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Eyes Without A Face

Something we are seeing more and more of in the Spring of 2020 COVID-19 days, in the form of masks.  Alas - many scorn the stigma of the protective covering, and even its usefulness.  Yet, do we all not wear a mask of sorts each and every time we step onto that 1st tee, and out of our front doors, daily? I believe so.  Even a full head-to-toe costume frequently, à la my man Billy Idol, just above.

The truly coolio fact:  I once went to a party at Billy Idol's home (previous CS life #117) in So Cal.  Fun little tea party, to say the least..

Even better: You get to choose, boys & girls, what mask you don, costume you sport, and just who you want to be - even when it's not Halloween.  Fighter.  Victim.  Coward.  Rock star.  Scaredy-cat.  Cheerleader.  Complainer.  Wild adventurer.  Madman.  Stoic.  The list - yours, of course - goes on.


- Click on the image above, turn volume UP, listen, and enjoy.

- Whilst absorbing, think about, ponder, and reflect upon the emotions that arise within you during a round of golf.

- From those emotions, come up with some descriptors of the sub-personalities that surface at different times - maybe even give those parts of self (oh, they're alive & well..) a name if you like.

- Swing back this way for some insight from the eyes (eyes that have powerful stories to share - if you'd but listen), the faces, and the lyrics of this tune...

"I'm all out of hope
One more bad break
Could bring a fall"

Above, 'expected,' correctamundo? A humanoid of Asian decent wearing a mask.  Shame on your expectations, true killers on the golf course (opt for goals, wants and strong intentions, instead)...

Consider, for a moment: was it her choice to be born where, and into whatever culture?  I think not.  That of a higher power no doubt - so keep that in mind next time one of your fav biases jumps into the mental equation.  Especially those of you reading this who were born into a more 'favorable' environment per se; have you counted your blessings yet today?

Same as on the links: what are your biases, tendencies - favorite mistakes - as I prefer to call them.  Oh, they are alive and well, from golf ball flight typical mishits, to emotional trends.  Identify.  Familiarize yourself with them.  Address accordingly. 

Look into her eyes, please.  A story of hope.  A tale of dealing with life's bad breaks, and managing potential falls.  Are you when you're out roaming in the golf park - or does your mask invoke a person of disdain, disappointment, even entitlement? 

In need of some insight re "hope?"  Click above on our masked mademoiselle...

"I spend so much time
Believing all the lies
To keep the dream alive"

Don't we all right now: spending our precious time deciphering the 'truth' from the lies re the wellness of our physical bodies & souls, and golf swings?  The pandemic of information overload splintering our dreams, creating confusion at every corner.

Who, and what, to believe?  Science is a good place start - especially with the golf ball and how it 'chooses' to fly.  Models (apparently they are all wrong re our 'bug du jour,' yet helpful, nonetheless) and theories are intriguing, but do they hold the proverbial water? 

The collision between golf club and ball determine the journey, nothing more, nothing less.  You, as the golfing artist, create the physics of the collision - and your golf guide must nourish your internal model for things to flourish. 

Bad information, instruction or coaching (that mask being donned by the poor chap above from the classic flick Eyes Wide Shut, would miss the target in nose and mouth protection) can severely hamper, restrict or even destroy the learning process, so beware of the pretenders in the golf guide realm who insist upon their way, or the highway. 

OF NOTE: Hooded dude (Tom Cruise, of course..) above is sporting the proper footwear, however... Not believing CS?  Click above for verification.

"Such a human waste
You're eyes without a face (face, face, face)

And now it's getting worse"


Amen.  Masked and unmasked images just north from the controversial 1960 flick, "Eyes Without a Face."  The film's theme: plastic surgery gone bad... Sounds like someone insisting upon your swing looking better as opposed to functioning better.  Is it not one of our beloved game's finest attributes that the golf ball does not care what your swing (or even you) looks like?  Indeed.

'Wastes' - like of your time on the practice grounds?  Mindlessly (and facelessly?) pounding ball after ball off of friendly lies to the same target, thinking you are improving?  Time to Train2Trust, boys and girls.

Alas, what if in fact 'it was getting worse?'

How so, you inquire?  Here's how:

- Lack of accurate and relevant feedback in what you are actually doing.  Take out your dumbphone and use the brilliant and handy video camera feature, please.

- Believing that because you understand what you want to do differently intellectually and conceptually, you can accomplish the new motion going at full speed with a golf ball.  Time to change your belief system here once again... Make smaller, slower swings first off, to capture the feel (that feel belongs to you, BTW, no one else) of the improved motion, without a golf ball.   Add some resistance of sorts (bands work wonderfully), so you your mind/body system has to work to achieve the new position. 

- Absence of interleaving & context specificity.  Ooh.  Ahh.  Fancy talk, eh?  Nope - just the science and experience-based realities of how to practice so that your learnings last and transfer to the golf course.  More detail by clicking on either (ain't it cool to have choices?) black and white of Christiane Génessier, above. 

Are you finally done wasting your time with trendy golf instruction geared towards the masses?  In search of something more face to face, eye to eye, personalized for you?  I understand.

Remote and in-person coaching options.  The development of an optimal practice regime for you, your needs, and your schedule.  Ideas and referrals in the equipment domain - those sticks in your bag, and your physical body. 
Science and experienced-based help and direction in achieving higher mental acuity on the course.  A competent, comprehensive and on-going loop for learning, regardless of where you are on the planet.

Contact me for a consultation, click on the logos just above for further specifics.


“We all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin.”

     -- André Berthiaume


          ~ CS ~
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