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Article: Saying goodbye to Summer

There's typically a feeling of impending change in the air this time of year. For students, September means saying goodbye to the long awaited summer months often devoted to de stressing, catching up on sleep and socializing. For parents, September denotes the end of a nice break from rushing to evening extra curriculars and hassling over homework. Even if you don't have kids, September spells change - days are shorter and there's more traffic congestion, for example.

With September being a back to school, nose back to the grind type month, people begin to slowly move from one pattern of behaviour to another and reflect on what worked this time last year and what they'd like to see in place over the upcoming fall and winter months...

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Podcast: What to expect when transitioning from high school to University or College

As you say goodbye to your teen as he or she heads off to University or College - for the first time or after being back home for a few months, you might want to listen to this podcast with my guest Brenda Whiteside, Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs, at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. In it, we chat about what parents and students can expect as they transition from high school to post secondary education. And even if your child is one or two years away from this, Brenda offers lots of great advice about how you can help your child prepare for this.

Over the course of this episode, you will learn more about:
  • The biggest changes or challenges students face when transitioning from high school to a post secondary school program
  • How living away from home - on residence, for example - affects the way in which a teen manages the transition to a post secondary program
  • How students and parents can expect to feel at first
  • How long the transitional phase typically lasts
  • Resources and programs most Universities and Colleges have in place to assist the student
  • What students can look forward to once he or she is more settled into residence or in their program of choice
  • Do's and don'ts for parents to consider - prior to, during and following the adjustment phase

News & Notes

If you're a woman finding that mid-life has brought on not-such-great feelings about aging, along with challenges as children leave your nest and your own parents age, let me know if you'd like to be part of a support group with other women who are feeling the same.

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