Rekindling connection & #BothHandsOnTheWheel

Article: #BothHandsOnTheWheel

I urge you to read this month’s article because it could save your life. I'm partnering with Ontario's Ministry of Transportation to help spread the word about working towards not being distracted while driving. I know its an old message but their incredible new campaign may move you like no other on this topic has. I share more about this in the following column...

At a movie theatre last week, during the commercials that preceded the movie we had paid to see, I literally jumped in my seat and gasped out loud as I viewed, for the first time, images of a young man who, in the previous few seconds is seen picking up and glancing at his phone on the passenger seat of the car he's driving, ram into something


Podcast: "It's a date" - Why making time for one another is so important

This month's podcast on the importance of making time for one another when living together or married is a must if you want to spark your relationship or keep it going. Whether you've been living together for six months or married for twenty, you will no doubt be interested in learning the ins and outs of dating as a "married" couple and how it differs from single life dating.

Over the course of this episode with my special guest Endre Gabori, you will learn more about:
  • How going on a date once you have been living together or a married couple for a while, is different to single life dating
  • The roadblocks to organizing a date with your living together or married partner
  • Why its so important for living together or married couples to go on dates with one another
  • What may happen to their relationship if they don't
  • Some points to keep in mind when planning a date with ones partner
  • What else it might mean when married couples don't find the time to go out on dates with one another
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