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Happy holidays! As the old year draws to a close and we look forward to a fresh new start in 2013, many of you may be in tying up loose ends and in organizing mode. With this in mind, I wanted to share my latest podcast on 'clearing your cluttter' with you. As we all know, clearing clutter not only allows you more physical room to breathe but can be emotionally freeing too. Letting go of sentimental objects or wading through large piles of paper is not an easy feat. My podcast guest, a professional organizer, Melanie Gross, offers insights and tips to get you going.

My column this month, 'Getting your family's wish list straight' offers you more advice on freeing yourself of old cumbersome tradition for traditions sake, from a sense of overwhelming responsibility and guilt at not continuing with the same old from year to year, despite how bad it makes you feel. I encourage you to consider change and to invite your family to work with you on this. Change can be hard but it feels good.

Clearing your clutter

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Sara Dimerman in conversation with Melanie Gross. Over the course of this episode you will learn more about:

  • The physical and emotional benefits to clearing your clutter
  • The side effects of disorganization/clutter
  • The most challenging aspects of clearing your clutter and why
  • Nature versus nurture – are some people predisposed to being disorganized or is this behaviour learnt?
  • Whether change is typically permanent after your clutter is cleared
  • Some simple tips to get you started and to help your children get organized

Over extending yourself during the holidays

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It reads:

I love driving down city and suburban streets to see buildings, street lamps and homes adorned and lit up in honour of Christmas. I get caught up in the excitement of holiday cheer, with joyous music and candy cane decorations in store front windows. I look forward to celebrating the holidays around friend’s Christmas trees and sharing in their festivities. However, I often hear my Christian friends complain about the less cheerful side of Christmas...

Watch me on CTV's Canada AM on Thursday, December 20th at 7:40am when I will talk more about holiday stress and family get togethers.

This morning, hear me discuss how parents can deal with their children's holiday wish list demands - on CBC Radio across Canada in ten different provinces between 6 and 9 am EST.

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