tells you what club to hit.  Not what some 'teacher' told you, not the way some hot-shot Tour player would execute it, not what you saw on Golf Channel. 

You think our pair featured in this missive have powerful voices?  Mere whispers compared to the one inside you...

About what club to hit.  About whether to pause for a few moments daily, and help those around you who are struggling so mightily.  About whether to stop thinking about yourself for a minute - and start thinking about what's truly meaningful. 

And the golf education, information and classrooms?  So much of it being slung your way without science or experience behind it.  In environments (classrooms) that look nothing like a golf course... What some SM maniac thinks, believes or feels - for the sake of getting into your pocket.  How about "rotate and flatten," for example, re golf swing motion in the transition and downswing?  Thought control at its best (or worst). 

Instead of looking at the root causes of actions (inputs), our smarty-pants instructional crowd prefers to treat symptoms with esthetics. 

My suggestion: "Teachers leave those kids alone"

My next suggestion: learn from Pink, the confined rocker in The Wall: 

After being driven into insanity by the death of his father and many depressive moments during his lifetime, he constructs a metaphorical (and sometimes physical) wall to be protected from the world and emotional situations around him. When this coping mechanism backfires, he puts himself on trial and sets himself free.

Love it.  Put yourself on trial, kids - question any and all authoritative golf figures (yours truly included) - and set yourself free on the links (and sidewalks) by finding the best way for you to swing, play, and live.

Coaching & Guidance


I'm here to help.  Help guide you to find your best way.  Some liberation.  Some freedom.  Some compromise.

On my home turf at Eugene Country Club, or in a golf park near you.



“When we are stuck in our convictions and personas, we enter into the disease of having to be right... We think we have a lock on truth, with our burnished surfaces and articulation, but the bigger we pump ourselves up, the easier we are to prick with a pin.  And the bigger we get, the harder it is to see the earth under our feet.”

Anne Lamott




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