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Boo!!! Get Smart

Get your spook - and smart - on, please.  'Tis the season, and you owe it to yourself to be weary of haunted houses and boundless stupidities threatening your golf game, all whilst embracing those legit little voices in your head (and gut) about what it is that truly floats your life-boat.

Your witching hour is now, in and out of the golf park; time to ditch the BS masks you choose to sport out of conformity and may very well not be serving you. 

Seize the moment and Get Smart! Remember the mid '60's comedy TV series, parodying the secret agent genre (look cool/sound smart crowd - much like our SM golf wanna-be's, trick-or-treating for as many clicks, eyeballs and followers believing they've found life's magic potion), starring Don Adams (above) as Maxwell Smart - aka "Agent 86" - and Barbara Feldon (below) as Agent 99?

As when doing your best to recall a new motion or feel in your golf swing, or response to circumstances (oft out of your control, brothers & sisters) in a round of golf, how 'bout some audio to jog that non-muscle-memory and bring you back to the now?  

Turn up your volume, click on either of our oh-so secret agents for a refresher, then swing back this way for some ideas and insight on how you can get smarter (and cease stupidity) when it comes to better golf performance...

Your Golf Swing

Look far too familiar, above?

Scary, indeed, where my profession has drifted off to... I've been at the craft of guiding others to "better golf ball behavior" for close to three decades now.  An incredible investment of my time, energy and resources (my passion, yes - more on that to follow..) to educate myself on how to help golfers like you. 

But now, creepy crawling Interweb offerings like:

- Free advice (advice is cheap, wisdom is priceless) without ever having seen you swing or play the game you strive to improve at, or physically assess your physical body. #stupid

- 'Pretty people' videos full of swing instruction.  Uh... what about the realities of forces, pressures and physics when the golf swing is conducted at full speed, like when you're actually hitting a golf ball, and playing?  Just ignore? #stupid

- Anybody posting anything at anytime.  No street cred.  No science, evidence nor experience behind the incessant posts.  No gate-keepers (yet).  #stupid.

Get smart.  Cease stupid. 

Training Aids

So many gizmos, so little time.  And yet again, like with golf swing, 'one size fits all,' right? Or are you just hoping for that needle in the haystack that 'fixes' your swing?

Por favor: Get Smart!

Truths - and questions to ask - pre stupid purchase:

- Who invented/created the well-marketed, super-sexy training/teaching aid, and for what purpose? A motor-learning (that's what your golf swing is, people) expert, savvy in what's necessary to modify a motion? Or, somebody preying on a golfer's vulnerability, desperation - and yes - stupidity!? I believe you know the answer to this - so vet out your potential acquisition with a competent golf guide before dumbly dumping your dollars.

- Context Specificity.  Sorry - not trying to join the "sound smart" crowd here, but this scientific principle is crucial for learning.  Click on the term to learn about this piece of candy (and other 'tenets' of my science & experienced-based practice program, Train2Trust).  Bottom line: is the device simulating how you actually swing (full speed, with a ball & consequence, for example) and play the game (on real grass, off of less-than-perfect lies, and w/o do-overs), or not?

- Learning takes place when the mind-body system has to work - actions made slightly more difficult than what you are already good at (see: The Challenge Point Theory; thank you Dr. Mark Guadagnoli).  Resistance (bands, manual restrictions, and cognitive challenges, are examples..) to encourage - force dare I say (and I dare - 'cause I want you to Get Smart!) - you to move, think and act differently. Better different. 

Alas what do most seductive training thingamabobs do? Why, they make things easier, but of course :)  You feel good.  You activate opioid receptors.  You build false confidence. Then you take your 'deal' to the golf course and BOO indeed - the results ghost you.   

Get Smart.  Cease Stupid. 


You following yours, and for the 'right' reasons?  I wonder...

Much of learning to swing a golf club and play the game of golf is about exploration and discovery - did you not get the memo? A threesome of such memos to follow from some rock star riders.


“Find and Follow” Your Passion and Debunking Other Self-Help Myths

The common yet vague advice is often misguided.

Click on this remarkable wave-shredder to read a piece from BS basher Brad Stulberg on passion, like the vital difference between harmonious passion (think: from the heart & soul) and obsessive passion (think: greed, ego and pocket book-based). 

Get smart.  Cease stupid. 

The Element

How finding your passion changes everything

Another powerful anti-stupidity offering from the late and venerable Sir Ken Robinson.

You know how to click; so do so above and Get Smart!

"What Makes You Itch?"

My man Alan Watts... I channel him frequently.

You? 'Channel,' imitate, or role-play anyone yourself? On the links or upon life's daily sidewalks? Someone you admire or respect.  A motivator, encourager or inspiration to your very being? An entity that incites passion within you to get smart.  Dead or alive - for, as El Dia de los Meurtos creeps nearer - many things, but of course, never die. Like spirits that move you in positive directions. 

Click just north on the wonderfully colorful rendition of Senor Watts to relish this short clip, and profound lesson.  

Get smart.  Cease stupidity. 


Looking for an intelligent approach to improve your game, based in nearly three decades of experience?

I'm available at Eugene Country Club, Puerto Los Cabos + for remote coaching wherever you may reside and enjoy the chase of the white rock.  Click below for specifics. 

 "Think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are stupider than that"

     -- George Carlin

          ~ CS ~
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