Preparing for a job interview & Relationships at work

Article: Is your 'work spouse' working for you?

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to be a guest on a radio show about work spouses. At first glance I thought that the topic was related to spouses who work together, which can lead to all kinds of conflict and break down in the marriage. But this was about something different. On the day that I was asked to be on, there was an article in the business section of NBC News entitled "You may be surprised at how many people have crossed the line with their work spouse." So, Chris Chreston, the AM 640 host, wanted me to shed expert advice on the topic...


Podcast: How to make a good impression at a job interview

In this, part 1 of 2 related to putting your best foot forward, Sara chats with Andrea Garson, Human Resources consultant on how to make a good impression at a job interview. Over the course of this episode, you will learn how to prepare for a job interview, including:
  • Preparing your resume - tailoring/editing/layout
  • Choosing what you'll wear/how to look
  • Thinking about answers and examples to possible questions
  • How to behave in an interview - do's and don'ts
  • How to prepare for a "not in person" interview (e.g. via Skype/phone)
  • Preparing questions for your interviewer in advance
  • Preparing references in advance
  • Following up after an interview
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