Tues 12/1, at 4pm EST Melissa will be placing a pathway of light along 2nd St in NYC
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Pathway of Light & #GivingTuesday


Good morning,

You might have seen some talk of this event on Facebook, but I wanted to be sure that our full community knows about today's installation of light. 

In memory of lives lost and irrevocably changed in recent weeks, I will be starting on 1st Ave and 2nd St, walking 5 ft and placing a small tealight. I'll continue this walk until I've hit Bowery. 

When we are done, there will be light stretching the two blocks from 1st Ave to Bowery. 

I've invited friends and colleagues to join me in the process, and I hope each person is able to spend some time for themselves creating a simple, beautiful moment in time for peace and reflection.

What is it? It is a (very) quiet piece of art work. Ephemeral in its way, but shared over multiple blocks as other organizations and businesses light candles with us.

Why? To acknowledge a pathway, offer light and a place of reflection.

If you are far away, feel free to light a candle and share the image, use the hashtag #pathoflight and we'll be able to find you anywhere on the internet.

Wishing peace,reflection and joy to all,


P.S - if you missed out during our Secrets and Seawalls crowdfunding campaign never fear! #GivingTuesday is here.
Follow this link to our fiscal sponsor and take advantage of this international day of #giving.
Callie Ritter
by Danielle Brock
Secrets and Seawalls 2015
Tuesday, Dec 1
Pathway of Light
Michelle Amara Micca
by Homer Frizzell
Secrets and Seawalls 2015

Enjoy this beautiful video by film-makers Mollye Asher and Ed Barnes from our days of making Mapping Home. Kinesis Project has always found value in home and peaceful reflection.

Mapping Home: Ben's Solo
Reflection, thought, peace and a question of home.
Dancer Benjamin Oyzon
Kinesis Project and Stand Alone Productions created BUILD / Mapping Home in Riverside Park (c)2012